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Journey of the Vision Tree, TeleSeries Roots, Core, & Crown

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It's not too late to join, you can still catch up with the recording from the first call.

It's so important to be grounded, firmly rooted, and connected so you can reach more fully and openly to the Stars!

This is an Invitation for all Earthy, Spiritual, & Determined Women, Visioners, Caretakers, & Midwives for the New Earth.

The world needs your Light right now, you probably know that! Your purpose at this time is primarily to connect deeply with your "Inner Star Essence," that core of who you really are and to bring that out and shine your uniqueness into this world. The world needs your joy, your passion, and your style of sharing your light. The world needs you to cultivate the New Way of Being on this planet, to carve a new path for humanity (no pressure, ha!) and to have fun while doing it!

The Journey of the Vision Tree guides you back home to your own light, to be guided by your Inner Star Essence, to embrace Your Essence in your body, and shine that light out into the world. It is your Light that cultivates the New Earth.

Transform your Life.... body, mind, & spirit........ Taste your Infinite Potential & Walk in your Greatness

We will focus on these specific areas:

Intentions - Setting Clear intentions for the Journey. We will explore the How & why as well as doing!

Roots- We will explore the foundation of your being, this is a real earthy layer where we will dig our hands in and really root and ground ourselves. There are 5 major roots that we will cover.

Core- The Core of the tree is the channel, the core essence of you is also your Star Essence. We will explore the layers within the core, the multi rings and also find ways to utilize that channel.

Crown- The Crown is the opening to the stars, to the higher realms. From the crown of the tree you can see from a much different perspective..and can see a great distance.

Vision- We will explore vision, the different ways of seeing, the multiple perspectives. The whole journey is designed to help open you to greater vision. We will complete each section with experiencing a vision, and then learning ways to step into that vision and embody it.

Praise for the Journey of the Vision Tree

I remember at the time I attended Jaclyn’s journey of the Vision Tree this person vowed to say yes to all invites. I was looking for something but wasn’t sure what would stick and what was fleeting. When a good friend asked me if I was interested in going I of course had to say YES. I went in with no expectations. I brought my sketch book and a question; Why am I here and what am I looking for?? I participated with an open mind and found rather quickly that I was Home. I was able to free myself of all inhibitions and by doing so I found myself again. We journey from the tap root to the crown taking time to earth map each day. I loved the pace,the food and the company I released control and ended up in a very nurturing and creative space. We created sculptures and I drew for the first time in years. I am so grateful for this experience thank you Jaclyn for facilitating a mind blowing adventure I will never forget it. I hope to attend more in the near future. — Berta
I loved the connection to the TREES and your gentle respect and guidance through the roots, trunk and crown of my personal journey. It was of great benefit to experience this quest within such a nourishing environment!!! Blending nature, nurture, flow with the amenities of today’s world was magnificent!!! We experienced it because we could and the transition back home was seamless!!! You are a gift to this part of the world I call home and I look forward to more connections! — Kathleen

There are 3 Levels of the "Journey of the Vision Tree"You Choose....

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Roots Level

(For you if you are at a distance and can't come in person, not ready for group or in person work yet, or for those with a more limited budget)

3 Live Phone Calls that include

3 Guided Journeys

1 Personal Soul Shine Energy Medicine Session by phone or in person, to access your Brilliance


Jaclyn Ouillette

Your Guide for this Journey

Jaclyn Ouillette graduated with a BA in Outdoor Education, concentrating in Wilderness Leadership & Adventure Education. She worked as a Wilderness Therapy Guide, spending more than 500 nights in the field. Jaclyn spent a semester at NOLS traveling 88 days in the desert Southwest, she then completed the NOLS Southwest Mountain Instructor Course. Her interests also led her to study Women's Rock Climbing & Leadership with NOLS where she had the opportunity to focus on gender leadership and learning styles before becoming Certified as an Instructor and working 30-day expeditions in the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

A devastating run with a severely debilitating disease, "chronic, late stage Neurological Lyme Disease" led her through unsuccessful treatments in Western Medicine to Ancient Energy medicine from the Q'ero who lived in the high mountains of Peru.
She became a Full Mesa Carrier and was Certified as a Practitioner of Energy Medicine & Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society. The ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques helped her to heal what her doctors thought was impossible.

After 5 devastating years, she built her strength back and studied with 3 Master Maine Guides to become registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide and to return to the wilderness in a new way. She has since deepened her studies in Ancient Teachings including Star Teachings, became Certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a black belt and Martial Arts Instructor, and Assistant Director for the College of Sho-Kai School for Training in Martial Arts.


Wilderness Blessings,

Jaclyn Ouillette & Wilderness Wisdom Journeys ~

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