LocApiary – A vision for the collaboration of landscape, honeybees & humans

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The Anthropocene and the accelerating extinction of life on earth are a wake-up call for a fundamental shift of being on earth.

LocApiary is an innovative initiative which follows a symbiotic narrative and a vision for the collaboration of landscape, honeybees & humans. The framework of LocApiary is one of honoring and protecting the essential role of honeybees in sustaining life on our planet while rehabilitating the natural life gestures of honeybees and re-calibrating our capacities of perception and cultural identity as human beings. LocApiary promotes local collaboration of diverse constituents to protect and support honeybees and embrace dynamic resources for healing and survival.

This workshop attempts to move beyond a binary approach in our exploration of the apian matrix of life and to think literally outside the box. “We can learn so much from honeybees because they completely contradict the thoughts we form about them” (Rudolf Steiner).

Michael will share innovative gestures within the biodynamic field of apiculture and examples from current rewilding / LocApiary projects.

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