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Journey into Happiness

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Staybridge Suites in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

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Join us to move beyond the mind's daydream and survival strategies by plugging into the hearts intelligence, your true nature. Be ready to experience a life-altering realignment. Click below link of a one minute video share by a participant from the last course


The results you can expect:

LESS: mind chatter, resistance, stress, negativity, effort, the judgment of self and others, hurts and disappointments, craving, self-righteousness, procrastination, fear, self-centeredness, anxiety and suffering.

MORE: inner peace, relaxation, improved health, money, acceptance, accomplishment, connection with self & others, presence, friends, love, freedom, contribution, gratitude, and joy.

I’m more focused

I'm experiencing lucid dreaming

It is easier and quicker to find the peace within even after some major upsetting incident

The brain is sharper and quicker to act

There is a greater 'presence' and understanding in my daily relationships leading to harmony and greater cooperation

Click HERE for $65 tickets that allow you to bring a Friend or Family for FREE with BOGO ticket

* We gain at least one more liberation each course ( One of the Gifts)
* We go deeper into these liberations already awakened
* We get to apply this process to our current challenges to more quickly succeed
* We get to nourish our mental health, physical health, and spiritual sense of Oneness
* We get a worldly gift!
* We get to be service to the world by growing in ways that can help others at new levels when we attend each time



Please arrive by 9:15am to settle in. We will have an action packed day of Teachings, Meditations, + Ancient Sacred Technologies for Awareness. There will be bathroom/coffee breaks througout the day, as well as a 90 minute lunch break. A list of nearby restaurants will be made available or you may bring your own.


Are there room discounts at the Hotel for those in this course?

Staybridge Suites in Little Rock
Address: 1020 S University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72204

What should I bring into the event?

Drinks or preferred snacks can be eaten during the break periods. Water bottle for during the course. Bring a notepad for journalling or taking notes. Comfortable clothes. Sweater or something if you become chilled easily. Socks. Anything for your seated comfort. No floor exercises during this course. Any medications or special foods to support your wellbeing. Lunch if you like. Your child-like wonder for the amazingness of life! ✨✨



Everything that I thought was negative about my experience and the world around me was really only
negative thoughts that I had implanted in my own mind. None of those things are real. I have the power
to create whatever thoughts and experiences I choose from here on out. …Danielle

During the Craving for Love condition, I experienced the pranayama (breathing exercise) flowing back
and forth. On the inhale, the Love of the Divine came to me and on the exhale I was sending Love to the
Divine. It was powerful, but at the same time peaceful and calm. I felt so much joy. ….Sandy

I had many new awarenesses. I think the most powerful was around ‘ingratitude’. I realized I could be
grateful to people I had never even considered being grateful to. ….Sandra

Loved dancing and interaction with others. My energy level has gone up and I feel much more Open,
Present, and Accepting of Being Here Now! Which for me means NO worries! ….Ben
The processes brought up very deep awareness in consciousness of the big stories of my life and with
women in general. I felt the power of the breathing exercises strongly and the clearing that would
happen. Deep peace is flowing through me:). …..Hulya

The profound silence of the mind and the end of many many stories of the mind happened after the last
course and now more with this course. Feel very grounded and in deep gratitude! ….Ilona

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What is this again please???

A course to SHIFT your consciousness (and the collective unconscious of humanity) towards inner peace, improved health, increased gratitude, deeper states of joy, calm mind...and Happiness

This program will be offered live simultaneously in USA/Canada locations via interactive web teleconferencing using Zoom. Everyone age 14 and above is welcomed.

Those who have attended experienced a shift with tangible breakthroughs -- experiencing their ordinary life as extraordinary in new ways that do not fade. To live in a quiet state of extended Happiness, a transformational shift in perception must happen. To perceive life differently you must have a change in how the brain functions.

Ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, and meditations by Teachers are imbued with "mystical processes" which will absolutely impact and transform your consciousness.

Undergo powerful processes to shift your consciousness into a state of deep inner freedom.

If you like to find other locations, please go to https://www.journeyintoawakening.events



Full Moon Meditation

Our next Global Full Moon Meditation zoomed live from India with Tejasa Ji is September 12th 9:00pm CDT and again September 14th 10:30am CDT. To join a zoom meeting, click this link or come to my home in Hot Springs



For Local Sacred Chambers (next one September 14 booked completely, October 5th open) upcoming events or Local Meditations (see September calendar)or for Zoom meeting meditations ( first Fridays at noon October and December) and Sept 29th at Center for Spiritual Oneness HS at noon CLICK HERE

Sacred Chambers

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We hope you will share your sacred energy with us! Looking forward to meeting you again...

Blessings and Namastes,

Quana Tucker

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Staybridge Suites in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

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