Learn To Do Real Estate in less time and make more money(Vancouver)-Webinar

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(Do not register if you cannot view the information within 24 hours)

(This is a event for individuals who are looking for a educational program to learn real estate investing)

(If you are not looking to learn or expand your knowledge as a real estate investor, DO NOT REGISTER)

(If you are looking for a free seminar, this will not help you)


Thank you for considering registering for this event in regards to getting started on learning how to invest in real estate at an accelerated rate.

After registering for this online event, you will receive an email with a link to our 8 min briefing which will give you an overview of what our community of over 10,000+ investors and over 60 courses offer.

If your someone who wants to get started or expand their knowledge in real estate investing the fastest and most efficient way possible, then you have found the right event.

This is not a 3 day boot camp or a 1 day seminar that will give you some information so you can go out and lose money investing in strategies you don’t fully understand.

We are a community of investors that have been trained through a structured step-by-step system. Our group consists of thousands of students who all have different backgrounds and come together for 1 main reason and that's to actually learn real estate and take their investing businesses to the next level.

Our curriculum consists of

  • Wholesale
  • Fix and flip
  • Short-term rental (air bnb)
  • Inspections
  • Rehab
  • Seller finance
  • Subject to
  • 1031 tax exchange
  • Velocity banking
  • Tax and legal

And so much more.

There are over 300+ hours in our investing curriculum

We also have study groups for every member to participate in, both in person and online for those who cant make it there in person. Here are a few study groups ( Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip, Advanced Wealth Strategies, etc.)

If you are ready to learn how this can be applied to you and your business then register for the event and choose a time and you will receive an email with the link with our recorded briefing so you can view it right away.

Once you have completed the briefing, there will be a introduction and follow up for those who feel this is something they want to continue to explore.

We have live in person meetings in multiple locations. After viewing all of the content and if you are in a local market where there are local meetings being held and would like to attend a in person meeting to see our community make sure to mention that after the follow up.

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