"Lessons From The Stage" + Presenting & Cross-Exam of Financial Experts LA
$399 – $499
"Lessons From The Stage" + Presenting & Cross-Exam of Financial Experts LA

"Lessons From The Stage" + Presenting & Cross-Exam of Financial Experts LA

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Los Angeles, CA

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"Lessons From The Stage" + Presenting & Cross-Exam of Financial Experts in LA

Approved for 6 hours of MCLE/CLE Credit!

  • Date:         Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • Time:         9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Where:      TBD, Los Angeles, CA

  • Lodging:     

  • Host:         Jesse Wilson, MA – Communications and Peak Performance Expert 

  • Guest Instructor: Michael Kaplan, Esquire

  • Cost:         Early Bird - $399 (valid -> September 15, 2016) / Regular - $499

One dynamic game-changing day that will rock your power in the courtroom!

MCLE/CLE Approval!

                                *Experience The Perfect Pairing*

                                        Lessons From The Stage


                 Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts

                                             featuring guest 

                      Michael G. Kaplan, CPA/ABV/CFF CVA MAFF

            Courtroom Bootcamp - Theater Skills and Expert Witnesses


                                                     Act I

                                    Lessons From The Stage

Using the Tools, Techniques and Strategies of the Theater to Deliver The Winning Story


As every lawyer knows, the best story wins. Stories are the ultimate tools of persuasion— they are the emotional glue that connects you to the jury. The facts may be on your side, but they are not enough: you need to frame them in a compelling narrative, so that juries don’t just listen... they care.

The work you will experience in Act I will help you discover your client’s story faster and more effectively, using the timeless tools of the theater. It will help you find the emotional connection to your case… and win.

Through Lessons From The Stage you will learn:

  • How to powerfully communicate your client’s story through the Four Steps of the Monologue –

 1)      Who are you talking to?

2)     What do you want? (Intention)

3)     What is getting in the way of what you want? (The Obstacle)

4)     What changes in the emotional journey?

  • Ways to integrate “left and right brain strategies” to maximize your connection to the jury and maximize your overall effectiveness in litigation
  • Techniques to weave the three universal laws of powerful storytelling – conflict, struggle, resolution – into your communications with the jury
  •  Skills, including “the crossroad,” “the stretch,” and non-verbal “spatial awareness” that will help you discover the complete story 

“Jesse’s work is powerful-- not just simply in the way he presents, but in how he empowers the audience to ‘discover the story.’  Anyone, in any context, who faces the challenge of moving a group of people to action must attend Jesse’s Tell The Winning Story intensives.”

--Mel C. Orchard, Spence Law Firm, Jackson, WY


                                                   Act II

               Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts

                                     A Courtroom Skills Clinic

Program Overview 

Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts is for attorneys who call upon valuation, damages and other financial professionals to serve as testifying experts in legal matters.   

The program will focus upon strategies for the persuasive presentation of business valuation and damages experts and effective cross-examination of opposing experts.   

We will explore the ways that the financial expert’s credibility is impacted through the challenge of credentials, assumptions, methodology, evidence and professional standards. The clinic will include live mock trial segments during which attorney participants will have the opportunity to present and cross-examine experienced financial experts, and be critiqued by our seasoned faculty members.

 Upon completion of the program, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a valuation or damages expert’s analysis and opinions.

  • Develop direct examination to highlight the strengths and insulate the weaknesses of a financial expert’s opinions.

  • Implement examination approaches to enable the financial expert to explain complex valuation, damages and other financial concepts in terms that are understandable by the judge and jury.

  • Develop strategic cross-examination focusing upon the vulnerabilities of a financial expert’s analysis and opinions.

  • Recognize and control defensive tactics employed by seasoned experts.

  • Understand the communication approaches and dynamics that facilitate credible expert testimony.


                   Michael G. Kaplan, CPA/ABV/CFF CVA MAFF

                                 Forensic CPA & Educator

      Courtroom Bootcamp - Theater Skills and Expert Witnesses

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Los Angeles, CA

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