Learn how to quickly create videos that generate sales.

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Learn how to quickly create videos that generate sales.

Introduction to Video Marketing - Learn how to quickly create videos that generate sales and proven video marketing techniques.

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At CB Media and the Video Marketing Academy we are a team of video producers and digital marketers who have been helping hundreds of companies grow.

The main tools we use to make it happen are the power of video and proven digital marketing techniques.

Right now, video marketing is the most valuable thing you can do for your business to increase your market share, and grow your customer base.

Unlike most video production agencies that focus on just producing your videos, we focus on producing videos that will allow you to attract your ideal clients and boost your sales.

More importantly, we walk our talk: we are expert video marketers, with real-life experience in using videos to get more clients - We know what works.

If you need help producing your own videos with ease and learning to market them to attract your ideal clients, we teach what works, while making it simple and enjoyable for you... then click on register and don't miss out.

Sponsors: Udarás, LEO, Enterprise Ireland, WDC, MSLETB, Leader Companies

Ticket sales end soon