Love Yourself To The Bone-A Pathway To Extraordinary Partnership & Intimacy

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Yes, to loving yourself to the bone. If you don't, nobody else will! Are you ready to remove your blocks to love once and for all?

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In honor of Women's Celebration Day.....

Live Your "SHE" presents a women's connection workshop:


Women of all orientations, identities, and practices are warmly welcome.

In Tantra, we use a term called EROS. It is a river of energy that runs though us. In my years of experience working with women as their love and sexuality mentor, there is a common thread: they have something that blocks that river from flowing freely. What might yours be? What is stopping you from getting the love you want?

It is time, NOW, to call in the highest version of ourselves in love and in partnership.


-identify the blocks that keep your energy river from flowing freely in getting the love you want.

-look at some of the masks that you wear that keep you from authentically being you (if you are not being authentic, you are not being true to yourself or your partner).

-do Emotional Freedom Technique "Tapping" When we have a block there is usually an emotion, feeling, or thought associated with that block. We do "Tapping" because it disrupts the energy field associated with that thought (this is very powerful as my clients have said that they have gotten further in one session with me over years of their therapy).

-explore Goddess Archetypes

-dance "SHE Flow" (Tantric sensual movement)

-unleash your voice through sound healing and mantra

-be in sister circle (a safe space to show up and be welcomed as you are, be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged, and appreciated)

-learn how to tap into your Sacred Feminine Wisdom



-Something for the alter


-Yoga mat

-Wear comfortable clothing to move in

-Snacks if you need them


Heart Source, 1600 Shattuck Avenue at Cedar in Berkeley, CA, 94702, Suite 125


I so look forward to meeting you, connecting, sharing in our feminine wisdom and releasing what keeps us from having the love we want, so we can get the love want!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:

For more information about me, please visit my website:

Love & Light,




~ "I am so grateful to have found Jennevieve. In just a short period of time, she has helped me to identify patterns that I have done my whole life and never made the connection. I have been in “therapy” a few times in my life- only resulting in frustration. Jennevieve is truly insightful and her wisdom has helped me to identify and move through blocks I didn’t even know I had! I feel Jennevieve emits genuine concern for my heart and soul and well-being. I am blessed to have found her and you will be blessed too! I now truly believe the second half of my life will be full of peace, love and joy." -Marie Morales, New York

~ "Jennevieve is an incredible inspiration for women. She helps you to unlock certain areas in yourself, and open up to your radiant gifts as a woman, being, and to your own love. Her work is really powerful in this way. It’s a special experience, unlike any I have had before. It’s rooted in love, in opening and in learning to love yourself even deeper. Working with Jennevieve was an incredible experience. Her affirmations, her video tutorials, her support, is so special. She helps you find new ways of seeing yourself, new ways of opening to your own love and new ways of loving yourself. She is motivating, empowering and the tools she helped me access are so valuable. I am incredibly thankful for her work. Thank you Jennevieve!" -Joslyn, Oakland, CA

~ "Jennevieve is knowledgable, comfortable and open. She helped me feel comfortable and normal talking about my feelings and emotions and my own sexuality. I feel more connected to myself after working with her." -Laura Cheney, Monterrey, CA

~Jennevieve’s class was a beautiful bonding experience with all the other women. It truly felt like a safe space to open up be vulnerable and learn about the power of embracing our feminine selves.

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