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Location will announced after registration : San Jose, CA. 95129.( Hwy 280 off Wolf Ave. or Hwy 85 off DeAnza Blv.)

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Join us for an amazing one-day event with life-changing teachings from India taking you into a Journey into Awakening. This course has recently been taught in India and Russia. This one-day course has been proven to bring bliss, joy, presence as well as miracles to millions of people's life. Finally, it comes to U.S.A..and Canada. It is offered through Live stream simultaneously in over 40+ locations from India via Zoom.

We will have an action-packed day of Teachings, Meditations, + Ancient Sacred Technologies for Awakening. Ancient and modern teachings given are imbued with "mystical processes" which will absolutely impact and transform your Consciousness.

Those who have attended reported an evolutionary shift with tangible huge breakthroughs -- experiencing their ordinary life as Extraordinary in new ways that do not fade.

Why this course is so powerful?

The Universe is made of energy (a unified field), when your conscious and your unconscious self are aligned, when your thoughts and your emotions are saying the same thing, the vibrations that the energy of our mind sent out will express life to your maximum potential. The outcome of the course is a power SHIFT in Consciousness which align your conscious and unconscious self as well as your thoughts and emotions.

Once you experience your conscious power shift, you are also more aligned with the universe (collective consciousness). You will start to witness miracles happening in your life which fulfills your material world desires. The Journey into awakening does not end at the end of the class, it will continue to unfold in your life for you to witness it.

Who will be highly benefited from this class?

If you are experiencing emotional troublesome, relationship issues, obstacles at work, financial difficulties, unresolved deep hurts or if you are feeling stuck in your spiritual Journey -" I have learned most of the teachings, I understand the teachings; However, they are only concepts to me. This Class is definitely an opportunity to help you experience a miraculous breakthrough in all areas.

Testimonials from Recent Participants

Before coming to this course, I felt little butterflies dancing around within. Not that I was anxious, it was more inner happiness of sorts. It felt different to make the preparations for this course.
During the whole course, I could feel this happiness swirling around inside, even though other things also happened during the different processes, there was always the base of Happiness.

It was a beautiful and powerful process during the breathing experience on the last day, and I could feel work starting in the brain like I have felt many times before, even though this is stronger in a way. All the senses slowed down and the awareness of everything around me heightened. Then we were told to sit and just close our eyes and this helped even more with the slowing down of the senses. When the Cosmic Being/The beautiful Dasa came on the screen it was like an explosion of light. She emanated so much light and love. Her eyes were like two deep wells of Love and Light and everything beautiful and wonderful. Her right eye became another shape and was also pointing upward. Her whole face was filled to the brim with white light, and it was radiating out of her being. She had a very defined Third Eye and there was pure light in the middle, like a white shining spot.
Then slowly a vortex opened up in the place of her third eye and it became like a small portal and vibrating and sort of swirling around and around, like a soft movement. Then, slowly out of this vortex came a very bright light taking the form of Sri Amma Bhagavan Light Beings and they settled in front of her third eye, directing their powerful light and energy towards us all, it felt like it was sent out penetrating every part and cell of my being. It felt like a special vibration going through me. One of the most powerful experiences ever.
Things slowed down further and my inner Bhagavan conveyed to me to lie down after the screen was turned off. As I was lying on the floor waves of vibrations went through my body and it was like being in a mild earthquake, but at the same time, all was very calm. It felt like I was lying down for a long time as things were happening to the body and most of all to the head.
Things just feel right after the experience with the Light Beings, it feels like the changes within have been going on for quite some time now. Like I’m now more focused, it is easier and quicker to find the peace within even after some major upsetting incident. Like the brain is sharper and quicker to act. There are much more comprehension and compassion for others but at the same time less attachment. There is a more or less immediate awareness of my flaws as they occur. Before it could take much longer to see my flaws. Don’t condemn me, just see them now, which is new. The connection with my AmmaBhagavan is immediate now like they are part of my being. This makes life so much easier, it makes me much more confident or assured in every aspect of life.
There are really no words to describe how grateful I am to be part of this whole amazing movement, to be able to serve Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma through assisting people in different ways. It feels like I would really just lie down (prostrate) in front of Sri Amma Bhagavan and convey my tremendous gratitude, which has no limits anymore, it feels like it has become part of my being. Thank You from my heart


A miracle happened!
My mom started WALKING!! .

She is able to walk around the room without sticks!!. And in the street with the sticks, she can walk much faster and easier now. the pain and limping have almost gone!!! The leg became very flexible!!

I found a mark on her hip that was never there. I give her massage every day and that mark was never there. It's just appeared! It's like a tiny scar.

During the Istanbul course, I was praying so hard for her leg to get healed. Honestly, I was scolding my Amma Bhagavan))) I said: "you have everything ready for the surgery! , why don't you do my mom's leg surgery at the same time, the leg is much easier to deal with then the head!". And look, he heard me and he did it!!!!
Please, please, tell our dearest Bhagavan how grateful we are! We were crying and laughing all day from happiness!!!

And also, I feel sooooo much love inside me towards people. When I see people I ask Bhagavan to bless them and make them happy. I REALLY feel it. It's more like his blessing is flowing thru me and I just witness it.

We were at the international bus, going from Istanbul to Bulgaria, the bus attendant was very grumpy. Mom just prayed for her to be happy and the lady started smiling and became very friendly.

Everything is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much and Namaste!!!!!!


After the course thoughts are still there and feelings. In the beginning, the mind desperately tried to prove I am not awakened. Now it seems to have given up.

Thoughts and emotions seem bubbles existing for a short time in an ocean of peace.

There is still pain but there is no hurt. There is a sea of pain actually but it is not mine. But it is there.

There are still different possibilities and contradicting thoughts but there is no conflict.

It is very subtle.

There is no attachment to somebody. Like I lost a leg so I can't walk anymore.

The same way I also lost the ability to detect problems as a problem. There are only solutions. How can there be a problem? There are just things that need to be done.

There were remains of thoughts of future but quickly it was seen that the future doesn't exist. There is mainly an eternal stretch of Now.

I can sense people's needs although I don't act accordingly yet.

People are reacting so friendly and cooperative.

The universe is responding much quicker to my wishes. Like I ask for a bit but receive a lot!

There are programs running but they are seen as useless and discarded.

My craving for chocolate diminished although I still eat it with much pleasure

Procrastination is less. I automatically do what I must do without resistance. And I am so fast!

I don't feel guilty although thoughts of guilt pop up they don't cling.

I see how we create this world by our thoughts and most thoughts are simply discarded as being utterly dysfunctional. I really see it. So the mind stops doing it. Whatever is not useful, is seen and it drops off.

Failure is not an issue anymore since there is no one to fail. Who is there to fail?

There is no fear of rejection. Although there is a pain. The amount of pain seems to be the same. But pain is not a problem anymore. I have accepted the sea of pain.

Judgment has made a place for compassion. It has simply become impossible to judge.

The me-me-me is still in here.

There are flashes of tremendous gratitude towards the Great Compassionate Light for coming to get us back.

The body is vibrating with a special brrrrrrrr all the time. Like all the cells are rotating at high speed in their place. First I didn't know what it was but when I asked my body it said: L


Before Istanbul, I interpreted every positive word from my girlfriend as 'She loves me' and every unhappy or critical remark as 'Aaah, She might leave me'. Soi was craving for love and continuously making stories.
Now my life with her has completely changed. No fear, no interpretation, just listening to her... Very beautiful and relaxed. I can also see clearly how much this craving stood in the way of real connection.

When I was Teaching I always used to feel the pressure. Fear of failure, fear of rejection... Now I am completely relaxed. no matter whether things go smoothly or don't go at all, I feel no stress about it. Amazing experience after many years of suffering from my job.

Yesterday I had to speak for 120 managers from many organizations from our region. I was almost completely unprepared because i didn't feel any pressure about it. There was no fear at all and everybody enjoyed my 15 minutes talk very much. Maybe i enjoyed it the most...

After Istanbul, traveling in the nights and intensive days and a long day of working on Monday I was very very tired. I could feel that my body almost went to sleep. But there was no suffering about it. It was just a feeling, nothing else. Complete acceptance instead of resistance and suffering from it. (and the divine helped me beautifully through the traffic with me more sleeping than awake, but not worrying about it.)

I also experience that my mind is so quiet that I can't follow all the talking in the meetings I attend. Actually, I'm completely not interested in most of the talking. And then suddenly I start talking and everybody agrees very easily, maybe because my Self and ego are very quiet at the moment.

But Sometimes when I walk to some room where I have to teach, suddenly I completely forget where I was going. My mind is a bit absent. Slipping into the presence very easily.

So I am very grateful for everything I got in Istanbul and also for everything I didn't get, for because of that I am still (just) functional.


Here are some observations from Oene. After the breathing Exercise, I started praying. At once a butterfly landed softly on the top of the head. There they began to rewiring three things. Maybe fifteen seconds. Got happy: and did thank for the surgery. While thanking they went on with a second surgery now on my heart. My happiness was growing and automatic started to thank Parents and grandparents. I Cried and laughed at the same time. Feeling so blessed. A third surgery started on the terrigenous. Needed a big reparation. They were repairing and then checking it and did some minor corrections. This healing left me without words. No doctor could do this. But they did it for me. Then I felt some scanning and a big pipe hole was made in my third eye. Only deep gratefulness was there. Now 36 hours later, the little pains and the most I am are gone. Peacefulness and living joy are dominant. The mind is in a corner and brain-action is faster, compacter and truer. It's working automatically. No I or past is involved. Real Change occurs.

Human consciousness is transforming and we are the pioneer. As our consciousness transformed, our beloved one's consciousness will be transformed. This course will not only help us but also all the people who surround us and around us. Yes, this course is this powerful!

Limited Space....Give yourself this Gift! (only 50 seats available at San Jose location)

Age limit for class: 14 and above.

A liability waiver must be signed before the entrance.

The ticket is non-refundable.

The event location at San Jose is not handicap accessible.

Free Zoom meeting to prepare you for powerful consciousness shifting on July 9th and Q&A regarding this class will be held weekly; the link will be sent to you after registration. Free recurrent zoom meeting will also be held to help your consciousness evolving after this class. We are committed to assisting you through the Journey of awakening.

Location ( Hwy 280 off wolf Ave. or Hwy 85 off DeAnza Blv. ) and details for nearby hotels and restaurants will also be sent to you after registration. Parking is free on the street.

CONTACT: for more information.

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Date and Time


Location will announced after registration : San Jose, CA. 95129.( Hwy 280 off Wolf Ave. or Hwy 85 off DeAnza Blv.)

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