Love, Luck, and Synchronicity!

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Louisville Spiritualist Center

1011 S. 1st Street

Louisville, KY 40203

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Love Luck and Synchronicity!

Reveal A More Wholehearted World Within and All Around You Through Play

Shed “Should” and Discover Freedom!

2 Day Playshop In Louisville Kentucky, March 17-18 10am-4pm

Learn, heal, grow and experience yourself freely, through spontaneous acts of play, eruptions of exuberance and the use of movement, music and creative expression.

What is love? How do you feel it, know it and share it?

What is luck and how to get more of it?

What is synchronicity and how to increase it?

The answer to these questions is very simply… Presence

Within Your Own Loving Attentive Presence:

Become a transparent conduit to your true nature, a state of mental and emotional clarity.

Become more loving to yourself and others, while acting as powerful transmitter of your own unique energetic signature, the energy with which you create.

Discover manifestation as part of a natural process of creative living.

Easily find yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people in alignment with shared intentions and endeavors. In the Heart of Divine Timing

How do we increase our likeliness of having magical experiences?


Play is more than a frivolous child’s game. Play is the living, spontaneous expression of your vitality, intelligence and greater capacity to heal, serve and grow.

The key to living a more joyful life is learning to play with our conditions inner and outer! Play is the most effective way to create lasting transformation.

This Playshop is ideal for anyone regardless of experience with energetic work.

Justice Bartlett’s method of presenting is both grounded and spontaneous. The class will move through the structure offered below and will be simultaneously shaped by the shifting energies of the group. The work is intuitively shaped and has practical applications to every day life as well as providing a simple format for anyone to deepen their own spiritual practice.

Highlights: will be the spontaneous use of imagination that each individual will bring. Use of music, movement and artful expression to draw forth energy for healing and transformation. Fun simple, games and rituals to prime the groups energy and consciousness.

In this class:

1. We will Play with energy, story, symbol, time travel and parallel possibilities.

2. Tap into Loving Attentive Presence, or LAP Frequency, to heal, drama, trauma and pain, both past and present.

3. Investigate habit and pattern, in kindness and curiosity, while opening perception to new outcomes.

4. Invite distorted energy to find new healthy expression through, Quantum Dreaming, the spontaneous interactive use of symbols, while continuing to consciously feel into energy and play with story to generate new outcomes and creative expression.

5. Take home a creative talisman

6. Join in a follow up teleconference conversation one month after the live class

We will also interact with the Playfully Conscious Pillars For Forming Maturity

Innocence- Clear Vision seeking the world and ourselves as we are

Intelligence- Communication with the inherent rhythms of the soul through the body

Integrity- Energetic capacity to hold our own vitality, make congruent agreements and take meaningful action.

Throughout life we agree to make adaptations to our energy and personality out of a need to fit in. This is a basic survival need. These familial, societal and even global obligations can place restrictions on the flow of our vitality and as we mature, we must come into a new space of agreement within ourselves and with the world. We shed “should” and discover our inherent power, refine our agreements and discover creative expression as the key to freedom.

Cost of 2 day playshop: $250 will inlude lunch each day


*****JJustice Bartlett is a professional Transformational Coach with 12 years of experience as healer, teacher, and paradigm shifter.

Her personal journey led her from addiction and into the healing arts where she rediscovered her own Inherent Connection and how to convey that connection to others through State of the Heart Learning and Play.

She served as an associate teacher and seminar facilitator at Matrix Energetics Intl, where she honed her ability to present to large groups, and transmit powerful energetic states and subtle frequencies for healing and transformation.

She has studied, massage therapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, Shamanic Journeying, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. She has developed Playshops for children and adults from all walks of life.

Justices' unique approach to creating dynamic change through the art of Conscious Play, invites people to shift and heal in a whole hearted experiential way, engaging their own intuition and accessing their own personal personal creative power, embodying an authentically joyful life. Justice resides near Seattle, WA where she projects a global presence through her virtual classes, and one on one private sessions, via Skype and phone.

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Date and Time


Louisville Spiritualist Center

1011 S. 1st Street

Louisville, KY 40203

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