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Last Days of the Reich 1945

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Ft. Indiantown Gap

Annville, PA 10205

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In March 1945, the Allies crossed the Rhine River. South of the Ruhr, General Omar Bradley's U.S. 12th Army Group's pursuit of the disintegrating German army resulted in the capture of the Ludendorff Bridge across the Rhine at Remagen by the 9th Armored Division of the U.S. First Army. Bradley and his subordinates quickly exploited the crossing made on March 7, 1945, and expanded the bridgehead until the bridge collapsed 10 days later.

North of the Ruhr on March 23, 1945, Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery's Anglo-Canadian 21st Army Group which incorporated the US Ninth Army launched Operation Plunder (with the airborne Operation Varsity in support) crossing the Rhine at Rees and Wesel.

Having crossed the Rhine, both Army groups fanned out into the German hinterland. In the south, while the Third Army headed east, the First Army headed northeast and formed the southern pincer of the Ruhr envelopmemt. In the north, the U.S. Ninth Army, which since the Battle of the Bulge had been assigned to Field Marshal Montgomery's 21st Army Group, headed southeast, forming the northern pincer, while the rest of the 21st Army Group went east and northeast.

Facing the Allied armies were the remnants of a shattered Wehrmacht, a few SS training units, and large numbers of Volkssturm (militia units for aging men, including some World War I veterans) and Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) units, composed of boys as young as 12.

Lead elements of the two Allied pincers met on April 1, 1945, near Lippstadt. By April 4, the encirclement was completed and the Ninth Army reverted to the command of General Bradley's 12th Army Group. Within the Ruhr Pocket about 430,000 German soldiers of Army Group B, which comprised 21 divisions of the Wehrmacht, and millions of civilians were trapped in cities heavily damaged by numerous bombings.

While the main operations headed further toward central and northern Germany, American forces concentrated on the pocket, taking it section by section. On April 12, 1945, the U.S. First and Ninth Armies divided the area coming from the south; the smaller, eastern part surrendered the next day. The western part continued a weak resistance until April 18 and April 21, 1945.


Event Requirements

1) Registratration- Registration opens at noon on Thursday March 30th at the building marked Registration. After you have registered and unpacked your equipment into your assigned barracks, please move your vehicle to a designated parking areas. Vehicles left in barracks area for an extended period of time are subject to being towed by Ft. Indiantown Gap. This will be at your expense and will not be cheap.

2) Meals- Breakfast will be available both Friday and Saturday morning in the registration building. Breakfast will consist of Coffee, Donuts, Buns and Danishes.

3) Vehicle - Vehicle Owners are responsible for clearing any oil or fuel spillage from their vehicles in any and all areas of Ft. Indiantown Gap. We recommend you have a regulation spill kit at your disposal in case of an emergency. Vehicle owner are also responsible for any fees associated with tows or removal of vehicle from the training areas. We recommend you have a recovery plan in case your vehicle experiences a mechanical malfunction and can't make it out of the field under its own power.

4) No handheld or tube fired projectiles may be used at Ftig. The U.S. Army considers these potentially hazardous and if found in the field they must be removed in accordance with all other found ordnance.

5) Homemade reloads or black power charges for shoulder fired weapons, mortar, or armored vehicles are not permitted by Ftig. Factory produced shot gun blanks are permitted and recommended.

6)There will be a small Flea Market in designated buildings. Please obtain your own blank ammo before the event. No blank ammo dealers are scheduled to be at the event.

7) Flea Market space is available for those who wish to set up to sell militaria. Price will be $25 per vendor.

8) No animals allowed on base. Per Ft. Indiantown Gap, no animals which includes dogs and horses allowed in training or barracks areas.

This is an invitation only event. Only specific units are invited and you must be a member of one of these units to attend. Unit Commanders are responsible for all persons registered under their unit.

BATF Class 3 Transfer Address
Ft. Indiantown Gap Rt443 Annville, Pennsylvania 17003

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Ft. Indiantown Gap

Annville, PA 10205

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