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Jungle Survival Course

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Greytown, Rio San Juan


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This jungle survival course is not only a training event but an epic adventure into the deep jungles of the Nicaraguan San Juanillo River basin. You will eat amazing jungle foods, experience the remote jungle wildlife, catch tons of fish, and go on an epic learning adventure. Everything is planned out and ready for your arrival, all you need do is bring some basic jungle survival gear and your ready. Because of the flexibility we have with our Central American connections we can offer this course anytime as a private lesson or small group adventure with very competitive prices.

These jungles are one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet and offer un-paralleled beauty! Waterfalls, never ending rivers, amazing fishing, pig hunting, and an unlimited amount of resources for learning bushcraft. This course is designed to start a person off on the basic skills of jungle survival and then build them up to an advanced level in a short amount of time.

You will train with the Rama indians, a people that have been living in the jungle using the primitive ways for hundreds of years. Between all the instructors on this course there is over 75 years of jungle survival experience to guide you in the best ways to live off the land and survive in the jungle in comfort. The goal of this course is not to just teach you how to get back to civilization, but how to embrace the jungle and all the wonderful bounties it has to offer. We will teach you this by deep immersion training in the jungle and this entire class will be completely hands on in a real world survival training scenario.

This course is part of the SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor program and is designed to add to your already growing list of skills. Training in various environments is key to the growth of any survival instructor and we added this amazing program to give you the option to expand your options with some of the best jungle survival guides in the world. It is not required to take our level 1 course in order to attend this course! The jungle survival instructor program is one more step in reaching our level 2 & 3 certification programs. A person with only beginner survival skills is welcome to take this course since we will start you with the basics and build you to more advanced skills.

Trip Itinerary
Day 1
Arrival at San Jose. Transfer to Hotel.
Night in San Jose, Costa Rica
Day 2
Transfer to by van and boat into Nicaragua to San Juan. Night at San Juan. Briefing and meet the instructors.
Days 3, 4 & 5.
Insertion by boat in the Jungle. Full day of Jungle Survival Training. Location San Juanillo River.

Topics to be covered:
1. Water procurement: Water vines and water from royal palm fruit.
2. Shelter making - Swamp bed.
3. Fire making in the jungle. Bow drill in the jungle.
4. Using bamboo for cookware.
5. Proper machete handling. Learn to proper handle and care for the most important tool in jungle survival.
6. Food gathering (fishing and harvesting fruit and edibles).
7. Cordage in the jungle.
8. Using bamboo for cookware.

Days 5, 6 & 7
Full day of Jungle Survival Training. . Location Silico Lake to Mysterioso River. (During these days we will hike about 3.6 km for shorts periods of time to different camp locations from Lake Silico to the Mysterioso River).

Topics to be covered:
1. Fire making in the jungle bamboo fire saw.
2. Food gathering (fishing and harvesting fruit and edibles).
3. Shelter making jungle hut.
4. Proper tree climbing in the jungle.
5. Tracking in the Jungle. Identifying tracks and tracking animals (wild peccary, jaguar, paca, etc.).
6. Jungle Hygiene. (Learn the best methods to stay healthy and clean in the environment). Learn how not to get handicapped and avoid injures from terrain, weather, etc. Proper waste disposal.

Day 8
Extraction by boat back to San Juan. Night at San Juan. Debriefing and Awards.
Day 9
Early transfer by boat and van back to San Jose, Costa Rica from Nicaragua.
Night at San Jose.
Day 10
Transfer Out to Airport. Fly out to US.

Jungle Survival Instructors:

Albert Lopez

Founder and instructor of Costa Rica Survival School. A former student of Mike Lilla's Bushmaster School, Albert Lopez became interested in the science of survival after his own father was lost in the jungle and his heroic story of survival made international TV shows. Ever since he has being training and putting his skills to the test in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua for the last 22 years. He trains with the Rama Indians constantly in his travels and knows the land like the back of his hand. He has been putting these skills to use and surviving in the jungle; his desire is to pass on these tribal skills to as many students as possible to preserve the skills for the next generation.

The Rama Indians

You will be lead by several members of the local Rama tribe on your adventure into the jungles of Nicaragua and they will teach you the ways of their people. All the Rama indians speak good english and you will be able to interact with them and learn all you want. You will also travel to their village to train with the local Shaman and learn jungle medicine, bow making, and much more.

If we have time we may even be able to venture into the jungle with our Rama guides and procure a wild hog or peccary using traditional bows. They will insure that you will gain the most from this experience because by visiting their village you are helping their local economy and their people.

What’s included?

All meals when not in field are covered. We will live off the land in the jungle. There will be plenty :)
All ground, boat and air transfers.
Hotel nights in San Jose.
Transfers back and from the Airport.
All transfers to training areas in the jungle.
Local Rama Indian guides.


Total Course Cost: $1995

Deposit: $650; your initial deposit will be made to enroll into the course. There is no refund and no cancellations. Deposit money is non refundable.

What to bring for this Survival Expedition?

No firearms or camo clothing. Solid colors like olive green, dark gray, khaki or coyote tan are ok.

.Passport and medications (14 day supply)
.Wide brimmed hat
.Polarized sunglasses
.Boots should be above the ankle and well broken in.
.Fixed blade hunting or survival knife
.Canteen 1 or 2 quart
.3 pair of socks for the bush (not cotton)
.2 light weight long sleeve quick drying shirts for the bush
.2 light weight long, quick drying slacks (convertibles great)
.3 MREs with heaters.
.Sleeping system (jungle hammock with tarp).
.Water purification system. (Filter or tablets).
.Full finger gloves
.Heavy duty poncho.
.Minimal toiletries for the bush (no scented products like deodorant, aftershave, lotion, scented soaps etc) We suggest only toothbrush toothpaste or better yet tooth powder, small bar of soap, disposable razor, small bottle of rubbing alcohol or alcohol pads, aspirin packets, Imodium tablets, lip balm, talcum powder washcloth, salt packets and a small mirror, all in a waterproof bag.
.Medium alice backpack or even a lumbar pack is enough
.Flashlight with fresh batteries-bring extra
.Assorted sizes of zip lock bags to keep things dry
.Mosquito head net
.Para cord 50ft.
.Mosquito repellant of 30% deet or higher
.Note book and pen for notes, small to fit in breast pocket
.2 small hand towels.
.Camera (keep it in a waterproof bag)
.Salt tablets
.Potassium tablets
.Fire starting kit
.Signal mirror.
.Survival Fishing Kit.

Any other gear or clothing can be stored at the lodge.


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Greytown, Rio San Juan


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