Life Without A Fork Documentary Film, One-Day Only, Online Movie Premiere!
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Life Without A Fork Documentary Film, One-Day Only, Online Movie Premiere!

Life Without A Fork Documentary Film, One-Day Only, Online Movie Premiere!

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Imagine living life where you couldn't eat or having to hide often because you looked, um, weird! Or looking and feeling, "normal," but suddenly being unable to breath and then swelling and becoming distorted in the features--that would be straight out of a movie, yes?! Well some more folk would like to join us on this documented journey through Swellville and, as we have been receiving a number of requests, our ticket sales to this event have been extended!!! Thanks to all who are interested in this life changing project. We appreciate you!.

The pre-sale tickets to Life Without A Fork Documentary Film's Official Online Premiere are finally here! This online pre-screening for the film, prior to its red carpet release, will be hosted on Sunday, 17 July 2016 from 5am to 11:00pm, PST. That's 19 hours of available viewing time! Ticket sales to this event are only open to the very first 100 reserved viewers, and the first 10 will also be receiving a, Life Without A Fork Documentary, t-shirt signed by, Executive Producer and world's leading Idiopathic Angioedema advocate, Vanessa Williams. (As this is a worldwide event, shipping not included.) All purchasers will also be included in the initial formal invitation process for the Life Without A Fork Documentary Los Angeles' red carpet event.

Email registration (this will automatically be done via, Eventbrite,) as well as consent for nondisclosure required to obtain link to film to be sent up to two weeks prior to the day of the big affair! We've got some festivals we will be attending during this time and some of the entry rules are strict around screenings.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Upon ticket purchase, you are agreeing to the nondisclosure terms for viewing the film as outlined, below.

You will be allowed to watch the movie wherever and with whomever you like and we absolutely encourage you to hold your own viewing parties!!! Great opportunity for individual fundraising for your personal living and health needs! Schools, churches, hospitals, pubs, or from the comforts of your sofa or bed--all dolled up or PJ's, large groups or alone (May be a bit of a tear-jerker with some shocking scenes so there is that to consider when thinking about this last option), we hope you'll enjoy, identify with and possibly learn from all the hard work that has gone into this project and bringing awareness to the rare, potentially fatal conditions of recurring idiopathic angioedema, Bradykinin mediated angioedema, anaphylaxis, urticaria and mast cell activation disorders.


Please feel free to contact any of our staff regarding business inquiries, donations, questions, ticket registration, and just plain fan love at: Come back and visit our website at,, as we continue to make history raising awareness around Angioedema and Mast Cell Activation Disorders.


The Life Without A Fork Team & Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group


Note: Dates and times subject to change. Additionally, Life Without A Fork, nor any of its affiliates, are liable for any miscellaneous mishaps regarding merchandise transactions, technical or network issues, or any other exchange regarding the Life Without A Fork non-profit



Film You! Productions is about to disclose valuable information, including visual media and concepts; ideas, scripts, artwork, promotional materials and strategies related to Film You! Productions and the documentary film, Life Without A Fork, which is confidential property owned and/or controlled by Film You! Productions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”). You understand and acknowledge that the unauthorized disclosure of the information by you to others would irreparably damage, Life Without A Fork Documentary and Film You! Productions. In consideration of and in return for my disclosing the Information to you, you agree to keep it secret and hold the Information in confidence and treat the Information as if it were your own proprietary property, disclosing it to no person or entity. This disclosure shall be only for purposes of evaluation to determine your interest in the commercial exploitation of the Information. You agree not to manufacture, sell, deal in or otherwise use or appropriate the disclosed Information in any way whatsoever including and without limitation, through adaptation, imitation, redesign, or modification. In the event that you wish to retain any of the Information in your possession for further review and evaluation, you agree to formally request the Information from us promptly. It is understood that except for this requirement of confidentiality you have no other obligation to us. If on the basis of your evaluation of the Information, you wish to pursue the exploitation thereof, we each agree to enter into good faith negotiations to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement for this purpose. Unless and until such an agreement is entered into, this Non-Disclosure Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and shall be binding upon and shall insure to our benefit of our respective legal representatives, successors and assigns. Nothing herein shall be deemed to give you any rights or interest whatsoever in and to the Information. You shall at all times, during and after the disclosure of the Information, respect and take all reasonable measures to prevent any disclosure of Information. Without my prior written consent in each instance, you shall not, directly or indirectly, use, disclose, repeat or publish, or authorize, participate in, aid or abet the use, disclosure, repetition or publication of any Information, in any manner whatsoever, at any time, whether during or after their engagement hereunder!

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