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1966 Yonge St

1966 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M4S 1Z4


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  • Are you a guy who is a total wuss bag around beautiful, high quality women?

  • Are you a total basket case, a ball of insecure energy in social situations?

  • Do you get tongue tied when the thought of approaching a beautiful woman crosses your mind you spot on the streets, leave alone the idea of trying to talk to her, to attract her?

  • Are you a guy who has 0 to low self confidence, self esteem?

  • Do you lack the necessary social prowess with beautiful women, meaning the "Game" to hold court when interacting with them, to get them attracted to you?

  • Are you clueless about what to say or how to act, to push a woman's attraction buttons?

  • Are you often friendzoned by women?

  • Are you dumbfounded when it comes to knowing how to move things forward with a woman once she gives you signs of interest?

  • Are you even clueless about what a woman's indicators of interest are?

  • Do you feel small, insecure and/or threatened by other men that are better looking, more financially stable or more educated than you? Do you wish you didn't? Have you lost women to such men before because of your nervousness around them or envy of them?

  • Do you wish you were the "Man" all other men look up to and all women want to be with?

  • Have you tried to use money, your looks, education, job, connections to get women yet still can't seem to "naturally" attract them but only gold diggers or women that just want to use you for your money, connections, status?

  • Finally, are you sick and tired of living life like a loser, a beta male, a chump, like most men on this planet? Wish there was a way out of this mouse maze that you've been put into since birth?


If you've answered yes to some or all of these questions, then don't worry because you're not alone. However I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like this. First you have been taught a bunch of lies about how to act around women to attract them and how to be a man who is happy, successful, popular, adored and respected, since you were ejected from your mother's womb. This is why you think, feel and act the way you do around women-like a chump. I'll explain the 5 channels of lies that you have been brainwashed by since birth, during my talk so you can wake up and take control of your dating and sex life and life, once and for all!

You won't believe it. You will then learn the "Truth" of how to think, feel and act to make women crazy for you, force others to respect you, adore you, to really achieve self confidence, control over your life and ultimately real status as a man in this world. By the way, this is all backed up by my 15 plus years of live in field experience being a badass with women and as a coach for over 10 years, redefining the "Game" and lives of 1000s of men globally. Lastly, science and an understanding of how the female mind works with respect to attraction and mate selection only proves what I say as being "fact" and the "Truth".


Please also realize this fact. You can have all the education in the world, loads of money, good looks, the coolest friends but you can NEVER, I mean EVER have status in society, value in the sexual marketplace, attractiveness in the eyes of women, get respect from others(men also), really feel like you have control over your life, unless you have control over your dating and sex life. I'm sure you know that by now and hence is the reason why you and I have somehow connected via the internet.This means having the confidence and competence to be able to court any woman you desire.


What this means even more so is that, being sexy, attractive, a leader to other men, an object of desire to women has nothing to do with what you have(money, looks, a fast car, a lavish condo). It rather has everything to do with what you embody(attitude, body language and behaviours). Specifically, you need to embody "masculine" energy when interacting with a woman. Something you have been told to "put away" since birth by the 5 channels, I mentioned earlier. Finally, you need to understand the steps involved in converting that interaction into a relationship. Your choice-a short term one or a long term one. Yes, once you understand the fundementals of attraction and courtship you will have power and choice with women and in all other areas of your life.

Some of this may appear counter-intuitive, foreign or even shocking to you, at first based on what you were taught since birth by the channels of influence I outlined earlier. Maybe you were told that you can use your looks, education, money, connections, status to get women to clamour for your attention. However, where did it get ya? No where. Maybe you were told to be super nice, emasculate, complimentary to women, put them on a pedeastal, seek their approval, do things to get in their good graces, be a perfect gentleman. Once again, where did that get you? Friendzoned, used, abused, discounted like a chump, right? If you listen to what and who you've always listened to, It will only make you end up with a broken heart, a low sense of self-confidence, a big hole in your wallet and a few too many visits to the shrink or a priest.

There are reasons, by the way these channels exist and why they want to enslave you and emasculate you. We'll go over this during my presentation. Ironically this "masculine energy" is the very thing that commands respect from other men and attracts women like crazy over being nice or using status symbols . I'll talk about what that means and what it looks like in terms of your attitude, body language and mannerisms. This way you can start to develop this masculine essence and start to magnezite the world, not just women to you.


This explains why you'll see some average looking, income earning men swipe the floor with men that are better looking, more financially stable than them when it comes to prowess with women. In fact I'm sure we can both agree that we've seen more average Joes with hot women than the typical A lister. See you now have confirmation that it's not about money or financial status. Don't ya? Of course.


So what is it about then? It's all about "GAME". Inner game, social prowess, communicating and subcommunicating to women using your body in a specific way and exhibiting certain key behaviours that bypass their Neo Cortex and hit their Reptile and Limbic centres to make them crazy for you. This is where ATTRACTION happens for a woman. This is the SECRET! Once again, its about resonating out "masculine" energy during your interactions with women. Finally, its about knowing how to seduce a woman from start to finish.

Hence, you will learn exactly that. That's right. You will learn how to walk up to any woman you desire and seduce her, using my "4 Q model for seduction". You will know how to :

Approach her in different venues
Push her attraction buttons using non verbal/verbal communication
Make her feel a connection with you
Gauge her interest, know when she is displaying IOIs(indicators of Interest)
Move things forward until you have her number, a date with her or even a same day rendez-vous.

Its about combining the exhibition of "masculine" energy with a high level of prowess.
I've spent years in the field "reverse engineering" the pick up and seduction process into a series of easy to follow steps. This model is the result of this. It represents the only "Truth" on how to "attract, seduce and date" any woman from the moment you set your eyes on her. Sound good? Great. Okay so. movin on....


  • The basis of sexual attraction-It has nothing to do with looks, money, having connections or any of that other crap you've been told. It has everything to do with exhibiting a certain attitude and behaviours. I'll go into this is detail.

  • The importance of exhbiting masculine energy to attract, seduce women.

  • Why being a nice guy or asshole doesn't generate attraction and why being a mix of the two is critical to attract women today! You will earn what "traits" to steal from the nice guy and badboy and what traits to avoid.

  • The lies you have been taught since birth about how to act around women to attract them, how a man should be, etc

  • You will learn how to develop indifference, a life outside of women. Women are only attracted to men that are indifferent to being approved or liked by them and men that are self-interested, contrary to the garbage you have been told!

  • Why you must embody "Masculine" energy to make a woman feel raw, animalistic attraction for you. This is because it will make her feel "Feminine". She needs to have her "Feminine" energy invoked to feel attraction for you. You can only do this by projecting masculine energy onto to her, when interacting with her Otherwise she cannot feel attraction for you and will only see you as "Friend zone worthy" material.

  • I will uncover the lies you have been taught throughout your life on what women want, how a man should act, how to be successful and happy. I will then uncover the "Controversial" truth about this. You'll be shocked!

  • You will learn how to overcome the self sabotaging feelings of self doubt, social anxiety, fear of rejection when the thought of approaching a woman crosses your mind. This way you can just take action with confidence, the next time you spot that hottie you want to talk to.

  • You will learn the importance of speaking your mind to women and how to in the most effective and attractive way. There is a difference between being creepy and sexy when being direct. You will learn the fine difference and it will make a world of difference.

  • You will learn how to develop self confidence, self esteem, a strong psychology or mindset so that you can go out there into the world and get whatever you want, including dates with beautiful women. Seamlessly and effortlessly. I will show you my two "hacks" to tricking your brain into thinking that you are a natural lady killer, on a deep, sub-conscious level. The result of this will be that, you will start to think, feel and behave like one very shortly thereafter.

  • You will learn my 4Q model of seduction. With this 4 step model, which is derived from my years of "live in field" experience in "cold closing" beautiful women out in the real world, you will be able to pick up any woman you want, using just 4 easy steps.

  • You will learn the most powerful opening line that I use all of the time that gets women melting for me within minutes.

  • The 5 LIES you've been told since birth about how to act as a man to get respect, adoration, attraction not just from women but th world. You will sebsequently, learn the "TRUTH". Once again all backed up by my years of live experience as a bona fide badass with women, a leader to men.

  • You will learn the power of being brutally honest when interacting with women.

  • You will learn what a woman's indicators of interest are, so you know when to make a move.

  • You will learn why using money, your looks, your education to get women can actually backfire on you and lower your sexual status in the eyes of women

  • You will learn how to feel empowered, entitled, gigantic, a force to be reckoned with, sexy, manly, confident, indifferent and playful when walking into any social venue. This will most certainly magnetize everyone towards you, especially the hottest women in the vicinity.

  • You will learn exactly how to approach a woman, "cold" on the streets and strike up a conversation with her, push her attraction buttons and walk away with her coordinates within minutes

  • You will learn how to use fear and doubt as an friend as opposed to an enemy. You will learn to reinvigorate real old-world masculinity, your natural, hunter-gatherer instincts, courage, bravery and heart on "cue", using specific anchoring techniques I've developed. This will put you ahead of the curve, ahead of most men. This is because you will be mentally tough and will learn on a deep, sub-conscious basis how to "take action to get the girl or any goal you desire", inspite of feeling fearful, doubtful or insecure. As a result, you will be able to beat out the male compettion for resources for survival (food, clothing, shelter) and mating partners(beautiful women). You will have a mental toughness to you that will see you through the toughest of situations rather than be weak minded and spineless like most men who will give up at the first sign of resistence. Not just with women but in life.

  • You will learn how to handle objections from a woman and how to deal with an initially abrasive or perhaps stuck up woman to get her wanting you within minutes and much more....

You will see and learn things from me that will blow your current perception of reality. You will learn the "truth" about how to behave, think and feel in this world to own it, to have other men looking up to you and women begging to be with you. This will totally go against the grain of all the fiction, nonesense and lies you have been taught, as I've mentioned. So, buckle up!

However, in the aftermath, I know that you will be a much better version of your "self" and will have a clear understanding of how to own your interactions with beautiful women and your life, going forward. Is this something you would like to experience? If the answer is a loud, abnoxious "Hell Ya!", then don't wait a minute longer!

Act now and reserve a ticket for my talk for Sat Dec 30th from 1 to 3 PM.


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Date and Time


1966 Yonge St

1966 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M4S 1Z4


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