Journey Into Happiness - November

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Cedar Pass Ranches

3211 East Cedar Pass Road

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

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Join us as we move into another level of Happiness and inner transformation and access the deep stillness, love and freedom within!

About this Event

Journey Into Happiness takes you on a journey within that leads to profound shifts and transformations within and without!

This class has been taught to millions around the world with dramatic, life changing results and powerful shifts in consciousness.

Each time you come you can experience the following more and more:

* A calm mind and profound Inner Peace

* Transformation in Abundance Consciousness

* Greater levels of Health and Happiness

* Inner connection and clarity in decision making

* Healthy, Loving Relationships

* Success in Life and Career

* Awakened awareness and flow with life

This program will be offered Live from India by enlightened teachers. Join the 1,000+ people attending all over North America for greater and greater levels of transformation.

Course Results from others who have attended:

* Stopped the mind's looping thoughts and dissatisfaction, actual neurological shifts experienced

* Dissolved the mind's incessant stories from the past and projections of future possibilities

* Continuous calm, stillness, clarity & elevated, expanded consciousness

*Deepened awareness & witnessing that effortlessly released resistance & suffering

*Anchored incredible states of joy & happiness for no reason

*Layers of suffocating patterns and mindsets disappeared

Limited space available!

We are very excited that we will be able to offer this event FREE again this month!

It will be held in the Cedar Pass Ranches, Eagle Mountain, Utah

Experiences from Past Courses:


"The last course was something special. I could feel so much joy. It was Divine. On my way home I felt emptiness, peace. I am happy."


"I notice that I am calmer in many situations and don't get upset so quickly. I have the feeling that I am more and more aware and notice more and more situations in which I respond differently or do not react at all. And I am more and more with myself and don't let myself be influenced by the behavior of others anymore.

Evgeny Kongorsky:

After yesterday’s process, I feel some kind of detachment from the games of life, there is calmness inside, I’m listening to mind stories, getting involved, but much less then before, I’m observing inner emptiness and joy; all external things happen on their own... And everything is good! 

Elena Bobrova:

"Deep gratitude to all the organizers for all the organizing work, for your help and contribution in our grow.

The process was really great, powerful, so much Grace we have received!!! While working on the 10 aspects of our life, which we have to learn to be conscious of, I could see how all of them are there in my life. The last one – about accepting myself – was especially crucial for me.

During contemplation, I received so much Grace, I felt so much energy and vibration, then tears come down spontaneously. I’ve got such a relief. I’m so grateful to AmmaBhagavan. I was afraid to do vipassana, I worried that I would not be able to seat without any movement and asked my Divine for help. At one point of time I just didn’t feel my body any more, there was silence inside, the mind switched off. The Deeksha just “pressed me down”, as if I was filled with something viscous, heartwarming and very perceptible, there was silence and peace. First, I had smarting eyes, then I had a feeling as if somebody was pressing on my nape region (where the cerebellum is). After the Deeksha transfer, everything started shaking inside, I felt to sob, tears came down, then something relaxed inside and it was so silent inside, the silence pressed down and charmed, I looked at people and saw how they are overfilled with joy. I love the Divine, I love Amma Bhagavan for their love, protection, support and for that they are guiding me throughout my life, I feel indescribable gratitude.

On the way to the airport, I noticed that I did not want to think but just look around, hear, just enjoy life.

Today there is joy inside, thoughts are there, but I notice all the commentaries immediately and they go away. From the very morning my brain is playing the moolamantra automatically, it seems it was instead of comments and stories of the mind. Thank you very much to everybody once again!"

Rezeda Khusnullina:

"While doing vipassana I felt hand’s warmth and movement in the liver and pancreas areas. Pain appeared there, but it soon disappeared. Then there was a feeling as if the top of my head has been opened and there was a vortex energy flow and gentle movements inside of my head. Though I’ve never been in India, I saw Ekam, young Amma Bhagavan and poppy fields of heavenly beauty. I’ve got a feeling of coming back home after a long absence on Earth. I’m writing this while travelling in a train, I feel total silence and calmness."

Irina Trofimova:

"I’d like to share my experience. I use to have strong fear quite often before processes. But when I have come for the process, my state on the contrary was calm and peaceful, I entered the hall with tears in my eyes and with feeling of deep gratitude for that the life gave me such an amazing opportunity.

During the process, there were different states: sometimes - inner peace, sometimes - anxiety, sometimes - fear, while working on hurts and insensitivity I cried and saw a lot of truth about myself, it was like a movie. That was so powerful!

While getting prepared for the Deeksha when we should not move, I was overfilled with fear again. It is difficult to describe with words what was happening, my heart was beating fast, and there was a feeling as if I was in a dungeon and had a strong desire to come out, but I was not able to do that! I started to breathe deeply and tried to relax and to watch my fear. My state was becoming calmer and calmer, I almost ceased to feel my body, it is not there, there was emptiness and something was aware of what was happening. Then there was a feeling that my temples began to become clenched and unclenched very gently, something was obviously happening in my head, but there was no resistance anymore, there was just the experiencing. During the Deeksha-transfer there was tremendous grace and gratitude for everything!"

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Date and Time


Cedar Pass Ranches

3211 East Cedar Pass Road

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

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