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Kanban System Design KSD (KMP1) by LeanKanban University (in English)

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Agiletransformer.com and LeanKanban University invite you to 2-day class "Kanban system design". This class includes the necessary amount of information to create sufficient skills to start using Kanban method in your organization. This course is the official training class of LeanKanban University, founded by David Anderson – author of the Kanban method. All participants will receive official internationally recognized certificate of attendance from LeanKanban University.

Target Audience

This program is designed for professionals who are responsible for process optimization, business performance, and project management: managers, IT directors, heads of departments, middle managers, team leaders, project managers, technical managers, engineers, and anyone who is interested in the results of the work of the various groups of people. Also, this training will be useful to ScrumMasters, who want to help their teams to get to the next level.

Training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • wants to start working with Kanban systems and look for initial support,

  • is already using a Kanban system and wants to check whether its implementation matches to the best practices in the industry and get new ideas to improve their system.

Besides that, training helps synchronize understanding of Kanban for all participants and introduces a common "language" of terms – equally understand the terms, practices, and, most importantly, the purpose of process improvement using Kanban systems.

The format of the training

The two-day training program is expanded by preliminary self-training and "homework." This allows the most efficient use of time in the training for discussions, individual and group exercises.

This training incorporates many concepts of "training from the back of the room", in which the participants say and do more than the instructor: short blocks of theory alternate with practice and exercises. Also, the program includes a full-scale simulation of the kanban system in a safe environment where all participants will be able to experience all aspects of the kanban system.

All trainings by Agiletransformer.com are interactive: participants actively share their experience in the group discussions and exercises, while re-creating and analyzing real cases of their own organizations.


● Overview of Kanban method

○ History, principles, values,

● Internal and external sources of variability and dissatisfaction with the process

● Analysis between system’s demand and capacity

● Risk management with Kanban: Classes of Service

● Kanban system design

○ Ticket design

○ Kanban boards design

○ Limiting work in progress (WIP)

○ Making policies explicit

● Queues, flow control, metrics, measurements

○ Little's Law

○ Cumulative Flow Diagram

○ Lead time distribution chart

○ Control chart

● Meetings in Kanban

● Full-scale simulation of Kanban system

Why Kanban method rather than Scrum

Kanban is an alternative path to agility. Scrum, so far, is the most widespread Agile The most common misconception about Kanban deals with oversimplification around it – "task board with limits".

In fact, this is a powerful mechanism for constructing your process of delivering value to the client. In addition, the method is actively developing and evolving – a proof of the fact, the growth of Agile / Scrum teams that use Kanban from 15% to 43% (according to the latest report State of Scrum Report 2015).

What is the value to the organization that Kanban of implementation brings?

What are the components of the mechanism? How to use the Lean philosophy?

Kanban and Scrum – which is better? And how to get the maximum benefits of the combination of both?

2-day hands-on class gives an opportunity to get an answer to these and other questions and even get a hands-on experience with the principles of the method. All the participants will return from the class with the skill of designing Kanban systems.

Participants will learn to

  • Identify internal and external sources of dissatisfaction with the process

  • Analyze demand and capacity of the system

  • Simulate workflow

  • Create kanban system

  • Choose a frequency of the various events / meetings

  • Identify service classes

  • Create a deployment plan for Kanban system


Kirill Klimov helps organizations use modern management methods and frameworks to drive change within an organization so that it becomes an awesome workplace and deliver best to its customers.

In the past, Kirill wore different hats – web developer, servers, and networks engineer, project manager, general manager, people manager, consultant, trainer, and coach within e-commerce, travel, financial sectors. Most of his professional career Kirill spent with distributed development in this or another way. He started and was in charge of offshore development office of an international company in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kirill drives Agile transformations and adoptions in large distributed projects and small teams since 2008. Kirill holds a mix of different certifications from various institutions; he is actively involved in the life of the Agile community as a speaker and organizer of various conferences, events, meet-ups and so forth.

Kirill is one of first three Russian-speaking Kanban trainers (AKTs) and one of first three Russian-speaking Kanban coaches (KCPs). Kirill led most of trainings and taught most of the students on the Russian language. Contact Kirill to get more information on provided services.

You can find more information on Kirill's LinkedIn profile.

The schedule

The total duration - 2 days, with the schedule:

  • 9:30 - acquaintance, morning coffee

  • 10:00 - start of the program

  • 13:00-14:00 - Lunch break

  • 18:00 - End of program

breaks for tea-coffee are made in 90/15 min mode.

An additional hour after the official closing of the program on the evening of the second day, we are planning for the informal dialogue with the participants, open Q&A in a case of interest.

What do you get out of the training

  • Two days of high-quality training from the leader in education on Agile development in the eastern Europe

  • Lunches, coffee breaks during the course

  • Training materials

  • Membership and on-line profile at LeanKanban University

  • Certificate of completion from the LeanKanban University

  • Electronic version of the book by David Anderson "Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business", 2010

  • 16 SEU (Scrum education unit) for your CSP certification from Scrum Alliance

  • 16 PDU for PMI members (that could be used for prolongation of PMP and PMI-ACP certifications)

  • Ability and knowledge to change your organization

  • After the class support: 10 nano-coaching sessions (10 minutes per session) to address challenges associated with the implementation of Kanban method


850 EUR + VAT 21%, with registration and payment until August 31st

950 EUR + VAT 21%, after that and close to the class

If you need an invoice or a group discount, write: info@agiletransformer.com

When buying a package of KMP1 and KMP2 course - 10% discount!

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