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Teacher Leadership: Pathways, Strategies and Inspiration

In this course, educators will learn the underlying principles of teacher leadership, take steps to determine their own teacher leader pathway, learn from the successes and failures of other teacher leaders, and formulate a plan for their own next steps as teacher leaders.

About Katherine:

Katherine Bassett, M.A. Ed. A career educator, Katherine advocates for all students to receive the highest-quality education and inclusion of educator voices in policy. She is the CEO of Tall Poppy and Co-Founder of RAD Science. She served as President and CEO of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year; Director of Policy, Center for Educator Effectiveness at Pearson; and Director of Educator Relations at ETS. Katherine led development of the Teacher Leader Model Standards; the Teacher Leadership Initiative Competencies; the Model Code of Ethics for Educators and numerous educator perofrmance assessments. Katherine is New Jersey's State Teacher of the Year 2000.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca is the 2012 Naitonal Teacher of the Year from California. Currently a Teacher on Special Assignment, Rebecca coordinates Secondary Teacher Induction and Professional Development for Burbank Unified School District. A veteran middle school English teacher, Rebecca is also a kid at heart who believes there's nothing more important for students than to have the most dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate educators possible. She also fervently believes that the crusade to transform education will happen at the hands of teacher leaders from all across the nation. She has traveled the world advocating for the country's 3.2 million public school teachers, has appeared on CNN, CBS, PBS & the Ellen Show, and she blogs for multiple educational sites. She has recently co-authored a book, Adventures in Teacher Leadership.

The gist:

This is a tried-and-true workshop from 2000 New Jersey Teacher of the Year, Katherine Bassett, and Rebecca Mieliwocki, 2012 National Teacher of the Year, broken down into (5) 30-60 minute long modules.

Essential questions for the course include:

  • How do you define your leadership?

  • How do you build credibility as a teacher leader?

  • How can you lead professional learning?

  • How do you enact change as a teacher leader?

  • What is your next teacher leadership step?

Outcomes include:

  • Gain understanding of the nature of leadership;

  • Experience the Teacher Leader Model Standards and determine the right ‘fit’ for your leadership;

  • Explore the shifts we make in moving from teacher to teacher leader;

  • Establish a baseline for building credibility as a teacher leader;

  • Increase knowledge of skills needed to facilitate professional learning;

  • Understand the change process;

  • Explore skills needed to successfully advocate for change;

  • Leave with a plan for taking our next steps as a teacher leader.

In addition to the session with Katherine and Rebecca, each module also includes:

  • An essential question—how this will help you as a teacher;

  • What you will learn and take back to your classroom;

  • A one-pager with reflection questions and additional resources to share with your PLC, teacher team, or school.

The course will run from October 14-November 18, with a new module being posted each week. On week 6 you will get a chance to join a live 2-hour Q&A webinar with Katherine and Rebecca.

Video recordings will be available up to two weeks after the Q&A webinar.

*There is an option to purchase only the recorded modules without the Q&A.

The details:

Module 1: Leaders, Standards, Shifts

Topic: Understanding Leadership

Essential Question: How do you define leadership?

What You Will Learn: You will leave with a deeper understanding of leadership styles, the standards undergirding teacher leadership and where your passion fits into this framework, and decipher the shifts that you will need to make as you move from teacher to teacher leader.

Module 2: Establishing a Leadership Role

Topic: Gaining credibility with colleagues while moving into a leadership role

Essential Question: How Do You Build Credibility as a Teacher Leader?

What You Will Learn: Acquisition of expertise, pitfalls of leadership, establishing a community of trust, and working as a boundary spanner.

Module 3: Designing and Delivering Professional Learning That Matters

Topic: Leading Professional Learning

Essential Question: How Can You Lead Professional Learning?

What You Will Learn: Skills for designing and delivering professional learning.

Module 4: Change - If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Topic: Nurturing change

Essential Question: How Do You Enact Change as a Teacher Leader?

What You Will Learn: Several examples of change process; encouraging change in others; knowing when change is needed and when it is not; facing adversity

Module 5: Step UP! Moving Forward in Your Leadership Journey

Topic: Planning next steps as a teacher leader

Essential Question: What is Your Next Teacher Leader Step?

What You Will Learn: ow to develop a change action plan; delivering a successful pitch; identifying champions and influencers; mapping your change plan.

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