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Joint Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Impaired Driver Training – Dallas, GA

PAC of Georgia is excited to present the Joint Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Impaired Driving Training.

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284 Dallas Industrial Dr 284 Dallas Industrial Drive Dallas, GA 30132

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The Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia, in cooperation with the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety is excited to present the Joint Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Impaired Driving Training.

Please see the descriptions below for details regarding topics covered. This is a free training session and is open to all Prosecutors and Law Enforcement officers.

The Georgia DUI:

The session will cover the basic framework of DUI offenses, investigations and prosecutions in Georgia and the law enforcement/prosecution teamwork that is necessary to achieve a just result in court.

The Phases of Detection:

The Impaired Driving Investigation begins as soon as the Law Enforcement Officer’s attention is drawn to the suspect vehicle as it drives on the roadway. It continues when that officer makes first contact with the driver of that vehicle, and finishes up with that officers decision after Standardized Field Sobriety to arrest the driver or let him/her go. These are described as the Phases of Detection. They are extremely important to every impaired driving investigation. We will detail each Phase and talk about the important aspects of each one and why detailed articulation is key in affective report writing. This segment refreshes and updates the participant as to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's recommended standard practices with Vehicle in Motion, Personal Contact and Pre Arrest Screening. Topics will include the proper procedure for administering the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn, and One Leg Stand examinations.

Administrative License Suspension - The Basics:

Under Georgia law, driving is a privilege forfeited by those over the limit or who refuse to submit to state-administered testing. This session will cover the basics in completing the DDS 1205 and 1205S form and will walk the participant through the various options of the Administrative License Suspension hearings. Participants will receive guidance on the complexities and conflicts associated with ALS hearings that often prevent officers from going forward with them. This session will provide officers with an overview of how to handle ALS hearings more effectively and without unnecessary hassle.

Practical Exercises:

Intox 9000: refresher on proper set up and operation of the Intox 9000

Alco Sensor: A brief review of when to utilize the approved roadside breath evaluation

Fatal Vision Goggles: Using the Fatal Vision Goggles, students will be conducting SFST’s on each other and scoring clues of impairment.

Mock Impaired Driving Direct Testimony: Direct Examination: Instructors will conduct a mock trial Direct Examination and discuss the challenges of conducting a direct examination to combat defense argument.

Getting Your Evidence:

This session will discuss ways to obtain chemical test evidence from a defendant, and how to ensure it is admissible in court. This will include discussion of Georgia’s Implied Consent Statute, as well as obtaining search warrants for blood.

Case Law Update:

Georgia courts constantly deal with challenges to the state's DUI laws. This session brings participants up to date with recent cases that impact the investigation and prosecution of DUI cases. The session will also cover responses to defenses concerning the Alco-Sensor, HGN, the NHTSA manual and constitutional challenges to SFST.

The DRE Program:

This session will describe the training involved in achieving certification as a Drug Recognition Expert. We will also discuss how a DRE can assist officers and prosecutors.

Cannabis Impaired DUI:

This session will cover the topic of how to charge and prosecute a DUI Cannabis case, as well as addressing indicators of cannabis impairment that may be observed during a DUI investigation.

Charging Decisions:

We will cover charging decisions – made by law enforcement as well as prosecutors. Specifically, what charges are justified by the evidence – what can we prove? How much is too much?

Effective Report Writing:

To successfully prosecute DUI's, effective investigations must be competently and accurately recorded. This session is designed to enhance the participant's ability to effectively document the elements of DUI offenses by utilizing in car video, field notes and prior training in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. Officers and prosecutors will be asked to articulate the challenges and problems in creating and using DUI reports.

If your agency or office would like to schedule this training in your jurisdiction, please contact Tommy Grier with the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council at (770) 282-6300 or