Level 1.5 MTB skills at Ruby Hill Bike Park, Denver CO

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Ruby Hill Bike Park

1505 W. Jewell Ave

Denver, CO 80223

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Mountain biking is such a rad sport—and it’s about to get even radder.

Learn to flow down all sorts of trails!

This is a Level 1.5 class: more advanced than a Level 1 but less aggressive than a Level 2. Perfect for everyone who wants to have even more fun on their bikes!


• 3 hours: 5:00 - 8:00 pm.

• Minimum 3 persons, maximum 6 people per class.

Upgrade your riding life for just three hours and $99.

Kevin Ruby Hill XL Slope Jump

Stoked crew!

Do you know how it feels to rail a turn on skis or snowboard? Learn how to do that on your bike.

What to expect

You should be comfortable riding a bike and excited to learn to ride new-school flow techniques for all trails.

If you’re newer, more timid or simply have less time, check out a Level 1 class at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO.

This Level 1.5 class will cover the core skills (they are the key to higher level performance, not to mention confidence and safety), but we will move faster than in a Level 1 class, then we will climb higher into the skills tree.

Expect to quickly cover this Level 1 content …

  • Position
  • Braking
  • Basic cornering
  • Upper body control in bumps (basic pumping)

… then dive into:

  • Advanced pumping (on the pump track and in the rocks)
  • Drops
  • Jumps (if you're ready)
  • And other fun stuff!

When you finish this three-hour whirlwind tour, you’ll have a solid toolkit that you can use on any type of trail—and that you can refine infinitely. We give you the Path to Mastery, so you’re always in the sweet spot:

Learn more about the LLB Teaching Method >>>

IMPORTANT: We do not skip steps, and we will not let you do something unless we know you’re ready.

We use our teaching method with riders of all styles and levels, from kids to retirees, from XC riders to downhillers, from beginners to pros. This stuff works—and it’s fun!

Here's a note from one of our students:

Lee and Kevin,

My buddy Craig and I really enjoyed the clinic today. As experienced riders we were both looking for a way to take it to the next level, and I think we’ve planted that seed. We spent an hour or so after the clinic in the park and enjoyed putting our now perfect cornering and balance to work.

I wish I would have had this type of coaching when I was racing 10 yrs ago…better late than never.


Brian Glater

Where are these classes held?

These sessions are held at the extraordinary Ruby Hill Bike Park in Denver, CO. Ruby Hill is a fantastic place to learn and ride. Learn more: http://www.rubyhilldenver.com/ruby-hill-mountain-bike-park/

Kevin Ruby Hill Small Slope

Improve on your own — and with our help

At LLB we believe the greatest improvement comes from a combination of individual learning and practice and in-person time with a qualified instructor.

Lots of riders all over the world—beginners to pros—are reaching new levels of shred with the LLBMTB online mountain bike school. When you combine the online learning with an in-person clinic or group ride, your skills — and fun — will skyrocket.

For the first time ever, when you sign up for an in-person LLB experience, you’ll receive a subscription to the LLBMTB online mountain bike school. We'll send details after you register.

No matter what you want to do on your bike, we’ll teach you the skills to do it safely. Pro racer Erin Huck with perfect flight.

Your coaches

Most public sessions will be led by LLB coach Kevin Stiffler, Lee McCormack or another Lee Likes Bikes instructor. All LLB instructors follow the same curriculum, employ the same methods and are great teachers.

We are professionals who love bikes and love to teach. We are, quite simply, the best in the business.

Kevin Ruby Hill XC Trail Corner


Why are we covering the basics?

There are a few reasons:

1) We will not send you flying through the air without knowing, with high confidence, that you will land safely.

2) True mastery begins at the foundation. No matter how good you are (or think you are), you can always refine your fundamentals—and that’s how you get great. Check out 7-time XTERRA world champion Conrad Stoltz. He’s a big fan of LLB kung fu.

3) The basics give us a shared physical and verbal vocabulary. Once we program the core movements, higher level riding is just a matter of combining them and making adjustments with timing and power.

How much will I learn?

You’ll learn as much as you’re ready for. We’ll push you as quickly as we can, while maintaining quality and safety.

If you continue your studies with in-person or remote coaching, we’ll apply this $150 to your sessions, which will get you a lower rate.

I am total badass. Why do I need this?

The true badasses—riders like Brian Lopes, Curtis Keene and Conrad Stoltz—know they are on the path to kung fu awesomeness, and that path never ends. The moment you think you’re finished learning, you’re finished having fun (and your days of true shredding are over).

If you think you’re too cool for school, spend that $150 on some carbon handlebars.

In this video world champion Conrad Stoltz and Lee talk about kung fu and shred some Colorado trails. Watch it on YouTube >>>

About Lee Likes Bikes

Hi, my name is Lee McCormack, and I like bikes. I’m considered one of the world’s top authorities on riding technique. I wrote and illustrated the bibles of MTB and BMX riding: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition and Pro BMXSkills. MMBSii is the best-selling MTB technique book in history, and it’s available in seven languages. PBS is used as the coaching manual for the U.S. and Australian national BMX programs. They’re both pretty good books.

As the skills development director for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, I create the curriculum used to teach high school mountain bike racers how to ride safer and faster, and I teach the coaches how to teach the riders. All of the instructors I hire to teach at Valmont Bike Park use the same proven methods used to train riders throughout the U.S.

Come on out: As great as mountain biking is now, it’s about to get way better!


About Coach Kevin

Originating from upstate NY, Kevin Stiffler has pursued adventure and singletrack from the Adirondacks to the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between. He first entered the scene as a BMX racer, where he became one of New York’s top-ranked riders – before becoming interested in freestyle BMX, mountain biking and downhill/freeride riding. Kevin coached with professional BMX athletes at Pennsylvania’s Camp Woodward. He directed and helped create the Avid4 Adventure program at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO, successfully coaching youth athletes of all abilities on varied terrain.

A natural teacher, Kevin has an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.S. in Applied Technology Education and a Masters in Online Education; he is currently pursuing his Ed.D. in Education Curriculum Development.

A certified Lee Likes Bikes skills coach, Kevin now teaches all types of riders at Valmont Bike Park and beyond. Over the next few years, he hopes to take his own riding and coaching up to the next level— and to continue sharing safe shredding with the world.

Do you have questions or concerns? Email me at kevin@leelikesbikes.com

Kevin Ruby Hill XL Slope Jump

Stoked riders!

Kevin Stiffler and Amy Shenton rock another Level 1 public clinic at Valmont Bike Park. Riders said:

“Kevin, you and Amy knocked it out of the park today with your instruction. I now see where many of my faults were…I had gotten terribly sloppy and would never had noticed if not for this camp.

“Yes, Kevin and Amy…I will work on dropping my right heel!

“Thank you for a great two hours!”

Terry Jones
“First and foremost Kevin and Amy did a fantastic job! Super friendly and super knowledgeable. They should wear capes with a big LLB on it. I got a lot more out of the Skill Clinic Level 1 than I would have imagined. Looking forward to Skill Clinic level 2 in a couple of weeks! I have not had this much fun since that first day I learned how to ride a bike. It feels very much the same with what you get out of this class!”

Richie Sklenar

Randee, Holly, David, Joby and Chilly were stoked after their July 11, 2012 public clinic. Everyone was railing turns, ripping the pump track and riding right over a huge rock.
Pro XC racer Judy Freeman got in one last training session before heading to nationals.
Sarah, Ann, Kate, Amy, Ben and Lauren. See 2014 public clinic #1 was awesome!

Hey Lee,

I just want to thank you for an awesome clinic last night. You really excited me about the world of mountain biking. I’m brand new to the sport and kinda thought it was, ‘okay, just hang on and pray you make it over that stump…’ But, now, after learning about position and being “low and awesome” not “high and afraid” it is a whole new concept. I feel more balanced, more confident and a lot less afraid.

I can’t wait to go back to the park to practice in those bumps… Maybe some day I’ll be like Amy and Ben flying over those jumps… well, maybe not in the near future, but, it sure is inspiring. :)

Thanks again for such a great introduction to the sport.

PS: i went out and bought your Mastering Mountain Bike Skills book last night after the clinic.

Lee – your coaching was absolutely fantastic and so immediately applicable. It’s an amazing feeling to leave a 2hr session armed with so much more confidence in riding than at the start of the clinic. It was great to meet everyone and good luck with your riding!!


Kevin stoked while Riding rock garden with a capital R in Moab

Coach Kevin stoked while Riding this rock garden with a capital R!

Lee works his own kung fu on Valmont Bike Park's upper pump track. Always learning, always teaching.

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Date and Time


Ruby Hill Bike Park

1505 W. Jewell Ave

Denver, CO 80223

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