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Köln International School of Design

Ubierring 40

50678 Köln


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On the 27th of April, the Köln International School of Design will host KISDconnect 2018. Returning for the second year in a row, this event casts a spotlight on the university's alumni. Over the course of a day, current and former students will come together for workshops, inspiring lectures, a marketplace, interview speed-dating and a friendly reunion.

This is an opportunity for those interested to connect with the young generation of designers at KISD, spot talent from their alma mater and promote any projects they are currently working on.

Activity Breakdown:


4 Slots | 10 - 20 Participants | Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes (each)

Workshops are a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge and to impart wisdom (i.e. related to career building, software, etc). Each session will be one hour long, allowing students to interact and learn from you. There will be a total of four sessions during the event. These will be split into two in the morning and then two in the evening.

If you have a skill or approach in mind from which the students could learn and benefit, don’t hesitate in sharing it!

To be considered for one of the four available slots, simply begin the application process by selecting the “Workshop” ticket.


2 Slots (Non-Selectable) | Open to All | Duration : 15 minutes (each)

Lectures will be one of the most inspiring and insightful moments of the day. It is an opportunity to speak for 15 minutes about yourself and your work. KISD students would love to hear about your career path and get an insight into your work process through an in-depth example of a project.

If you would like to share your story send us a short abstract and we will be happy to include you in the jury process.

To be considered please choose the “General Admission” ticket. A survey will follow where you will find the option to include your abstract.

Pecha Kuchas:

10 Slots | Open to All | Duration: 5 minutes (each)

Pecha Kuchas are dynamic presentations meant to stimulate a conversational atmosphere. The Pecha Kuchas’ central focus will be design and career paths. This would be an opportunity for you to share something interesting about yourself, your work, or your company.

Pecha Kucha style presentations comprise of 15 slides which are shown for 20 seconds each (5 minutes in total). These would be split into two sessions, five consecutive Petcha Kutcha's in the morning and five in the afternoon.

If you have something to share or simply want to introduce yourself during the event, begin the application process by selecting the “Pecha Kucha” ticket.


20 Slots | Open to All | Duration: All Day

The business marketplace will offer you a booth during the event. Inserted in an exhibition-style environment, you can represent yourself or a company in the marketplace. You will have the chance to advertise, exhibit, and communicate with KISD students.

Furniture and exhibition stands will be provided.

If you want to secure your exhibition stand at the event, simply begin the application process by selecting the “General Admission” ticket.

Interview Speed Dating:

20 Slots | Open to All | Duration: 45 minutes

Interview Speed Dating is one of the most fun moments of the event. During this activity students and Alumni get to connect over a two-minute chat. After every two minutes, students will rotate allowing everyone to meet. This is the perfect time to get feedback on an idea, interview students for work opportunities, or simply get in touch with the younger generation of designers at KISD.

If you don’t want to miss out on meeting our students, you can be part of the Interview Speed Dating by choosing the “General Admission” ticket.

Application Process:

Step 1

How can you be part of KISDconnect event? We have different ticket options for you. Please select the tickets corresponding to what kind of activities you would like to participate in.

(Ex: If you would like to give a lecture and a workshop, select the tickets “General Admission” and “Workshop”)

Step 2

Once a ticket has been selected, an email will then be sent to the participant with a specific survey tailored to that experience (i.e. hosting a workshop, a Pecha Kucha Presentation, or general admission).

In that survey, you can include abstracts and provide information about the required equipment. There will also be questions concerning time-slots and layout options.


10:00 - Pecha Kuchas: Session 1 Start (5 presentations)

10:40 - Workshops: Session 1 Start (2 running simultaneously)

12:25 - Interview Speed Dating: Session 1 Start

13:25 - Lecture 1 Start

13:45 - Picnic Start

14:50 - Pecha Kuchas: Session 2 (5 presentations)

15:30 - Workshops: Session 2 (2 running simultaneously)

17:15 - Interview Speed Dating: Session 2 Start

18:15 - Lecture 2 Start

18:30 - End of Event


KISDconnect is an independent event which will be organized and run within KISD without any outside funding. However, like any other event on this scale, there will naturally be expenses. Hence, the event organizers and Alumni AG team would kindly ask that any individual or company participating in the event can kindly make a donation on their behalf to KISD. This gesture of good faith would be very much appreciated by everyone involved as it would be a great help in covering the running costs.

To make it easier on those participating here is a helpful indication of suitable amounts:

Freelancers - 25 €

Small Companies - 125 €

Medium Companies - 250 €

Large Companies - 500 €

Disclaimer: By registering through Eventbrite and participating in KISDconnect, you are allowing us to use photos and media - that are the property of their respective owners - for marketing and promotional purposes.

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Date and Time


Köln International School of Design

Ubierring 40

50678 Köln


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