Level 1: Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher Training/Immersion
$125 – $550
Level 1: Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher Training/Immersion

Level 1: Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher Training/Immersion

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Trillium Hollow Co-Housing Community

9601 NW Leahy Rd

Portland, OR 97229

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Portland welcomes Lauren Walker, the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga to teach us how to offer another layer of healing to ourselves and our students.  

"There are ages of wisdom within these two covers.  A deep and transformational marriage of the magic of energy and the power of yoga." ~Cyndi Dale

Come share in 4 days of practicing and learning this beaultiful union of energy and yoga.  We are all in for a treat!


November 10-13

$550 (we are keeping the early bird pricing for the training.)

Overview of Teacher Training

This 30 hour course will cover the basic elements of EMYoga and leave you with the skills to teach the basic theories and elements. Pre-reqs: a 200 hour yoga teacher training or equivalent. If you are not a teacher, but have a long time practice and would like to take this class as in immersion, please contact me directly (and I pass it along to Lauren) for permission. You will receive a level 1 EMY certificate upon completion and acceptance of written exam and submitted teaching video.

Enjoy this 50 minute interview with Lauren on our Portland Training to learn more.


What is Energy Medicine Yoga?

Imagine if you had a 20-40 minute practice that would allow you to feel strong, balanced and stress free no matter what was going on in your life?

Imagine what it would be like for your physical body to feel more easeful and recover better?

What would you be able to offer the world if you were able to digest your experiences and help identify and achieve your goals, professionally and spiritually?

The goal of EMYoga is to balance the body.  A strong yoga practice, woven through with the 9 energy systems, speaks to the body in its own language.  These techniques are easy to learn and master and they empower your current yoga practice while awakening dormant energies and helping the body to heal and thrive.  You’ll learn ancient lost techniques and new powerful tools to boost the power of your practice.

EMYoga is a synthesis of yoga and Energy Medicine.  The power of this style of yoga is that it greatly increases the benefits of a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it.  Incorporating simple techniques into an existing practice, or doing these simple techniques on their own, helps to balance the nine energy systems of the body.  When in balance, these energy systems help to keep you strong, vital, healthy and focused.  They work on your immune system, endocrine system and lymphatic systems especially.  Additionally we work with focus on breath for releasing pain and stuck energy as well as learning techniques to change your habit fields, helping to foster the ability to implement new, positive habits for overall health and well being.

Meet Lauren

Lauren created Energy Medicine Yoga, which is her signature style and complements any kind of practice you do.  Using simple to learn techniques based on ancient practices and wisdom, the student can increase the efficacy of their practice while actually diminishing the time practiced.  Energy Medicine Yoga is a powerful practice for decreasing anxiety and stress, increasing energy, core strength, and well being.  It can also be pivotal in healing longstanding physical and emotional issues.  It is easy to learn, fun, intuitive and empowering.

Learn more about Lauren here.

Teacher Training Schedule

9am-6pm every day

Learn to teach simple techniques to:

• Boost your vitality and stamina

• Strengthen your immune system

• Keep yourself young

• Change your habit patterns

• Increase flexibility and focus

• Strengthen deep core muscles

Teaching Curriculum Includes:

• The Wake Up

• EMYoga Sun and 5 element Salutations

• Triple Warmer/Spleen partnership

• Electric Warrior series 

If you are traveling from out of town...

Marlo Nikkila is your Portland host and is happy to answer your questions and to make sure your stay is supported.

We have shared rooms, including a shared queen bed and 5 single beds available for $25/night at the same location as the training.  There is also a shared community kitchen.  The rooms will be reserved for Wednesday evening to Monday morning.  If you are leaving Sunday evening, let us know and you will receive a refund of $25.

Trillium Hollow is located 1 1/2 miles away from the Sunset Transit Center where you can take the MAX Red line train directly from the airport for $2.50 each way.  We are happy to arrage someone to pick you up and return you to the Sunset Transit Center for extra ease in getting here. Once you have your travel information, please share that with me.

There is a Market of Choice grocery strore and several restaurants about a 7 minute drive away and 42 minute walk.

Downtown Portland is between 15-20 minutes away where you can enjoy our fun and beautiful city.

Here is the website for Trillium Hollow in case you would like  to learn more about the community or see pictures of our property.  http://trilliumhollow.weebly.com/place.html

We are excited to have this event here, immersed in nature as we learn this beautiful, healing practice.

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Date and Time

Trillium Hollow Co-Housing Community

9601 NW Leahy Rd

Portland, OR 97229

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