Knoxville Regenerative Co-Op & Earth Talk Meetup event

Knoxville Regenerative Co-Op & Earth Talk Meetup event

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SouthSide Garage

1014 Sevier Avenue

Knoxville, TN 37920

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Knoxville Regenerative Co-Op & Earth Talk Meetup Event. Sustainable living and environmental-related.

About this event

"Earth Talk".

It's name is about as self descriptive as you can get- it'll consistently be at the Southside Garage @ 1014 Sevier Avenue, the Second Wednesday of every month @ 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. And it'll be about all things "Earthly" and ecological.

A little like the Green Drinks events, except it'll be at the same place every time, AND there's no agenda or set topic. I want it to be a place and time where what's on your mind and your heart and what you're most passionate about right now IS the topic!

Earth Talk will be a chance for folks to go even deeper: deeper conversations about what sustainability might look like here in the Tennessee Valley and in the broader world, more ideas and hopes and dreams about how we can create a truly sustainable economy, a more sustainable society, and not just environmental well-being, but flourishing and restoration, for all of the beautiful life on this Earth that we all call home.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? If so, we'd love to have you! Anybody with a keen interest in sustainable living and environmental-related topics in welcome, but I'd like to especially invite the following:

- Business owners, and people wanting to start businesses

- Farmers, gardeners, landscapers, or aspiring people in these fields

- People involved in Renewable energy, appropriate technology, natural building, and other techniques.

- Folks looking to increase neighborhood and community connections: meet people to trade seeds with, get firewood, share the use of land, get advice

on raising livestock, crops, irrigation, etc. The more neighborly connections the better.

- Anybody at the intersection of where Restoring our Planet and the Tennessee Valley in particular meets Building a Sustainable Economy (whatever that might look like).

Whether you just want a chance to chat casually with some like-minded souls over some beers, or you've got some specific intentions, this is a place for you.

So, it’d be great to see any and all of you, and if I haven’t made it clear already this is exactly the time you should feel free to bring not just ideas and good energy, but pictures, materials, plans, business proposals, brochures, whatever it is that you want to share.

Have a farm you’re starting? Tell us about it.

Have a business or want to start one? Tell us about it.

Trying to raise money for a project? We want to know.

Looking for potential collaborators for a biz or project? Share what you’ve got.

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