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280 Hwy off Wolf Ave.

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Do you like to live life differently? Do you believe we can effortlessly witness our mind to be quiet, our relationship to be set right, miracles (synchronicities) happening often in our life? If you are longing to live in such a life and ready to break free from your preexisting core limitations. Please come join us to embrace and make this all possible for you. There will be two gifts for you to bring home after this class. One will be one of your worldly desires and the other will be one of your awakenings. T

Why is this class powerful?

This classroom is a portal between you and your Divine. Those who have attended reported an evolutionary shift with tangible huge breakthroughs -- experiencing their ordinary life as Extraordinary in new ways that do not fade.

At 730 am, we will have guided meditation to connect you with your Divine, ask your Divine ( Jesus Christ, Buddha, Guru, Master, Angels) to help you to remove the obstacles that block you. At the end of the class, we will receive the Divine's grace to help our prayers to be answered.

If you are experiencing emotional troubles, relationship issues, obstacles at work, financial difficulties, unresolved deep hurts or if you are feeling stuck in your Spiritual Journey -" I have learned most of the teachings, I understand the teachings; However, they are only concepts to me. This Class is definitely an opportunity to help you experience a miraculous breakthrough in all areas.

Testimonials from Recent Participants

Here are a few of their experiences: SF Bay Area - Oakland Share - https://vimeo.com/355871154

I realized today during meditation that there are really no stories. It means I can remember the experience of communication with somebody, but it doesn’t influence at all my perception of the present moment, there is no suffering, no aggression, no victim-perception. I can communicate or not, I can do something or not – but everything comes from Now. There is nothing coming from the past... nothing psychological." - Mikhail

"I can see now how stories want to arise within me out of habit... But they don’t have a continuation because of the meaninglessness of the process... It’s a very interesting state – I keep observing." - Larissa

"I do common things, as usual, going to my workplace, solving something, but there are no obtrusive thoughts based on the comparison, about how do I look... how do I behave... how do I react, etc. All these thoughts are just not there!!!! There is no circulation of my own chatter inside, which is unbearable sometimes! There is only music in my head. That's all!" - Veronika

"After yesterday’s process, I feel some kind of detachment from the games of life, there is calmness inside, I’m listening to mind stories, getting involved, but much less than before. I’m observing inner emptiness and joy; all external things happen on their own ...and everything is good!" - Evgen

Participants are saying:

“Life-changing” “Peaceful, quiet, calm mind” "silence inside, and filled with joy"

"I have been suffering from depression for a long time, now I feel liberated!"

"Breakthrough in prosperity and success"

“Real Miracles HAPPENED from this Course!” “Changed my life!"

"I get a job offered a few days after these classes"

“My unresolved deep hurt with my parents healed”

“I feel less pain in my knees, I can walk much better now”

"The money I lent to my friend for years was returned to me out of my surprise”

" My son used to get mixed of A and B at school, he gets straight A now"

"I used to feel frustrated at my job, this class help me gaining clarity and inspirations, I have a breakthrough at my job"

" My relationship with my husband has set right, I enjoy our relationship much better now, it is a miracle"

Limited Space....Give yourself this Gift!

Please arrive by 7:15 am to register and to settle in.

We will have an action-packed day of Teachings, Meditations, + Ancient Sacred Technologies for Awakening.

We will have bathroom/coffee breaks throughout the day, as well as a 90-minute lunch break.

Lunch is not provided, the ticket is not refundable/not transferrable.

Please Email : Goldenagemovement057@gmail.com for more information

Please give your correct email when signing up so that I can contact you for event location. Please email above email address if you don't receive my email in 3 days.

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280 Hwy off Wolf Ave.

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