Leading SAFe® Lead Agility at Scale as a Certified SAFe Agilist (SA) - Please note: As of July 2016 this course will no longer be available.
Leading SAFe® Lead Agility at Scale as a Certified SAFe Agilist (SA) - Please note: As of July 2016 this course will no longer be available.

Leading SAFe® Lead Agility at Scale as a Certified SAFe Agilist (SA) - Plea...

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UFG Agile Training venue www.agileu.de @ TechCode Accelerator (Germany) TCAC GmbH

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5 (Third Floor directly above Bank of Scotland)

10178 Berlin


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What: Training Course SAFe® SA Training and Certification - Please note: As of July 2016 this course will no longer be available. 

Where: In Berlin, City Center (Mitte) - UFG Agile Training venue www.agileu.de @ TechCode Accelerator (Germany) TCAC GmbH. 

Length: 2 days 

Frequency: Once a month - The envisaged training schedule in Berlin for this year 2016 is set to recurr in the last week of every month usually on Wednesday/Thursday of the month.

Does the ticket price include SAFe certification and SAFe printed study/reference material? Yes. All students will receive all printed and online SAFe pertinent material. The SAFe SA (or Product Owners and Scrum XP) Certifications are included in the price of the ticket and wlll be provided to the trainees that pass the SA SAFe test.


SAFe® SA Training and Certification Overview:

The SAFe® framework is predicated on the lean thinking and product development flow in conjunction with pragmatic approaches that enable the execution of coordinated agile releases. The participants of this training will have a greater understanding of the principles and practices of the framework enabling them to support Agile Teams, Agile Programs, Agile Program Portfolio Management and Agile Architecture.

Certification Prerequisites and Process:

5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management

Attend the 2-day Leading SAFe course and pass the SA exam

This course is intended for executives, development/QA/program managers, agile transformation agents to include coaches, scrum masters and those that are keenly interested in Enterprise Agility via SAFe rollout.

Please note that the standard training and certification course scheduled per SAFe Academy is two days. Should there be a need for an optional additional refresher half day Scrum Essential Training (SET), it will be made available per the requests made in early stages of the enrollment.  

SAFe Training and Certification Advantages:

Participants of this course will be eligible to apply for 14 PDU's toward their continuing education requirements with the PMI (Project Management Institute) for a 2-day class or 21 PDU’s for a 3-day class.

Class registration includes a copy of course materials for personal use along with initial certification and exam fee. Continental breakfast, lunch and snack items are served daily including beverages.

Learning Objectives: 

After this course, attendees will be able to:

- Demonstrate how Lean, Agile, and Product Development Flow form the foundation of SAFe

- Explain and promote the use of SAFe

- Identify roles and structures required to scale Agile to the program level

Training Certification Agenda: 

Day One


Lean Thinking

Scaling Agile

Agile Release Train

Day Two

Agile Release Train, cont'd


Scaling Leadership

Optional Day Three (available for select classes only per early requests)

​Review: Release Planning Flow, Roles & Responsibilities, Portfolio

Case Studies

 Please be advised that the course language and the material are all in English language.  


Sean Cavandi SAFe SPC, CSM – www.agileu.de - LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/seancavandi


For the German speaking audience, below you will find additional insight into the training and certification course in German:


In diesem zweitägigen Kurs bekommen Sie das nötige Know-how vermittelt, um Ihr Unternehmen mithilfe des Scaled Agile Frameworks in eine agile Organisation zu transformieren.

Im Seminar lernen Sie die Grundlagen und Konzepte des  Scaled Agile Frameworks kennen: Lean Thinking, Product Development Flow, agile Entwicklung, SAFe ScrumXP, Agile Release Train, agiles Portfoliomanagement, agile Architektur, skalierende Führung etc.

Der Kurs besteht aus 8 Modulen:

Einführung in SAFe: Vorstellung des Scaled Agile Frameworks®

- Lean Thinking: Überblick über Lean Software Development und Product Development Flow

- Agile Development: Umsetzung und Vorteile der agilen Entwicklung in Unternehmensumgebungen

- SAFe ScrumXP: Überblick sowie praxisorientierte Übungen zum Thema „SAFe ScrumXP“, mit Schwerpunkt auf der Priorisierung von technischen, projektbezogenen und ökonomischen Aspekten, um Skalierbarkeit auf der Programm- und Portofolio-Ebene zu ermöglichen

- Agile Release Train: Identifizierung, Implementierung und Durchführung von Agile Release Trains. Das sind langfristige Prozesse, in denen Gruppen von agilen Teams die Qualität und Liefergeschwindigkeit der wesentlichen Wertströme im Unternehmen optimieren

- Agiles Portfoliomanagement: Agile Transformationsmuster für Strategie- und Investitionsplanung, Programm-Management und Governance

- Agile Architektur: Grundsätze der agilen Architektur, Rolle des System- und Enterprise-Architekten und Architekturentwicklung mit Flow

- Scaling Leadership: Skalierung der Lean-Agile-Unternehmensführung

Nach Abschluss des Kurses sind die Teilnehmer in der Lage:

- die Grundsätze von Lean, Agile und Product Development Flow einzusetzen, um Produktivität, Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit, Time-to-Market und Qualität zu verbessern.

- das Scaled Agile Framework basierend auf Vorträgen, Fallbeispielen und den Erfahrungen von Scaled-Agile-Experten anzuwenden.

- anhand der vermittelten Informationen und Beispiele sowie Zuhilfenahme der empfohlenen weiterführenden Literatur, die erforderlichen Fertigkeiten zu kennen, die für eine unternehmensweite Transformation erforderlich sind.

- zu erkennen, welche Führungsqualitäten die intrinsische Motivation von Softwareentwicklern am effektivsten fördern, und diese im eigenen Kontext anzuwenden.


Führungskräfte, Manager und Agile-Change-Beauftragte, die für eine übergreifende Lean-Agile-Transformation in einem Softwareunternehmen verantwortlich sind.

Für die Kursteilnahme: keine 

Dieser Kurs ist Voraussetzung für die Zertifizierung als Scaled Agile Framework Agilist (SA). 

Kurssprache und Dokumentationsunterlagen/Arbeitsbuch: Englisch


Sean Cavandi SAFe SPC, CSM – www.agileu.de - LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/seancavandi


SAFe® Scaled Agilist and SAFe Product Owner (to include Agile Scrum XP professional) Training and Certification courses offered in this venue in Berlin are highly sought after by experienced agile transformation professionals across the globe. The training sessions are essential to the success of delivering large-scale initiatives using a Scaled Agile approach. In today's digital realities, many competing organizations are increasingly required to sharply focus on an effective continuous delivery process so to ensure the greatest business outcomes.

SAFe® provides a comprehensive series of value driven application/product delivery models that have withstood the test of time. This is mainly because SAFe® is a system view driven methodology deeply rooted in Lean System Engineering (LSE). Furthermore, SAFe® offers a set of relentlessly improving methodologies (Kaizen), continuously evolving and distilling generations of agile practices into a comprehensive enterprise delivery model. The outcome of SAFe® methodologies dynamic nature epitomizes the industrial grade agility through encompassing relevant global enterprise needs. 

The industry recommendation for organizations new to agile is to consider that a critical part of embarking on the agile journey is to do away with erroneous notions of attempting to label their emerging or ongoing initiatives ‘‘Agile.’’ Many companies tend to settle for doing just that while marching on with their business as usual, legacy outdated methodologies. The transformation challenges are further exasperated when teams with the best of intentions to become '‘Agile,’' go through extraordinary efforts and expenses setting up small groups of individuals with somewhat basic knowledge of agile. 

In some cases, for example, the initial agile driven activities include the management team simply seeking commonly issued scrum masters certifications for a number of individuals. This is usually done with the hope of somehow having the organization achieve the desired '‘Agility.’' However, years of accumulated evidence and experiences show that a myopic emphasis on simply becoming '‘Agile’' misses the point on value delivery mantra necessitated by any logically driven outfit.

Evidence shows that a comprehensive and logical enterprise delivery model is mainly predicated on a no non-sense Product Development Flow (PDF) and a crisply understood Value delivery model across the board. PDF and the emphasis on Value are matters that are rightfully dear to the stakeholders’ hearts. In other words, to secure business stakeholders full satisfaction, in a correctly setup enterprise delivery model, the product ownership (PO) roles remain paramount and by far the most critical. This added focus on PO's role and their unequivocal understanding of agile premises seems to be the prevailing factor in practically all surveyed agile transformation initiatives for the past five years.

Furthermore, an effective agile transformation approach with the right amount of coaching enables teams to clearly distinguish ''Outcomes'' vs. ''Outputs.'' Logically, achieving the organizational desired ''Outcomes'' emanating from the prevailing vision by far outweigh any volume of ''Output.'' Surveys show that in many cases the organizational initiatives’ outputs are not necessarily aligned nor synchronized with their originally envisaged overall ''Strategic Themes.'' Thus properly bringing the leadership along with all pertinent agile team members up to speed with the right set of agile guidance and training ensures a more effective launch of agile transformation endeavors. 

Among the existing agile transformation premises across many digitally driven industries, SAFe® training and certification courses reign supreme. The SAFe® SA two days training session is certainly a great preliminary step towards the right direction in any agile transformation endeavor.








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Date and Time


UFG Agile Training venue www.agileu.de @ TechCode Accelerator (Germany) TCAC GmbH

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5 (Third Floor directly above Bank of Scotland)

10178 Berlin


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