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Li-Jen Ping, Johnson Matthey Pharma Services: "Minimize the Heat Accumulation at Production Scale by Modeling Qr of Exothermic Reactions"

For scaling up exothermic reactions in a large reactor, heat accumulation occurs when the rate of heat generation is faster than the rate of heat removal to cause the rise of temperature unintentionally. In the case when the loss of cooling capability, the reactor will be subjected to adiabatic condition with no heat transfer between the reactor contents and its jacket. As a result, the temperature will rise exponentially due to the accumulated heat. Oxidation using peroxyacid is a widely used reaction in chemical and pharmaceutical industry due to atom efficiency and lower cost. However, the combination of the exotherm from oxidation and the thermal stability of peroxyacid present challenges to large scale production. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of an oxidation process using in-situ generated peroxyacid in larger reactors at Johnson Matthey API manufacturing facilities, the total reaction heat associated with the process was evaluated with reaction calorimeters and DynoChem kinetic modeling software. A DynoChem model was established to predict the accumulated heat and the maximum temperature with respect to the process temperature and the feed rate of peroxide. This allowed process engineers and chemists to predict optimal feed rates of peroxide and a range of reaction temperatures to control the heat accumulation based on the cooling capability of reactors and amounts of material to be processed.

The webinar will start at 16.30 Central Europe, 15.30 London/Dublin, 10.30 US Eastern, 09.30 US Central, 07.30 US Pacific.

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