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'Life Hacks' - Move from 'just surviving' to thriving!

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St Columba Centre

40 Vermont Street

Auckland, Auckland 1011

New Zealand

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Refund Policy

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Are you 'rolling your eyes out loud' at the thought of another wellbeing workshop'?

But what if it had a money back guarantee?

Amy McAuley and Judith Paterson are offering you an altogether alternative option just in case you ARE wanting to make a change, and are even MORE fed up with feeling 'down', than the thought of a new type of workshop!!

Maybe you're feeling:

Maybe you're feeling:
* Tired
* Fatigued
* Out of whack
* Fearful of the future
* Flat and listless
* 'Blah'
* Really anxious and yet not sure why
* Affected by negative people and don't know how to avoid being dragged down
* Going through a 'patch'
* You want more 'abundance' in your life

Do you know you'd LOVE to have more energy, feel more positive, have more time and feel less stressed, but you're just not sure HOW to get there?

This may be THE workshop for you!

Have you ever been offered a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you're not totally satisfied that you will have learnt at least one new thing and had it PROVED that it works?

During this very different event you will be introduced to a number of completely NEW WAYS to :

* Increase your feelings of self-confidence
* Develop more energy and develop a stronger immune system
* Find your sense of calmness and flow
* Learn how to live more in the present
* Discover how to live a more fulfilling life NOW

Our intention is that you bounce out feeling:


During this interactive workshop, you will learn MANY tools and 'life hacks'...

These will allow you to get to the end of the day feeling thrilled with what you've been able to achieve and STILL have enough energy to be able to attend that parent teacher evening you had been dreading!!!! Hahaha!!!

What if you were able to walk into a room full of strangers and feel confident knowing you've got skills to lift your confidence?

Maybe you've been dreading having to give that presentation at work OR speak at a wedding?

Why would Amy & Judith offer this event at such a great price?

Because we're BARKING MAD! We know we should be asking at least twice the amount of the FULL PRICE and you'd probably take us more seriously if we did.


JUST DO IT... Apart from anything else - you'll meet two absolutely fabulous women!!! GRIN!

We'll also be providing a BONUS 1hour follow up Zoom call following the event - to make certain you're feeling well supported.

Tickets are limited to keep this workshop 'intimate'. Be quick to secure your place now.

We are offering only 12 Spaces for this workshop.
The EARLY BIRD PRICE is just $147 ( normal price $197)


"Wow, I was completely blown away in what I have seen and heard today. Cannot wait to move forward with some of the 'Life tools' now!" Lesley

"It was so easy to implement, It doesn't need to be hard - anyone can do it. Allow yourself the freedom to change." Simone

"This was an empowering and positive morning. It was lovely to meet like-mined people. I came away inspired." Sue

"I absolutely loved Judith's and Amy's presentations. They were factual and yet fun-filled and the content of the presentations covered what I feel are the most important topics that we have to face in our day to day living." Kathi

"It made me feel I'm not alone. Being positive encouraged me to do something for me NOW!" Beverley

"I really appreciated that this was linked so clearly to myself and life. I can use these skills (life hacks) at home and anywhere." Shona

"Two lovely ladies with great enthusiasm and passion for passing on what they know works." Jann

"An upbeat and positive morning. I loved the different tasks that broke up the time and I love a life change story!" Belinda

"Amazing. I gained new insights and received timely reminders of how to positively change my life for the better. I left the workshop with a new energy." Tash

"Inspiring and motivating.... I want to leap at life and enjoy every aspect of it. I'm ready to spread the joy and information I have gained." Kirsty

"The workshop was the perfect fusion of personal success stories of struggle, recovery and, ultimately, happiness and gave the knowledge and tools." Suzanne

"It opens your mind that making small changes can have a huge effect." Mel

"Such a positive and uplifting event. Being reminded the choices are ours alone." Yvette



When Amy McAuley was in the midst of depression, bulimia and alcohol addiction, she never dreamed that powerhooping would one day change her life forever.

“For me it’s all about holistic health, feeling good mentally and physically. Exercise is a key part of that.”

Amy developed bulimia in her teens but has been free of it for the last seven years. She says the bulimia started because she had low self-esteem and a negative body image. She also experienced post-natal depression with all three of her children.

She says counselling and medication, as well as exercise and a healthy diet, has helped her deal with her mental health issues.


"Hi there, I'm a kinesiologist, educator, and speaker. A fun loving person who embraces life fully. As a former teacher, I’m passionate about education and believe that applied knowledge can turn lives around.

Having experienced a bit of 'testing stuff' throughout my life... 10years of unexplained infertility, divorce, 'stalking' situation, redundancy, cancer... I'm happy to share my ways of getting from 'there to here with joy'!

Coupled with a solid background of education, sports therapy, sports & body massage, lifestyle coaching and with a ‘down to earth’ approach, I would love to work with you in order to help create the health and life-style you wish.

Kinesiology testing is just one of the approaches I use, as a registered New Zealand Natural Therapies Practitioner, in order to ‘talk’ to your body and find out the areas that need ‘balancing’."

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Date and Time


St Columba Centre

40 Vermont Street

Auckland, Auckland 1011

New Zealand

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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