Leading Change For Business Agility

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Leading Change For Business Agility

Learn from some of the most experienced agilists in the world, including keynote speaker Ahmed Sidky, at ICAgile’s virtual conference.

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Conference Details:

You’re invited to Leading Change for Business Agility, ICAgile’s virtual conference for agile coaches, Scrum Masters, product owners, agile leaders and anyone else with agile experience.

Join us to hear unique perspectives from advanced agilists with boundary-breaking stories. Learn how experienced coaches who hold the ICAgile Expert designation advance business agility at their organizations.

To reach as many time zones as possible, we will hold the conference twice.


Feb 13, 2023- 9:00am-1:30pm PST

March 3, 2023- 2:00pm- 6:30pm AEDT


General Admission- $95

Group Tickets (minimum 5 tickets required) - $75 Each Ticket

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Speakers for both conferences:

  • Ahmed Sidky
  • Shannon Ewan
  • Trey Henderson
  • Kay Harpe
  • Jessica Katz

Speakers on February 13th:

  • Danielle Kellogg
  • Kimmo Hakonen
  • Suzanne Doyle

Speakers on March 3rd:

  • Tze Chin Tang
  • Mark Boysen
  • Prashant Shinde

Talk Summaries

Ahmed Sidky- Keynote Speaker

Coaching for high impact: Stories of Challenging Convention to create change: Ready to take your coaching to the next level? Come hear stories of bold interventions that spark lasting change.

Trey Henderson

Shut up and Listen! Help Clients Tap into their Still Small Voice : Attendees will experience the power of using a guided immersive experience that takes clients deeper than the surface level. Additionally, they will get a gift of their own immersive journey they can listen to after the conference.

Suzanne Doyle

Being Janus, the 2-faced god: Attendees will learn how to leverage self-as-instrument in systems work in the dance with change.

Kimmo Hakonen

Stance Dance: Attendees will learn how to change and design different coaching stances in advance to bring more value to a facilitation.

Jessica Katz

Polylabor: Navigating consent and agency in the ways we work: Attendees will hear about what a humanistic-minded, ethical business model could look like and its benefits to the organization.

Kay Harper

Walking your Talk: Our Experiment in Creating Collaboration within our system: Based on our own experience, creating performing teams at any level requires intention, attention, and prioritizing working on “we” just like we would work on a priority 1 commitment to customer.

Tze Chin Tang

Transform Your Coaching: Transcending the Ordinary: Discover how to tap into domains beyond Agile and Professional Coaching to become a more effective agent of change.

Prashant Shinde

Alignment – an excuse for old-style management: Alignment is something we talk about all the time, but is that what we’re after, or is it a way to surreptitiously bring in command and control management

Danielle Kellogg

Bridge the Divide: Being the Glue that Makes Change Stick: As Agilist leaders, part of our job is to strengthen the integration points within the system of systems that is the organization.

Mark Boysen


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