Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival 2022

Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival 2022

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Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

4800 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Helix Collective's L.A. Live Score Film Festival features short films with original scores performed live-to-picture.

About this event

Helix Collective's Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival features short films with original scores performed live-to-picture.

6:00pm Composer and Filmmaker Panel  with Host Brian Lauritzen

7:00pm Screening

9:00pm Meet-and-Greet

Free Parking in Barnsdall Art Park

Winning festival film composers and filmmakers are paired by Helix Collective to create an original score for performance at the festival. The film is screened with the score performed live by the renowned performance and recording ensemble, Helix Collective.

Before the screening, the panel includes an interview with each filmmaker and composer pair about their collaborative process with Brian Lauritzen, a DJ for Classical KUSC whose work has been broadcast internationally by NPR and American Public Media.

Awards for Best Picture and Best Musical Score are presented at the close of the festival.

The 2022 festival signature sponsors are the L.A. Film SchoolOrange Tree Samples,  and Sonic Fuel Studios. Additional festival supporters including the Alliance for Women Film Composers and the Academy of Scoring Arts.

Now in it’s seventh season, LALSFF’s goal is to highlight the role of collaboration between composers and filmmakers. Acting like a talent agent, the festival brings experts in the two disciplines together. At the screenings, filmmakers and composers hear and see the work of new colleagues, meet new collaborators, and establish working relationships with each other. Helix Collective proves it is possible to have talented, experienced film musicians play and record for independent films!

*Masks required. Proof of Vaccination OR a negative COVID test administered within 48 hours of entering Barnsdall Gallery Theatre are required for this event by the City of Los Angeles.

About Helix Collective

Helix Collective founded and produces the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival.

Helix Collective are classical musicians busting out of the traditional mold. From crossover dance music, to storytelling, to film, television, and video game music, the Los Angeles-based ensemble takes the best of classical chamber music and makes it the life of the party.

Variety Magazine praised Helix Collective’s musical range moving from “moody urgency and edgy chamber-music sound” to the “sweetly romantic evoking wide-open spaces.”

Helix “has a little something for everyone: those who like their classics straight up, with a contemporary edge to it, or with populist appeal.” Called “dizzyingly virtuosic with exquisite musicianship and world-class range” by The Free Times and praised for “beyond-the-ordinary programming.”

Like the double helix, the ensemble is rearrangeable, flexible, and fuses the DNA of classical music into worlds where it’s never gone before.

Helix Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable community of multi-disciplinary, multi-genre artists working together to create accessible, immersive works of art in order to bring joy, connection, solace, and understanding to a wide and diverse audience.

Working as a collective of musicians, Helix Collective partners with filmmakers, authors, storytellers, and dancers to present multimedia works of art that reflect individual artists' experiences and the broader culture.

Festival Line-Up

The Bunny Museum – Aseil Bafarat, Director, Min He, Composer

The Bunny Museum is a short documentary that explores how a love notion turned into the world’s largest display of bunny items.

DUD – Tedjo Imardjoko, Writer/Director, Riley Hughes, Composer

To cope with the tragic loss of his brother, a compulsive writer attempts to create the perfect hero for his book only to learn perfection is simply unattainable.

I Can’t Save You – David Legel, Writer/Director/Producer, Zong Chiang, Composer

A woman attempting to escape her traumatic past is confronted by a series of memories that unfold, forcing her to confront her deepest regrets.

Madeleine – Franco Lima, Writer/Director, Brianna Rhodes, Composer

When Madeleine, a young woman with a troubled past, goes back to her old family’s house to find an object dear to her, she finds herself being haunted by dark forces, hellbent on destroying her sanity.

Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream – Holly Johnson, Director, Cora Chung, Composer

Tom gets much more than he bargained for when he takes an interest in the girl next door, Susie.

The Rifter – Wyatt Daane, Writer/Director, Nicholas Bryant, Producer, Adam Dib, Composer

A dark, yet extraordinary past pursues a seclusive ex-cop as he struggles to protect his young neighbor.

Meet the Composers

Cora Chung

Cora (Yi-Huan) Chung is a composer and cellist from Taiwan. Her music has been performed and recorded at the Sound of Silent Film Festival in Chicago and 20th Century Fox Studios in 2019. She graduated from Columbia College in Chicago majoring in Music Composition for the Screen, and completed an internship at 5 Cat Studios with award-winning film composer John Powell.

Zong Chiang

Zong Chiang is a versatile multi-instrumental musician and award-winning composer based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Taipei. His work has appeared in film, television, game, documentary, commercial, virtual reality, and pop music. Zong's works featured studios, including Netflix, Taiwan Television, TVBS, China Television Company, Chinese Public Television, Sanlih Entertainment Television, Formosa Television, Mango Television, Microsoft, and Oculus VR.

Adam Dib

Adam Dib is a Detroit-native, Los Angeles-based composer and orchestrator for film and television who is equally at home scoring for both live action and animated projects. Adam currently enjoys working with award-winning composer Michael Kramer on projects such as the newly released Healing Powers of Dude (Netflix), Ninjago , (Cartoon Network), and many more. Adam is excited to collaborate with the wonderful musicians and filmmakers in the 2020 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival!

Min He

Min He is a 3-time Hollywood Music In Media Award-nominated media Composer based in Los Angeles. She has been involved in the production of scoring projects creating commercial music for film, television, and video games. Min has composed and music arranged on a number of projects including the Emmy-nominated TV Show How to Get Away With Murder, the Lionsgate film The Protégé, the Sony film Life In A Year, the Netflix original series Into The Night, theatrically released film Railway Heroes, a Sundance Animation Meal On The Plate, and the film Summer Knight, which has been awarded at the Tokyo International Film Festival as Asian Future - Best Film.

Riley Hughes

Riley Hughes has had performances at venues that include the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, the Harris Theater, and Roosevelt Auditorium, the Frauenthal Center for Performing arts, and the Sherwood Conservatory of Music. He has also had works recorded at stages such as the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers Studios, the Ann Kris Scoring Stage in Spain, and Studio A at Capitol Records.

Brianna Rhodes

Brianna Rhodes is an LA-based composer and violinist. She has worked on projects such as Mulan, American Horror Story: Red Tide, and The Witcher, and recently scored two seasons of the original animated web series Hello Cozmo. Her eclectic style is shaped by her orchestral background and captivation with moody world-building.

Meet the Filmmakers

Aseil Bafarat

Hailing from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Aseil is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. With a background in long form podcasting, his work focuses on character profiles and examinations of daily scenes through unconventional settings to unearth universal truths.

Nicholas Bryant & Wyatt Daane

My name is Nicholas Bryant. I'm a junior at Columbia College Hollywood and I make films. Cinema is my home, and I’m always there. I’ve worked on several projects with Wyatt Daane, a real variety of works. I'm currently in Pre-Production for my Thesis film, writing scripts and seeking representation.

Hello my name is Wyatt Daane, I'm a senior at Columbia College Hollywood working toward a screenwriting degree. Nicholas Bryant and I have been working together on numerous films and competitions since we were freshmen. I'm also working on developing a couple of feature-length screenplays and getting representation. I like writing, playing pool, and going to new places.

Tedjo Imardjoko

Tedjo Imardjoko is a writer-director from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles to learn and share his passion for stories and cinema. Today, he splits his time between Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, NC, and his hometown Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Holly Johnson

Director Holly Johnson grew up in Louisiana, and after a career in the Video Game industry decided to take the plunge and make a career change. This film is her directorial debut and was created during her first semester at LAFS. Her main career goal is to become a Cinematographer.

David Legel

David is an L.A.-based, dyslexic filmmaker who advocates for egalitarianism through artistic means. Growing up in poverty during his youth, David thrives under pressure, continuously seeking to challenge himself with every new project. David currently manages two major brands for an in-house marketing agency and is actively pitching a TV series on the side.

Franco Lima

My name is Franco Lima, I’m a 28-year old Brazilian filmmaker. After having graduated in law school back in in my country, I decided to come to the US and follow my long time passion of working in the film industry, being in LA since 2018.

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