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Karma Rope School Bushwick Sun Sep 24 8pm

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Bushwick Rooftop Artist Loft

Wilson St

Brooklyn, NY 11207

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Off the Wilson L Stop

Thank you again to all who have helped support and make this event happen. Back from Burning Man by popular demand in a new awesome venue in Bushwick - 'Karma Dungeon' a private secret secluded rooftop dungeon space with Suspension Rig in Bushwick. Address made available to attendees. Please be on time. Class starts on schedule.

About Karma Dungeon - Karma Dungeon is an exclusive secluded rooftop dungeon space equipped with lounges, matted padded foam floors, shade structure. Come support your local artists!

Introducing Rope Bondage Clothes- Special Ties you can wear as outfits to make a Sexy Kinky Statement over (or under) your clothes and won't unravel/untie. Debuting at this event! More info to come.

Our goal is to have an inclusive event where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable exploring. This is not a play event so no nudity. Safety is the number 1 priority at all times so alcohol will not be served.

Please Remember that With Rope Safety is Always the Most Important Factor. :) Safety Third!

Curious about rope but searching for a friendly, safe, and supportive environment to learn more? Rope can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be.

Come to Karma Rope School: Introduction to Rope Bondage Class for Newbies, Novices, and Enthusiasts.

The event is specifically designed to introduce people to Rope Bondage even if they are brand new. There will be opportunities for discussion of advanced topics as well. We seek people from all walks of life. Don't be shy. We strive for inclusivity. Come out and make new friends.

We have over 1100 feet of Freshly Washed and Cleaned Synthetic Rope to practice with, or you can bring your own!

Topics of discussion include questions YOU want the answers to:

'What is Shibari?' (Ok, we'll give this one to you. It means 'to tie' in Japanese)
'I am new to all of this and want to learn more. Where do I start?'
'What is the best tie to learn for a beginner?'
'How can I know if it's safe?''How can I figure out if Shibari is right for me?'
'What steps can I take to follow rules of consent?''How can I most effectively negotiate with my partner to identify and express my desires and limits?'
'What rope should I buy?'
'What kind of ties do I need to know?'
'As a top or bottom, how can I do a good job?

'There will also be opportunity to gain hands-on experience for learning some of the following ties:
Wrist/Ankle Cuff
Hand Cuffs
Hog Tie
Chest Harnesses including Takate Kote and many others
Improvisational Ties that respect the bottom's comfort

Weaved Rope Panels for making artwork, clothes, or accessories
Rope Braids
Rope Bikini Top
Single Column Tie
Double Column Tie
And More!

Specific instruction for these ties will be available, time permitting and upon request. Those interested are encouraged to research them on the Internet and YouTube.

We are currently designing a multi-part course designed to increase knowledge and awareness to the intermediate and advanced levels.

Now featuring my portable suspension tripod rig I am custom building from wholesale pipe sellers and special rigging websites. 11 feet tall with 12 foot legs. This is a project I started almost two months ago. I can't wait to showcase it at this rope bondage class in my home! I will be bringing the rig with me to Gratitude Migration in NJ on July 15th and Burning Man at the end of August in Reno NV!


Max Karma is a Shibari Instructor specializing in self-suspension, partner suspension, restraining ties, and decorative ties. Max has a passion for introducing new kinks to new friends - especially rope bondage. He has a style focused on creating and modifying ties that are safe, unique, and comfortable. He has performed and given instruction at many dungeons and play parties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Boston, South Florida, and Burning Man!



Name: Karma Rope School

Who Should Attend: Anyone with a budding or recurring interest in rope bondage. This is a public event. All are welcome. Come have fun!!! Couples AND Singles Welcome. Please don't hesitate. A partner is not expected or necessary.

What: A 3+ hour rope bondage introductory class. Instructional Only - Not a Play Event. No Nudity. No Alcohol or Drugs.

Where: Secret Rooftop Dungeon, Artist Loft in Bushwick Brooklyn 11207. Full info to be sent the day of the events

How: Ticket sales via eventbrite.

Dress: Casual comfortable

Price: Tiered - see eventbrite page for more info

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Date and Time


Bushwick Rooftop Artist Loft

Wilson St

Brooklyn, NY 11207

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