Los Angeles IMPACTFest - Summer Workshops - VR / A.I

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Los Angeles IMPACTFest - Summer Workshops - VR / A.I

VR and A.I Educational Conferences in Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks. A full day workshop introduction of OpenAI and ChatCPT.


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July 31 · 9am - August 4 · 5pm PDT


2525 N Moorpark Rd 2525 North Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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  • 4 days 8 hours
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A full day workshop introduction of OpenAI and ChatCPT.

Course name: IFVAI

Welcome to our OpenAI ChatGPT and reinforcement learning course! This course will provide you a thorough introduction to the fascinating topic of real-time human feedback (RLHF) and teach you how to use OpenAI tools like ChatGPT to tackle challenging issues. A dialogue-focused prototype artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT was created by OpenAI. The chatbot is a substantial language model that has been improved using supervised and reinforcement learning methods. It is an improved version of a language model from the GPT-3.5 family by OpenAI.

Some of the highlights of this workshop:

* Learn How to Use OpenAI’s Software

* Installing and Managing Reinforcement Learning Software

* Understanding Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

* Understanding Concepts of Reinforcement Learning

* Using Reinforcement Learning to Solve a Variety of Problems

A full day workshop introduction to VR.

Course name: IFVRAVD1

A full day immersive workshop on how to capture, edit and publish a 360 virtual reality short film. Work collaboratively and independently to create your own up to 3 minute short film.

This workshop does require some computer knowledge. Prior knowledge of VR or 360 filmmaking is a plus as this course is designed to not only teach the fundamentals of 360 video creation but also showcase some advanced techniques.

The aim of this workshop is to allow students to fully understand fully how multiple cameras in a 360 camera are linked to make a 360 virtual reality film which can be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube.

Some of the highlights of this workshop:

* Understanding how a VR Camera captures a 360 video or image using a method called “Stitching.”* Advanced film making techniques – adjusting for light balance, movement and composition.

* Best methods to use camera stabilization with hardware Steadicam and software methods.

* Advanced knowledge of how to adjust a 360 camera for different lighting conditions. Using practical hidden lights and interview techniques.

* Getting good sound with wireless hidden mics and on-camera mics.

* 360 sound capture techniques.

* An overview on 360 camera resolutions and shutter speeds.

* How to a capture time-lapse 360 video.

* How to edit a 360 film once it is stitched.

* Choosing a perfect location for a 360 video and managing your environment and location.

* Multiple Using SD Cards to storage video files.

* Hands on knowledge on the latest 360 capture techniques

* How to transcode a video and upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

Location: 2525 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

For more information visit: https://la.impactfestglobal.org

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