Journey into Happiness

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Marriot Florida

1001 North Westshore Boulevard

Tampa, FL 33607

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A course to SHIFT your consciousness towards inner peace, improved health, increased gratitude, deeper states of joy, calm mind...and Happiness

This program will be offered Live simultaneously in USA/Canada locations via interactive web teleconferencing using Zoom. Everyone over age 14 is welcome.

Those who have attended experienced an evolutionary shift with tangible breakthroughs -- experiencing their ordinary life as Extraordinary in new ways that do not fade. To live in an awakening state, a transformational shift in perception must happen. To perceive life differently you must have a change in how the brain functions.

Ancient Sacred Practices, Powerful Teachings, and Meditations by Enlightened Teachers are imbued with "mystical processes" which will absolutely impact and transform your Consciousness.

Join us to move beyond the Mind's daydream and survival strategies to actualizing the highest reaches of your potential by plugging into the heart intelligence of your true nature. Be ready to experience a life-altering realignment.

As we make the shift and/or deepen in our embodiment of awakening, we become catalysts for others to also shift and together we build the momentum for the New Humanity known as the Golden Age.

The results you can expect:

LESS: mind chatter, resistance, stress, negativity, effort, judgment of self and others, hurts and disappointments, craving, self-righteousness, procrastination, fear, self-centeredness, anxiety and suffering.

MORE: inner peace, relaxation, improved health, money, acceptance, accomplishment, connection with self & others, presence, friends, love, freedom, contribution, gratitude, and joy.

What others shared who attended as their results...

• Stopped the mind’s looping thoughts and dissatisfaction, actual neurological shift felt

• Dissolved the mind’s incessant stories from the past and projections of future possibilities

• Continuous calm, stillness, clarity & elevated expanded consciousness

• Deepened awareness & witnessing that effortlessly released resistance & suffering

• Anchored incredible states of joy & happiness for no reason as a pathway to an Awakened life

• Auspicious amazing happenings that overrode conditioning and judgement to truly living in Presence

• Felt like a magic wand was waved and layers of suffocating patterns and mindsets disappeared

Limited Space...

Give yourself this Gift Again!

Take the day off. Trade hours with a co-worker. Do what you must, but don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Testimonials from Recent Participants:

This day of immersion was recently offered to over 900 participants in Russia. Here are a few of their experiences:

"I realized today during meditation that there are really no stories. It means I can remember the experience of communication with somebody, but it doesn’t influence at all my perception of the present moment, there is no suffering, no aggression, no victim-perception. I can communicate or not, I can do something or not – but everything comes from Now. There is nothing coming from the past... nothing psychological." – Mikhail

"I can see now how stories want to arise within me out of habit... But they don’t have a continuation because of the meaninglessness of the process... It’s a very interesting state – I keep observing." – Larissa

"I do common things as usual, going to my workplace, solving something, but there are no obtrusive thoughts based on comparison, about how do I look... how do I behave... how do I react, etc. All these thoughts are just not there!!!! There is no circulation of my own chatter inside, which is unbearable sometimes! There is only music in my head. That's all!" – Veronika

"After yesterday’s process, I feel some kind of detachment from the games of life, there is calmness inside, I’m listening to mind stories, getting involved, but much less than before. I’m observing inner emptiness and joy; all external things happen on their own ...and everything is good!" – Evgeny

For questions and more information contact the Tampa Bay Team:

Lisa Piper, Steve Richie, Nanette Shook, Age Hilberth, Marti Luke, Ramona Murphy, Lisa “Rasalila” West, Lilliana Delgado, Miriam Riego, Cathy Sledjeski

Or visit:


Early Bird registration now - October 6th- $49

Regular price ticket October 6th- day of the event-$99

There is a snack shop in the hotel and there are many local restaurants including one in the hotel. We will have a list for you at the event.


Date and Time


Marriot Florida

1001 North Westshore Boulevard

Tampa, FL 33607

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