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What is MergeLane?

MergeLane is a startup accelerator and investment fund that focuses on companies with at least one female in leadership. You can see our 2015, 2016, and 2017 MergeLane cohorts on our site. You can also take a look at the MergeLane Fund Investments we have made outside the accelerator program.

What is Leadership Camp?

Leadership Camp is a concentrated, intensive, transformative three-day program designed to accelerate participants’ growth as aware and empowered leaders and teams.

Camp will focus on introducing core concepts of conscious leadership within the context of the operating realities of startups, and entrepreneurial divisions and companies. This program can kickstart an immediate increase in self-awareness, engagement, communication, candor, and innovation for you, your leadership team, your head of culture/HR, key managers, or your entire organization.

One of our recent attendees described camp this way: “Camp is a unique opportunity to dig deep into yourself in a supportive and safe environment of other women. Gaining this understanding paired with conscious leadership concepts allows you to create new possibilities in your personal and professional life, through clearer communication, context, and vision.”

We’ve written about the impact of this work in MergeLane runs on Conscious Leadership.

When and Where is Leadership Camp?

This Leadership Camp runs May 5th-7th in beautiful Niwot, Colorado. All participants must attend for the full three days of the program.

Additional upcoming dates for Leadership Camp:

  • For Men and Women with Focus on Teams, July 21st-23rd in Boulder, Colorado -Register Here

  • For Women, September 15th-17th in Boulder, Colorado - Register Here

The schedule for camp events is as follows. If there is no indication that something is optional, then it is mandatory:

  • Thursday Night: 7pm OPTIONAL drink at location to be determined for attendees (Camp staff may not be present, but will ensure attendees can find each other)

  • Friday: Session from 9am - 5:30pm; 5:45pm: OPTIONAL drink at location to be determined

  • Saturday: 7:15am: OPTIONAL Yoga (bring mat and change of clothes to venue); 9am - 5:30pm Session; Start; 6:15 - 8pm Mandatory Dinner Activity

  • Sunday: 9am - 1pm Session.

Why Does MergeLane Run Leadership Camp?

We have learned that Leadership kickstarts an immediate improvement in engagement, communication, candor, and innovation. Leadership is formed through relationships, whether that’s with your boss, employees, investors, kids, or spouse, we help leaders:

  • Spot their personality patterns and blindspots

  • Develop a culture of candor that supports functional conversations and enduring relationships

  • Build skills and tools for embracing and working through conflict

Who Would Benefit from Leadership Camp?

Leadership Camp is designed for leaders, founders, and executive teams interested in raising their self-awareness, effectiveness, and upside potential in their careers.

Leadership Camp is perfect for:

  • A founder or group of co-founders working on a project, idea, or company

  • Leaders and emerging leaders in or interested in transitioning to an entrepreneurial career

  • Large company, government or nonprofit leaders intrigued by the idea of being more innovative and entrepreneurial in their roles

Why Is Leadership Camp for Women Only?

You may know that the MergeLane accelerator is not limited to females, but to companies with at least one female in leadership. We hear again and again, however, that our work at MergeLane and our point of view developed over these years is of specific and unique service to women. Our mission at MergeLane has always been to #changetheratio. We chose to make some of our Leadership Camps specifically for women because we believed this was one more way to radically and quickly accelerate women’s views of their potential for their projects or careers. Oh, and one more thing. You asked for it!

We also offer mixed gender leadership camps.

You Make a Gender Delineation Here. How Will You Interpret That?

We won’t. If you identify as a woman on the date you register and show up for Leadership Camp, we will be delighted to have you with zero questions asked.

Is Leadership Camp for Techies Only?

Nope. MergeLane itself is not just for tech. We want to invite women from a host of sectors. Although the program is focused on startup founders and founding teams, we believe it will be of tremendous value to anyone interested in functioning at work and in life in a more self-aware, creative context.

Why is Leadership Camp Called “Camp”?

Well, we like camp. We like immersive programming that feels like camp. This three days will be extremely intense, but we expect to quickly develop the level of camaraderie and connection that drives real outcomes from short, accelerated programs like this one.

We have had feedback from attendees that they would like advance warning that this is an intensive program. They say having the freedom to dive in and process during and between sessions without extra burdens of home can be salutary to a great experience.

Who is Behind MergeLane?

The team behind Leadership Camp is the same team that runs the MergeLane accelerator and fund. You can read more about Sue Heilbronner, Elizabeth Kraus, Hannah Davis, and Leah Pearlman here. Leadership Camp is co-facilitated by Sue and Leah.

Based on our shared experiences as operators, founders, investors, and mentors -- we feel confident that we can deliver a transformative experience.

What do Leadership Camp Alumni Say about Leadership Camp?

“MergeLane Leadership Camp is the safest, wildest, roller coaster you will ever ride.” “Radical, refreshing, overdue, and relief to finally relate to a leadership style.”

“A catalyst experience for emerging leaders and a challenging experience for seasoned ones.”

“A deep dive into truth.”

“An intense learning experience and self-reflection that can help you discover patterns you have that affect your life personally and professionally.”

What is the Charge for Participating?

Leadership Camp costs $999 per person. There is a 10% discount for groups of three or more. Participants will be responsible for their own room and board.

Is there a scholarship?

All diversity, not just gender, is important to us. We have two scholarship seats each camp for participants that enhance racial diversity. Apply here.

What is the refund policy?

You will receive a full refund less $25 of administrative expense if you cancel by April 1st. You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel between April 2nd and April 23rd. As of April 24th, your registration will be non-refundable. We will consider requests to substitute yourself for an attendee that you choose on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to the waitlist.

Have More Questions?

We love questions. Please email hannah@mergelane.com with any questions.

Leadership Camp is sponsored by Galvanize.

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Niwot, CO 80302

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