Kings and Prophets Pt 2 - PUP - Jim Garnett

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Kings and Prophets Pt 2 - PUP - Jim Garnett

God Searches for a Heart Fully His- Precept Workbook (NASB)

By Digging Deeper Ministries

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May 1 · 3pm - May 29 · 4:30pm PDT



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Topic: Kings and Prophets Pt 1 - PUP - Jim Garnett

Day: Monday

Date: 5/01/2023 - 5/29/2023

Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM, Central

Leader: Jim Garnett

Class Assistant: Cheryl Gleason

Class Assistant’s Email:


God Searches for a Heart Fully His- Precept Workbook (NASB)

Neither Solomon, his son Rehoboam, nor his son Abijam followed God fully, nor did Jeroboam in Israel. Their hearts were divided. Would God ever find anyone to serve Him like David? Would He ever find one whose heart was fully His? God says that we are to love Him with all of our heart. Is that really possible? This course has the answer.

Each week, you will join in your Leader’s Online classroom for LIVE discussions. These LIVE discussions will help you grasp the material as you reason through the Scriptures together.


This class is for: COED

First Class: Lesson One Homework Due

Video Presentation: No videos used in this class

The Leader will be using the NASB Workbook for this class. Please order your Workbook ASAP!

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