Leadership Workshop - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Leadership Workshop - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Leadership Workshop - BUILD YOUR LEADERSHIP - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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The speed of innovation has never been so high. It is no more possible to follow what's going on. We are living a technology revolution, which is impacting the world at each corner. Since you want to finetune your leadership, let's start to build it.

About The Organizer

Patrice Nko'o, graduated in Management from Hult International Business School, is a Serial Entrepreneur, coming from Silicon Valley, through Tokyo. He is building a coaching platform for the next generation of leaders. He is interested by Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks.

Passionated by Technology and Innovation, Patrice is interested by the new trends in Artificial Intelligence and how industries are constantly disrupted by new startups. During the past years, he upgraded his skills in AI at Columbia University and Stanford University. He also get a Certification at Stanford University in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.