Landlord Tax Savings, TOPA, & 1031 Exchange Alternatives

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Landlord Tax Savings, TOPA, & 1031 Exchange Alternatives

Significantly enhance your returns 20-50% by eliminating unnecessary taxes and expenses

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You'll Learn:

  1. Two approaches to capital gains tax avoidance
  2. Numerous approaches to capital gains tax Mitigation
  3. Ongoing annual tax & expense saving approaches

Real estate provides landlords and investors the opportunity for tax-preferred income. Be sure you're maximizing your return on your investment and maximizing your tax savings.

"Landlord Tax Savings & Alternatives to 1031 Exchanges" addresses THE MOST IMPACTFUL approach to ensuring you achieve higher returns on your real estate.

When you sell your rental or investment property, you benefit by considering tax-preferred sales approaches that can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when you sell. Taxes due upon your sale can be deferred and eliminated at the time you sell, you just simply need to take the correct steps and choose the option that fits best for you.

We include MORE THAN JUST 1031 EXCHANGES: Some landlords like you may not want to purchase another rental. If you are planning on retiring, this event will provide you alternatives that allow you to sell, escape landlording, AND still fully defer your capital gains taxes.

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Nabeel Elnahal, Director, Tax Preferred Sales Group, (703) 340-0109,

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