Living Your Dream 2019 Biz Planning: Free Class

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Register today for Living Your Dream 2019 Biz Planning Masterclass.

And it's FREE!

What would 2019 look like if you hit it out of the park?

What have you always dreamed of doing or having - in your life AND biz - that you haven't created yet?

Your dreams and visions are uniquely yours. The juice of your life is in fulfilling them.

--> Your whole life is on the other side of what calls you.

This is an hour-long masterclass to teach you how to plan your 2019.

--Here's what I'm teaching --

Hard Skills:

OFFERINGS STRATEGY - Who do you serve and what will you offer next year? How do you market and sell it? How will you attract clients or customers? How do you get your offerings off the ground? You'll cut the fat and walk away knowing exactly what offerings you're going to run next year.

MONEY GOALS - How much do you want to make in 2019? What do you need v. want? How will your offerings generate income - what do you charge, how do you break it down, how many clients do you need, etc? We'll run the numbers so you know exactly what you need to do.

PLANNING - What does all of this look like in real time? How do you plan it all so your tasks are a no-brainer? You'll map your year out on an annual calendar so that you feel supported - not overwhelmed.

Soft Skills:

CLARITY - What do you really want? What have you always wanted that you haven't given yourself permission to go for? Your visions and dreams are yours for a reason. They are unique to you, and the richness of your life is in taking the leap and fulfilling them. You'll do some journing to let this emerge.

COURAGE - How scary is it to go for something when you can't see what's on the other side? Will you get paid, will it work out, is it a smart move? How do you step in with courage? You'll get the support here so you can make your moves.

BALANCE - You want to crush, but you don't want to burn yourself out. How do you build everything you want while staying balanced? Where is your vacation time, your downtime? You'll work this into your plan.

SELF - What personal or professional mastery do you want to cultivate over next year? You'll work that into your personal and professional plan so that are honoring your inner world as well as your outer world.

Living your dream takes:







--> Join us on Thurs., Nov. 29th at 12pm PST

*20 spots avail., first come first served.

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