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Level 2 MTB skills at Valmont Bike Park, Boulder CO

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Valmont Bike Park

3160 Airport Rd

This is the main parking lot, by the bathrooms.

Boulder, CO 80301

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Ride all sorts of terrain faster and smoother.

Do you want to clean the rock garden at Hall Ranch (up and down)?

Ready to boost jumps at Valmont and Trestle?

This is the class for you.


Learn the skills you need to ride any terrain: singletrack, pump track, bike park, whatever—you’ll have the tools.

• 4 hours.

• $150 per person

• Learn and ride at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO. Lee Likes Bikes is a Valmont Bike Park Official Adventure Provider specializing in adult skills clinics. 20 percent of your clinic fee goes straight to the park.

Paul nails the large drop-in under Lee McCormack’s watchful eye.

What to expect

You should be a relatively fit, experienced rider. If you’ve taken a Level 1 class, that’s excellent but not necessary.

If you’re newer, more timid or simply have less time, check out a Level 1 class.

This Level 2 class will cover the core skills (they are the key to higher level performance, not to mention confidence and safety), but we will move faster than in a Level 1 class, then we will climb higher into the skills tree.

Expect to quickly cover this Level 1 content …

  • Position
  • Braking
  • Basic cornering
  • Upper body control in bumps (basic pumping)

… then dive into:

  • Advanced pumping (on the pump track and in the rocks)
  • Pedaling out of the saddle
  • Rocks and ledges
  • Drops
  • Jumps
  • Whatever else the group is ready for

When you finish this four-hour whirlwind tour, you’ll have a solid toolkit that you can use on any type of trail—and that you can refine infinitely. We give you the Path to Mastery, so you’re always in the sweet spot:

Learn more about the LLB Teaching Method >>>

This sweet video shows Valmont Bike Park and what it's like to work with Lee. Watch it on YouTube >>>

Sweet video

Improve on your own — and with our help

At LLB we believe the greatest improvement comes from a combination of individual learning and practice and in-person time with a qualified instructor.

Lots of riders all over the world—beginners to pros—are reaching new levels of shred with the LLBMTB online mountain bike school. When you combine the online learning with an in-person clinic or group ride, your skills — and fun — will skyrocket.

For the first time ever, when you sign up for an in-person LLB experience, you’ll receive a subscription to the LLBMTB online mountain bike school. We'll send details after you register.


Why are we covering the basics?

There are a few reasons:

1) We will not send you flying through the air without knowing, with high confidence, that you will land safely.

2) True mastery begins at the foundation. No matter how good you are (or think you are), you can always refine your fundamentals—and that’s how you get great. Check out 7-time XTERRA world champion Conrad Stoltz. He’s a big fan of LLB kung fu.

3) The basics give us a shared physical and verbal vocabulary. Once we program the core movements, higher level riding is just a matter of combining them and making adjustments with timing and power.

How much will I learn?

You’ll learn as much as you’re ready for. We’ll push you as quickly as we can, while maintaining quality and safety.

I am total badass. Why do I need this?

The true badasses—riders like Brian Lopes, Curtis Keene and Conrad Stoltz—know they are on the path to kung fu awesomeness, and that path never ends. The moment you think you’re finished learning, you’re finished having fun (and your days of true shredding are over).

If you think you’re too cool for school, spend that $150 on some carbon handlebars.

In this video world champion Conrad Stoltz and Lee talk about kung fu and shred some Colorado trails. Watch it on YouTube >>>

"Hi Lee, Just wanted to say thanks for your time with the Level 2 class on Saturday! I went riding on little scraggy Sunday and felt a big difference. I was faster, using less energy and riding with more confidence. I found myself blasting over terrain that I would have not tried before. Then the downhill was really amazing, I felt like I was flying through everything, attacking rollers and berms faster and more confidently than ever before. I was really impressed with what a few hours of instruction did for my riding. I can't wait to see what improvements I can make over the season with a lot of practice!

Have a good week."
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Valmont Bike Park

3160 Airport Rd

This is the main parking lot, by the bathrooms.

Boulder, CO 80301

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