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LIVE with Chloe CALL #5 on From Money to Abundance

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There is no better time to explore our relationship to and understanding of money and abundance, than January of a new year. This is actually the perfect time to explore these themes. With 4 calls under our belt, we are gearing up to step into some bigger and more tactile themes that impact your daily life. Money is huge. Money is something we live with and work with every single day of our lives. It is something that has a powerful impact not only on who you are but how you live your life and whether you feel free or stuck in suffering.

In this call, we are going to explore money through the lens of abundance and the universal laws of spirit. By shifting your perspective around what money is, and how to interact with it, you can completely SHIFT your entire reality. Imagine feeling excited about money and being able to celebrate where you are AND where you are going. This is a topic that I have been patiently waiting to bring forward in my teaching, and I am so excited to be diving into with you.

Imagine being able to make decisions without being impacted by money

Imagine being able to give, receive and spend money without feeling pain, tension, and constriction

Imagine living a life where money doesn't stress you out or cause you discomfort

Imagine feeling confident about where you are, and where you are going

Imagine changing the way you see and understand money so that it isn't always about how many zeros are in your bank account

In this call, we are going to explore your money story, your money memories and your money beliefs (and how to shift them). I will also introduce you to what abundance is and how to step into more abundance in your life. You will leave this call feeling more clarity on what abundance is (outside of money) and how to live in more abundance in your life. You will leave this call feeling more calm, confident and clear of your money path forward.

I will also be sharing more about my money journey and how I went from being unable to pay credit cards and avoiding calls from the bank/collections agency, to living in so much abundance and having a 6-figure business with ease and joy (and how I shifted this).




Are you looking for support and guidance in your life around your spiritual journey and connecting to your path? Do you feel stuck or held down by fear, anxiety and shame? Are you ready to feel more connected, in love and in joy about your life? Do you want to learn how to connect to your intuition? Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded, connected individuals who are fueled by passion and purpose? Do you want to learn more about the universal energy and receive monthly channeled downloads, created exclusively for you? Do you want to have exclusive access to the guidance and teachings that Chloe offers to her clients?

Join Chloe on a LIVE call every month and experience the magic of what it is to have her as your guide and teacher on this journey in a group setting. Every month (starting in September) Chloe will hold an exclusive LIVE call where she tunes into the group and the universal energy in order to channel and teach what is coming through for us to shift and transform as a collective. Receive a unique transmission of love, experience guided meditations, receive group and individual psychic readings and have so much fun. Every month Chloe will explore different topics and themes of the human life experience including: money, relationship, intuition & energy, the spiritual journey, meditation, magic, pain/loss, fear, grief, conscious business, and many more aligned themes that are intuitively chosen for you.

This is for you if:

- you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what direction to take on your spiritual journey

- you are looking for more guidance around intuition and connection

- you desire a deeper connection with your body and/or feel trapped, stuck in your physical body

- you have spiritual confusion and want more clarity that is unique to you

- you feel drawn to connecting with more aligned souls

- you want to decrease the noise in your head

- you want to work with Chloe and want an introduction to her energy

- you want to access your divine power

Monthly calls will include :

- channeled messages (on monthly energy and group energy)

- teaching/guidance on a topic

- opportunity to interact and ask questions

- individual & group psychic readings/messages

- guided meditation/visualization

- activities/practices during and after to focus on in the month



How can I contact Chloe with questions?
You can email me directly at (put LIVE with Chloe in the subject)

How will I access the workshop?

You will receive an email with a link to the ZOOM call after you purchase your ticket (the day before the workshop) that will give you access to register and how to join the call.

Will I receive access to the virtual workshop recording?

Yes after the workshop I will send you the video/audio recording so you can always have it for reference and to reconnect with. If you can't make the live, you will still receive the recording and email me if you have any questions.You will have this for life.

*if you aren't able to attend the call LIVE, you will receive a download of it within 2 hours after. Although it is wonderful to experience it live and interact, the energy and wisdom of transference will be just as strong in the download after the actual live.

Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes I will leave space towards the end for questions and will also be tuning in throughout the workshop to each of you.

Do I need to bring anything/prepare anything?
Have a journal and pencil handy in case you want to jot some thoughts down.


Calls are always on the first Monday of every month

January's Call Theme: From Money to Abundance

The monthly drop in fee is CAD 35 OR

You can purchase all 8 months of calls (plus have access to the past 4 recorded calls) at an exclusive discounted rate of CAD 195 (CAD 85 OFF)
*this annual subscription rate is a 1 time offer that is only valid for this month. After this month, all calls will be monthly subscription and prices may increase
*space is limited, there are limited spots avaialable for the annual subscription and monthly subscription


A message from Chloe:


I am SO excited to offer this to you. I kept getting the guidance to create something that is accessible to more people so that I can connect with and support you no matter what your circumstances are. My passion is in holding space for others and guiding you in stepping into your truth and diving into your spiritual journey. This virutal workshop answers that call- to hold space for even more people and to support anyone that is called to step in. I am so excited to connect with you and support you in discovering the truth of who you are.

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