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LIMITLESS LADIES #2- America's 1ST Investing Bootcamp Designed for Women of...

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2430 Herodian Way

Atlanta, Ga 30080

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This is your formal invitation to an incredibly unique event & experience. Noble Woods proudly presents Limitless Ladies- America's first and only investing bootcamp for women only. This event will feature women-centered content, fun educational games, interactive exercises, a deliciously prepared lunch by one of Atlanta's best culinary artist, prizes for the competitions, a special gift for all attendees, and more.

Why create a bootcamp for women only?

As an educator, Noble has always been aware of the surveys and studies which highlight that the majority of women are intimidated by investing. In 2014 he held a private focus group of women from all over America. An interesting confession was made and then echoed; some women expect and depend on their husbands (whether married or single) to manage this part of building wealth so they never dive in themselves. In 2017 every able-bodied adult has to know how to invest. It's no longer an option for any woman but especially not for women of color. The statistics and facts around women and wealth show a number of positives, but also a looming crisis for women if nothing changes. Take a quick look.

Key Statistics

Women control 80% of all consumer buying decisions

Women control 60% of all of America's wealth

Women start businesses at a rate that's 5x the national average

Black women are the most educated segment of America

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs

While 38% of all businesses are owned by women, 44% of those are own by women of color

45% of working women are not investing in 401k at their job

Elderly widows face poverty at a rate 3-4x higher than national averages

70% of new widows fire their financial advisor because they hadn't been properly prepared for their life after their husband's death

The #1 reason that women don't actively invest and buy stocks is because of a lack of confidence

86% of financial advisors are men

Ladies, YOU CAN LEARN how to buy and own shares of the companies that you buy from every day as a consumer. You can learn how to better manage your 401k. You can be an active investor without spending inordinate amounts of time to be profitable. In fact, you already know how to shop for stocks but you just haven't realized it yet. Buying stock can be as simple as shopping for your favorite brand of cereal or favorite pair of sneakers and this bootcamp going to show you how they relate and much more.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2ND, 2017 will be an amazing experience and it's designed to teach you the basics of buying stock and understanding the markets like never before. We'll even go into some slightly advanced concepts. Noble is going to show you exactly how 2.3 million people got rich during the recession as stock prices crashed and banks failed. He's also going to show you live trades in the futures market where it's possible to make $100, $1000, or even $10000 every morning in 30minutes. ELITE is the new premium level trading class and 3 of the first 4 students are WOMEN.

This information is so powerful that we encourage you to bring your girlfriends, mom, daughter, nieces, and anyone who is connected to your legacy and in your circle. When women become confident about investing the entire family, community, and the nation is better-taken care of and protected.

You will also learn:

- The 3 Myths & Truths about Money/Investing (for women)
- The NEW Definition of Wealth for Millenial Women
- Why women are better investors then man
- How to start investing in only 15min each week
- How Slavery Still Affects Black Wealth...and The ONLY Solution to Solve It
- How to Find The Companies that UNIQUELY You Should Buy Stock In

Investing can be SIMPLE and FUN but you need the perfect re-introduction to it from someone who specializes in making the complete simple. Noble has spent the last 7 years as an entrepreneur, educator, futures day trader, and brand manager. Every game, exercise, keynote slide, and question asked is meticulously designed to break down what seems complex into fun bite sizes pieces. You can definitely learn how to manage your own 401k and spot great sale prices on stocks like Amazon, Tiffany's, Target, Apple, and anything else that you can invest in and make money on. You also can teach this to your children but you first have to learn it for yourself.

So join other like-minded & smart women like yourself for a life-changing 4-hour journey (with a bonus hour for new students who sign up at the end of bootcamp). You'll love the content that was tailored for you, the fun games, prizes, lunch, and the engaging exercises. It's all design to give you one beautiful thing- POWER.


Seating is limited.

Register via this link or at www.LimitlessClass.com


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Date and Time



2430 Herodian Way

Atlanta, Ga 30080

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