"Long Live the Queen" Immersive Murder Mystery Experience [Dry-Run]

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Church of Sweden (Formerly the New York Bible Society)

5 East 48th Street

New York, NY 10017

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The year is 1914.

On the eve of all-out war between various foreign powers, Queen Mary of England has embarked on a world tour to leverage her wide-spread popularity and strike a trade deal that will ensure global peace and stability for years to come.

The Queen's first stop is New York City, where she plans to give an unprecedented address to the American people about her proposed pact, hopeful that they'll encourage the United States government to take a more active role in tempering animosity between the hostile nations.

On the evening before the Queen delivers her much-anticipated speech, she'll first argue her position to some of the world's most powerful influencers at the New York Bible Society, one of the city's most respected religious institutions (and a fitting venue for promoting peace).

As the world teeters on the brink of all-out war, The Queen keeps calm and carries on, determined to see global peace return once and for all.


Join New York Adventure Club and J33 for an immersive theatrical experience that combines character-based role-playing with thought-provoking challenges for an evening of pure delight.

In this fictional murder mystery story based on real characters, there are no professional actors — whether you choose to play a character, or simply opt to be a part of the magical celebration as an invited guest, everyone will be a part of the evening's story as it develops in real time, one clue or telegram at a time.

Complimentary wine, hors d'oeuvres, and sweets will be served throughout the celebration to mark the special occasion.

*Registration for characters closes several days before the event, and the night before for invited guests

*Individuals playing characters do not need prior acting experience, and will not need to memorize lines, but will be performing in front of guests at various points throughout the evening


The Queen

An extremely popular monarch, who has ruled over one of the most prosperous periods of the UK’s history, and has done so with all the regal charm of the world’s most charismatic leader. Because of her unmatched popularity, she has delved into the game of politics more than any other modern British monarch before her.

The Detective (based on Sherlock Holmes)

A famous detective, and a national hero in the UK known for his great powers in deductive reasoning. He attends tonight’s celebration as a personal guard of the Queen.

Duchess of York

Daughter of the Queen and the "evil" twin sister of Duchess of Cambridge (by a few minutes). She is next in line to the throne, and reminds others of this fact when she wants something.

Duchess of Cambridge

Daughter of The Queen — the “Good” sister. She is the Queen’s youngest daughter (by a few minutes), and the model for a beloved princess. At the age of 18 she was married off to a brutish Italian prince.

Henrietta Talcott

A wealthy American aristocrat who provided the funding for the building of the New York Bible Society. Her brash and loud demeanor has a tendency to get her into trouble.

The Foreign Secretary (based on Edward Grey, foreign secretary of the UK at the time)

A ‘proper’ British gentleman - someone, like the Detective, with a strong sense of duty and patriotism. He has been actively working with other countries, especially Russia, to forge alliances in preparation for the coming storm.

J.P. Morgan

A legendary American financier, and personal creditor to the royal family. J.P. Morgan is a very powerful person and he knows it.

The Priest (based on Edward McGlynn)

A ‘priest of the people’ - The Priest is responsible for organizing labor unions, at times in defiance of the law. He lends an ear to many a confession, and is thus clued in to many other characters’ secrets. He is a friend of the royal family, though some in government view his politics with suspicion.

The Prime Minister (based on H.H. Asquith, the prime minister of the UK in 1914)

A popular politician who was once a high-profile criminal lawyer. He has a history of womanizing, and as chaos has loomed nearer on the horizon, his inhibitions have lowered.

The Italian Prince (based on Prince Vittorio Emanuele, Count of Turin)

A macho Don Juan-esque character famous for defeating another man in a sword duel. He just finished a world tour celebrating his valor. He is the husband of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Russian Diplomat (based on Alexander Konstantinovich Benckendorff)

A Russian diplomat who is both critical of the UK but also willing to partner with them on paper.


Must be 21 or over to consume alcohol — ID will be checked at door.

Ticket is for murder mystery game with complimentary food & beverages.

By attending a New York Adventure Club experience, you accept our terms of service.

Date and Time


Church of Sweden (Formerly the New York Bible Society)

5 East 48th Street

New York, NY 10017

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