Lunch & Learn; Self Advocacy Skills

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What is self advocacy?

"One definition stands out in the literature: "The realization of strengths and weaknesses, the ability to formulate personal goals, being assertive, and making decisions." (Martin, J., et al., 1993) What a powerful concept that is! What parent doesn't hope and work towards the outcome that their child will be able to:

  • describe his/her own skills and needs
  • set his own goals and a create a plan to reach them
  • know the how, who, and when to ask for assistance
  • make decisions and then take the responsibility to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

The end goal is the passing of the torch whereby the young person becomes his or her own advocate. How can parents and teachers assist in meeting this ultimate goal? Innovative parents and teachers start this process early. Even in the earliest grades, a child can be encouraged to speak up when they can't see the teacher, the interpreter, or their FM system isn't working. Often, the simplest barriers limit a student's full access to communication. Our deaf or hard of hearing children must learn to take action to avoid missing out on important academic and social information. How can they know what to ask for if they don't know what they are missing? That is, indeed, the crux of the issue." (Hands & Voices website)

Come join Tabitha Belhorn (Ohio Hands & Voices) and Janel Frost (Michigan Hands & Voices) as we discuss how to develop self advocacy skills in students who are deaf or hard of hearing. We will provide you with ideas and tools to help develop IEP goals during your next IEP meeting.

All Lunch & Learns are open to parents, families, and professionals who want to learn more about services for deaf and hard of hearing students.

What is a Lunch & Learn?

Ohio Hands & Voices and Michigan Hands & Voices are working together to offer monthly Lunch & Learn virtual workshops for parents and professionals to take part in from the comfort of your own home...or office, while you enjoy your lunch!

Our Lunch & Learn sessions address a variety of topics, including current and relevant topics to current deaf education trends, parenting children who are deaf or hard of hearing, early intervention for deaf or hard of hearing children, and more!

Lunch & Learns are design to be quick informational sessions to help you increase your skills and knowledge, while networking with other parents and professionals from across the state.

Need communicaiton access? If you use an interpeter, you can call into our session using a VRS interpreter. Just be sure to let the interpreter know you are participating in a webinar so s/he can get another interpreter if needed.

Need captions? Each session will be recorded and have captions added and will then be posted to our YouTube channel and website for you to review anytime. We are sorry, but we do not know how to do live captions yet, but if you have some ideas, please share them with us!

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