Lightenupandshoot Workshop Tampa Bay/Downtown St Petersburg

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The Raw Studio

2338 Emerson Ave S

St Petersburg, FL 33712

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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**Couple Special - you may bring your signicant other (girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse) at no additional charge

LightenUpandShoot Event - Small Group (usually less than 5) and Lots of ONE on ONE time!

This is not your everyday seminar/event. Learn Mikey's basic formula to every session of photography: 33% gear, 33% technical, 33% YOU (creative and communicating with models) and 1% luck.

Lightenupandshoot was started because Mikey was tired of pixel peepers, brand wars, conceited photographers, calculators and pretty much anything else that gets in the way of making photography fun. He developed this event with all those things in mind and the result is a jam packed weekend full of all the inspiration, knowledge and fun needed to get you out shooting more and actually being happy with the results. Lightenupandshoot is a worldwide philosophy that is simple: photography is fun.

Who Should Attend Event?

This workshop is a one day event that is geared for people who have no experience with lighting/photography to experienced photographers who want to further develop their confidence in lighting or working with subjects. The workshops are limited to small groups so that there is lots of ONE on ONE time. The workshop is broken down s follows:

- we will spend the morning learning my simplistic approach to light in a comfy studio. All the fears you had with light will vanish as you begin to "see the light." The morning is about controlling light and knowing which pieces of gear will produce certain effects. A large portion of photography is the light; you will understand it and never approach a photo the same way after a day with me (smile). We will be shooting A LOT and there will be lots of one on one time. We will also have models/interesting subjects to practice on during this time.

- after lunch -it's all about the creative you. How to develop your creative eye/style, how to use light creatively, how to work with your subject, how to approach completely random people for a photograph, and how to find natural light/when to use natural light. Also, I will cover my techniques in post production (Lightroom and Photoshop): how to creatively approach post production, develope a unique style and time saving tips. (of course there will be lots of shoot time and one on one time)

How soon do you want to start shooting amazing pictures with Speedlights and become a Light Chaser?

* Learn how to use the 5 variables of exposure creatively. This isn't going to be an event for the camera scientist. Learn how to creatively use each variable to get the results to fulfill your creative vision.

* How to use speedlights, natural light, strobes anytime day or night. In addition to using off-camera lighting; learn how to use ambient life to enhance images. Most photographers getting into lighting fail to do this.

* Learn composition techniques needed to grab a beautiful image within seconds after finding a model

* How to find a location anywhere - location shooting trains the eye and reinforces decision quick decision making

* How to shape and control light using 5 basic light modifiers that you can carry with you anywhere. In addition to basic modifiers Mikey will go over some techniques that are used in the movie industry (flags, ND's, etc.)

More cool stuff you will learn...The Approach

Lighting and Gear is important. But, what about bringing out your creative artistry and communication skills?

* How to fnd and build instant repoirte with a model. Yes, you will find subjects you have never met before and invite them for a photo session

* How to build a portfolio without ever having one professional job

* How to get studio shots in any ordinary house, hotel or space using only one light, or multiple light sources if so choose

Would your photography improve if you could comfortably approach anyone to be your model?

A lot of Lightenupandshooters tell us they just don't have the courage to approach people to be models like we do in our videos. Mikey is going to show you the techinques on how to be comfortable approaching anyone for a shot. Once you have the basics of lights mastered, you are really going to shine when you can have an endless supply of models to shoot anytime/anywhere. Overcoming the fear of rejection and developing communication skills is the key.

FREE Bonus Stuff

Copy of the Lightenupandshoot Workbook and Vbook - The Vbook is a great primer prior to the event

Workbook I created specifically for the workshop with all the notes you need to know. I don't believe in note taking; I feel that learning is the responsibilty of the teacher, not the student.

A telephone conversation with Mikey prior to the workshop to go over your goals, gear needed and any questions you may have.

After our conversation you will be given an assignment that will help prepare you for an intensive day of shooting. This is where your workshop begins. Feel free to email me during this period.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Camera, lenses, modifiers, stands, reflector/scrim, speedlight, pistachio nuts, cell phone and triggers. If you don't have triggers, you can use Mikey's rig. The most important thing is relax and have fun; it's going to be a long day of intense shooting. If you don't have the gear needed for the workshop, Mikey will advise you on any purchases you may need to make prior to the workshop (he will also offer tips on saving money). It is advisable to bring the absolute minimum gear because there will be a lot of walking. There will be an inventory of gear for each participant and Mikey will advise you what to bring. Sharing certain pieces of gear (like stands and modifiers) will help keep the weight off our backs.

Event Info:

*January 26th Meet and Greet (Not required but if you have time come to the Meet and Greet 7:30PM the night before- invite friends or significant other) - location TBD somewhere downtown St Pete.

*January 27th Lightenupandshoot Workshop - Location: The Raw Studio 2338 Emerson Ave S, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712

* Time 10:00am - 6:45pm Saturday (Sunset is at 6:01pm so I want us to take advantage of the sunset and shoot a model - the grand finale)

(the workshop ends officially after sunset, but depending on the group we may shoot until late that night or go for dinner afterwards...invite your significant other)

*Price: $199 (normally I charge $500)

*Call Studio 727-504-4057 if you have special questions or need info on travel. You may also email Mikey directly at mikey@lightenupandshoot.com

*skype - michael.orangetree


Who is Lightenupandshoot?

Michael "Mikey" Thompson - Westcott Top Pro, CreativeLive Host and international photographer that is based out of LA. Michael decided to leave thefinance world when he landed his first professional photography job merely by accident 7 years ago. "I love the excitement and unpredicatability of where photography can take you. I love my day job as a photographer, but what inspires me most is sharing my passion with other photographers."

Want to see my work or want to get some inspiration from my videos?


or youtube search: lightenupandshoot
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Date and Time


The Raw Studio

2338 Emerson Ave S

St Petersburg, FL 33712

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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