Life After You Become A Mum - The Ultimate Workshop

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Immerse Photography

25 Turner Street

Berwick, VIC 3806


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This Workshop is designed for all Mums of all ages and stages in life.

It doesnt matter if you have just had a baby, your children are at school or are even 15 years old.....this Workshop is for you!

From the very beginning when we become pregnant, we are given an abundant amount of information for the road ahead.

How to look after your baby in the womb, what sort of birth will you have, breastfeeding, what to do in the first year when your baby....the list goes on!

But what about the Mum......what about what happens to her?

Her gorgeous body will change and so will her mind!

Her relationships with others and herself will alter dramatically.

Her finances and career will be different!

Her ambitions will shift and so will her place in her world.

Everything in that Mum’s life will change.

And not just once, but many times in many ways through this journey of motherhood!

As our children grow, so do we!

And yet when we embark on this journey, there is never a pamphlet, a book or a seminar explaining any of this.

THAT is what this Workshop is about.

Every Monday night for four weeks we will gather, at the same time, at the same gorgeous space and for this first particular series of the Spirited Mother Workshops, we will dive into the following selected topics:

Her Gorgeous Body - Nutrition

Babies and childbirth can leave us depleted for many many years after we have children. We will talk about how to rebuild your health and what you can do nutritionally to get those hormones back on track, have more energy and replenish your body of all the good things it has lost.

A Mum’s Emotions, Her Mind and How She Feels Within Herself

We will dive into how a Mum’s emotional wellbeing changes dramatically during and after children, how it can affect you both physically and mentally and what you can do to feel better and stronger.


This is an area of our lives that means different things to different people but is also one of the biggest areas that takes a backward step when we become Mums.

This will be a space where we tap into our creative selves, therefore expressing who we are and I promise you will surprised how different it can make you feel.

What Do You Want in Your Life

Motherhood has the most amazing ability of unravelling you, piece by piece until you are down to the very core of your being......but the most magical part of this transformation is that you finally have the chance to create the person that you have always wanted to be!

Each Mum will be taken on a journey to look into all aspects of their own lives to help them figure out what it is they want, how to change it and what steps they can take to achieve those goals.

They will have a chance to let go of anything in the past they no longer wish to hold on to and leave only space for the new opportunities to grow.

And perhaps one of the most exciting parts of these Workshops is that each night a guest speaker will be joining us (whom are also Mums) to share their expertise and tips we can use in our daily lives.

There will be gifts, tea, pampering, surprises, the chance to meet other woman, lots of fun and much much more!

These nights are specifically designed so that Mums leave feeling fuller, brighter, happier, stronger and so much lighter than when they arrived. It gives them something to look forward to each and every week, a space to be their true selves and so that they go home feeling completely different women than when they first arrived.

The ticket is for all the 4 nights (inclusive) and will run over a 4 week period. The dates for this Workshop will be:

Monday, 5 February 2018

Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday, 19 February 2018

Monday, 26 February 2018

All of which will be from 7.00pm - 9.30pm and will be held at the gorgeous space of Immerse Photography Studio, 25 Turner Street, Berwick.

If a payment plan would better suit you, please contact me direct and that can be arranged.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at info@spiritedmother.com.au or 0417306510.

I am so excited about this event and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Stacey xx

Spirited Mother



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Date and Time


Immerse Photography

25 Turner Street

Berwick, VIC 3806


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