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Cross Campus Downtown

800 Wilshire Boulevard


Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Learn Social Media Marketing Easier & Better with the Power of Expert Teachers & Fun

What if learning how to create powerful social media campaigns was easy and fun instead of dull and difficult?

Well, now it can be.

We were tired of sitting in classrooms listening to teachers drone on, while working on projects that weren’t engaging, and struggling through problems without much help. Also, watching videos online or reading through blog posts never made us feel like we truly understood social media marketing principles deeply enough.

It just seemed like no social media marketing courses seem to integrate the strategies that modern learning science have proven trigger radically accelerated learning in the brain.

So we thought, “why not use those principles to build a better learning experience?”

We created Hackleto to use these brain-based learning strategies to help you learn social media marketing more completely and with less effort, all while having fun.

You will learn with:

  • Deeply meaningful and engaging hands-on social media projects that you choose
  • 1-on-1 support to make sure you are always optimally challenged
  • Just enough lecture to massively speed your learning of core & advanced topics in social media
  • Integrating games to boost your fun and decrease learning effort
  • Optional teams to join that give you opportunities to build your social network
  • A complete choice on your learning path and participation level.
  • And more...

We also know that learning how to “do social media” is not enough to become a social media marketer or launch a startup— you need more:

  • A network that includes marketing career recruiters and venture capitalists who focus on tech startups.
  • An iron strong mindset to push through learning barriers and struggles that come up in any startup or new project.
  • An audience to create first customers and early supporters.

All of these opportunities were built into our program so that you will be prepared to take immediate action and use your social media knowledge to do anything you like:

  • Start a business or enhance your online reputation
  • Change careers to social media marketing
  • Accelerate past your current job title
  • Or just learn because you love learning.


This Hackleto isn’t designed to make you a master of social marketing in 3 weeks—that would be ridiculous. Rather, we create quick learning-sprints that radically accelerate your learning and keep you engaged so you retain more information.

Based on your level of experience, during this sprint, you will learn:

For Beginning Social Marketing Engineers:

  • Setting up your profiles right, the first time
  • Making sure you have compelling content, by learning the basics of content strategy
  • Getting success quickly, by building a basic social media campaign
  • Knowing how to improve by learning the basics of measuring your campaign

For Intermediate Social Marketing Engineers:

  • Understanding the social networks behind the scenes to develop strategies to expanding your following
  • Converting new visitors to followers by optimizing your social pages
  • Converting social media followers to your own platform (e.g. email, mobile number, address)
  • Accelerating your programs by using paid Social Media
  • Turning your following into cashflow by monetizing your following


Success Begins Once You Register

Even before your first day of class you can start learning social media engineering and expanding your network by tackling puzzles and playing games with other members & mentors of your cohort.

On the first day of class, you will immediately start working with your new classmates to solve fun puzzles, that break the ice and earn you points to be redeemed for key Mentor help later in your experience.

Feel Confident with the Basics and Start Accelerating

Following the puzzles, expert mentors will give you a quick lecture and then immediately give you a game-like challenge to reinforce what you just learned. No matter your level, these challenges are all about implementing what you know, building your network, and having fun.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you will be ready for your Hackleto project. We attempt to give each Hackleto project an inspirational theme. The theme of this Hackleto is Social Media as Art. If interested, you can pitch your idea to the group about how you can use your social media campaign to not just promote something, but to be artististic (however you define art). We use these themes to inspire, but like everything with Hackleto, you choose what you work on.

You Control Your Learning

You can join a project you love, or just work on your idea solo—joining a group is completely your choice. Even if you work on a group project, we will be coaching you to start building your personal audience through social media and email.

Once you’ve determined your project you will then plan, test, and get to work creating your project. Those points you earned through the learning games will now come in handy as you use them to exchange services with other teams and “buy” the time of mentors to help you complete your projects.

Become more than Smart…Get POWERED for action!

Throughout this experience, you will meet recruiters, VCs, and more social media experts. In the end, you can present your project to a team of marketing industry experts. Who knows, one might even invest or want to hire you on the spot.

Regardless, you’ve accomplished something real.

You won’t just come out of this Hackleto with more knowledge, you will come out able to concretely demonstrate your capabilities. You might even continue to build on what you developed with your team and launch the next unicorn startup.


Our founder, Sean Markin, started an award-winning school for kids in Pasadena, CA. While Sean was integrating the latest learning strategies for kids, he had an insight: “Education for adults is awful, why not use these learning strategies to help adults?”

Once the school was launched and running, Sean started Hackleto. He then began to seek out the best mentors and experts he could find who believed in the mission of preparing adults to be leading social media engineers.

The network of experts and mentors we help you build will serve to accelerate you professionally:

  • Your mentors are experts trained in learning science & with deep connections.
  • You will meet recruiters who specialize in filling social media marketing jobs
  • You will interact with angels & VC’s looking for the next big startup


We are limiting this class to 6 participants. You can register below to reserve your spot.


This program will run from January 9th through January 26th and will meet on the following days:

  • January 9th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM
  • January 12th from 10:00AM to 1:30PM
  • January 16th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM
  • January 19th from 10:00AM to 1:30PM
  • January 23rd from 6:30PM to 9:30PM
  • January 26th from 10:00AM to 1:30PM


This program was built to conform to how you learn and not the other way around; this helps to make learning social media marketing feel effortless, exciting, and fun. You will leave this program amazed at your progress and ready to take the next step in your journey.

Let’s take that next step together.

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Date and Time


Cross Campus Downtown

800 Wilshire Boulevard


Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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