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KLP Summit (Auckland), by Kiwi Landing Pad

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Auckland CBD

(each location will be available, per ticket)

Auckland, Auckland

New Zealand

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Refund Policy

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Welcome to KLP Summit, by the Kiwi Landing Pad. We want to bring our community together for three days in June in Auckland. KLP Summit is the evolved Sales and Marketing Jams, in a multi event, multi day format, which is better suited to people at all stages, especially startups with teams who want to build their capability.

We will be focusing on helping New Zealand startups grow the functions in their business spread across Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Customer Success, we are targeting companies from MVP/MSP through to IPO.

The format has evolved a lot! The summit is now spread across 1 x jam on all topics, 5 workshops, and a day of one-one sessions.

High Level Format:

Day One

  1. Morning - 'Sales and Marketing' Jam - 8:30am - 1pm
  2. Afternoon - Six Different Workshops - 2pm-4:30pm
  3. Evening - Community Gathering & KLP Celebration

Day Two

  1. One-One sessions with speakers for expansion focused founders/CEOs
  2. Founder/CEO Lunch

Why Auckland?

We decided to try having our Summit in one location. With the success of our webinar series, and the community expanding to many places around the world, we realise that there is a lot of value in proximity. We want our community to meet each other, and see the face behind the photo and the name. A lot of people talk regularly, often weekly online and over email, but often don't get a chance to meet face to face.

We also have corporate and government partners that we want to meet our community and vise-versa, that's why we are investing in bringing everyone together for KLP Summit this June.

READ: Packages & Ticketing

We have four available ticket packages which bundle events and workshops together, as well as the availability to just buy single tickets for specific events. When you are buying tickets please look at all of the ticket options, not just the ones at the top (ie: Scroll).

If you are a startup with a team, and would like to bring multiple team members to our events and workshops, please check out packages below:

Package One:

  • 1 x morning jam ticket
  • 1 x workshop ticket
  • 1 x evening event ticket

Package Two:

  • 2 x morning jam tickets
  • 2 x workshop tickets
  • 2 x evening tickets

Package Three:

  • 4 x morning jam tickets
  • 4 x workshop tickets
  • 4 x evening tickets

Package Four:

  • 4 x morning jam tickets
  • 4 x workshop tickets
  • 8 x evening tickets
  • 3 x one-one sessions (day two)
  • founder/ceo lunch (day two)

We are excited to announce our international and kiwi speaker line up:

Ciara Peter - VP of Product @ Gainsight, formerly Invision, Box, Salesforce

Ryan Williams - Founder @ SalesColider, Advisor Forbes, formerly Invision, LeadGenuis, Adroll.

Emilie Davis - Head of Customer Success @ Periscope Data,, ProductBoard & AltX

Philip Fierlinger - Product Designer, cofounder @ Xero, Angel Investor, Director.

Cath Carlsen - CMO @ Flossie, Formerly Vend

View speaker bios here.

These people bring a wealth of startup and tech knowledge to New Zealand, and are excited to pass on their learnings, and meet our community. The event has been carefully put together to enable everyone in a startup team to get value from the various events. There is a bias towards learning AND application with the workshops to deepdive into specific planning and growth.


Multi Event Format:

Event Title: Morning Jam - Sales, Marketing, Product Management & Customer Success
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 8:30am - 1pm.
Location: The Maritime Room, Princes Wharf, Viaduct Harbour
Description: Our traditional known and loved Sales and Marketing Jam to kick off the summit. Focusing on sales, marketing, product AND customer success. Five panelists, no slides, ask your questions and meet fellow startup founders and teams facing similar challenges. For all the team, to learn and network together. These sessions are lead by the topic leader, have a five minute overview on the topic of whats top of mind for that leader, then is 80% q&a from the audience, along with live case studies from the audience.


Event Title: Workshop One - Sales
Speaker/Host: Ryan Williams, Founder @ SalesColider, Advisor Forbes
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 2pm-4:30pm
Location: The Icehouse, Board Room, 125 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052
Sales Lies. Why what you’ve been told might not be true on the path from $0-$20M
We’ve all heard the advice and read the books.. but why, if there is such a clear path to building a big sales engine, does it feel like we are constantly re-inventing the wheel? In this workshop we will be discussing some of the institutional wisdom around building teams, when to hire a VP of sales, how to break into the US or other markets and what do do when plan A fails.


Event Title: Workshop Two - Customer Success
Speaker/Host: Emilie Davis, Head of Customer Success @ Periscope Data,
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 2pm-4:30pm
Location: BNZ Partners Centre, Board Room, Level 8, 80 Queen Street.
Building your CS organization from the ground up.
According to one McKinsey study, the SaaS vendors with top-quartile revenues achieved their strong showing by investing more in customer-success (CS) initiatives” that increase net revenue retention. It’s likely why another report from LinkedIn Data revealed CS as one of the top 10 fastest growing professions, at 736% growth since 2015.
 Yet while the need for customer success in a SaaS business is becoming clearer and clearer, the strategy and means for execution remains relatively elusive.

In this session, we’ll look at the value CS brings, foundational blocks for building a world-class team, and considerations for scaling efficiently. If you’re a CEO looking to hire your first CS leader/professional, you’ll not want to miss this.


Event Title: Workshop Three - Product Design Playbook
Speaker/Host: Philip Fierlinger - Product Designer, cofounder @ Xero, Angel Investor, Director.
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 2pm-4:30pm
Location: NZTE, Board Room, 139 Quay St, Auckland, 1010
Product Playbook: How to create products that change the game

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to reach product-market fit

  • Fundamentals of great product design

  • How to define a game changing vision and strategy

  • How to execute your vision and strategy to achieve the highest impact

This is for:

  • Anyone working directly on a product team, in particular: designers, engineers, product managers

  • CEOs and execs who want to get more impact from their product development


Event Title: Workshop Four - Product Management
Speaker/Host: Ciara Peter - VP of Product @ Gainsight, formerly Invision, Box, Salesforce
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 2pm-4:30pm
Location: Datacom Boardroom, 58 Gaunt St, Auckland, 1010
Building Consumer Grade Products for the Enterprise
With the complexity of multiple stakeholders and the increasing purchasing influence of end users, the bar is higher than ever for enterprise UX as companies pioneer business models beyond traditional SaaS. Learn how to apply consumer grade growth, engagement, design, and prioritization strategies to increase adoption within your products.


Event Title: Workshop Five - Marketing
Speaker/Host: Cath Carlsen & Fallon Savery
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 2pm-4:30pm
Location: KPMG Boardroom, 18 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Auckland, 1010
Marketing & Sales Operations (revops): it’s the glue between marketing and sales

The two important ‘R’s for any CEO is revenue and retention.

In order to maintain scalable growth and have consistency across the entire customer lifecycle there needs to be a lynchpin* that will bring together marketing, sales and customer success.

Roll in, revenue operations. Often overlooked as just a trending name for sales operations, this function works across the entire buyer journey. Bringing together tools, platforms and process to move quickly, surfacing insights and data that will achieve core KPIs and overall maintaining consistency across the customer journey.

We will dive deep into the role of revenue operations across marketing, sales and customer success. Hear from ex- Vend Director of Marketing Operations, Cath Carlsen and VP Sales Operations


Event Title: KLP Summit Community Evening Event
Host: Sian Simpson/Kiwi Landing Pad
Date/Time: 17th June 2019, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location: AWS Amazon Loft, Level 1, 139 Pakenham St W, Auckland, 1141
Getting our communtiy together is really important to us. Cross-sector and cross-function. Our webinar community talk online every week, our startups not only want to meet each other but also corporates and government too. #meetingofminds

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Date and Time


Auckland CBD

(each location will be available, per ticket)

Auckland, Auckland

New Zealand

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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