JDHS Class of '77 Bike from Rehoboth to Lewes (and Back?)

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Seagreen Bicycles

54 Baltimore Ave

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Rehoboth Beach to Lewes (one way 12 miles) OR Rehoboth Beach to Lewes to Rehoboth Beach (20 miles)

Start time yet to be determined, currently estimated to start at 9 AM. George Limpert is organizing this event. You can contact him with questions via jdhsrams77@gmail.com

Here are some additional details from George...

Safety Issues

  1. This ride is partly on public roads and partly on trails which cross roads. Cars drive on roads. Cars hit bikes. Use caution. Ride at your own risk.

  2. Roads have holes and impediments which want to throw bicyclists to the ground, as do trails. Use caution. Ride at your own risk.

  3. If you wear a helmet you will be less likely to suffer a brain injury if you crash. Bring one or rent one at the bike rental shop, and then wear it with the chin strap fastened properly.

  4. If the weather creates hypothermia risk, then only those who have survived climbing Mount Everest, or K-2 may participate.

  5. Don’t drink alcohol and drive. Don’t drink alcohol and bike ride. (“Pot is bad.” So I don’t know about the effects of pot on bike safety.)

  6. Bring your communicator with GPS and if lost you will be found (or beamed up).

  7. More to be added later.

Bike Rental: Seagreen Bicycles, stores in Rehoboth (302 226-2323) and Lewes (302 645-7008)

I am in the process of arranging a group rental at the Rehoboth store, looking for 10-15 participants (30 max). Bring adequate cash.

We will carpool to the Rehoboth store (54 Baltimore Ave), leaving a car at their Lewes location 209 Monroe Ave, Lewes.

Those just riding one way will be able to drop off bikes at their store just outside of Lewes and carpool back to town.

Bike Selections: Hybrid style bike (@$20 per half day) or electric assist bikes (@$60 per half day).

I recommend the “hybrid” style bike for this ride. It has flat handle bars, lots of gears, and medium width tires. Their “E-bikes” are similar but have electric power assist (though there may only be up to 6 E-bikes available at this shop). A “Beach Cruiser” is too inefficient for this distance of ride. A “mountain bike” (or their so called “Comfort Bike”) with wide tires and shock absorbers is unnecessary- the trail portion is not that rough. A “road bike” with narrow tires is not suitable for the trail portion of the ride. I believe that all bikes have standard pedals without toeclips. I forgot to ask about helmet rental price but $5-10 is a good guess.

Pace: 5-10 miles per hour with frequent educational stops to discuss history and nature, highlighting a few things you may have failed to learn about our wonderful state of Delaware while in school. Extra credit if anyone can still sing the Delaware State Song (taught to us by the yardstick slapping on the top of the piano when angry Mrs Carey at Lora Little).

Weather: temp 56-68 degree average in October. 25% chance of rain. I suggest long pants, long sleeves, and a windbreaker or jacket. I will lead the ride even if it is drizzling. If under 45*, raining and windy, see Safety Issue 4) above. I have attempted neither Everest nor K-2, not even Mt Whitney nor Denali, so I would be excluded.


  • Carpool to Rehoboth.

  • Ride through Rehoboth Beach on town streets.

  • To Gordons Pond State Park (GPSP) on Ocean Drive.

  • Through GPSP on crushed gravel trail to artillery siting towers, Fort Miles and Cape Henlopen State Park (CHSP) on park road.

  • From CHSP to Lewes on Cape Henlopen Drive & East Savannah Road.

  • Rest break in Lewes with various refreshment options. The ice cream store may even be open.

  • Lewes to Seagreen Bicycles store via Rd 267 and then bike lane.

  • From Seagreen Bicycles to Rehoboth via the Junction and Breakwater Trail (mostly crushed gravel, some paved & some dirt).

  • Through Rehoboth back to Seagreen Bicycles in Rehoboth on town streets.

  • Carpool back to Lewes.

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Seagreen Bicycles

54 Baltimore Ave

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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