ITX Asia Conference
ITX Asia Conference

ITX Asia Conference

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Date and Time

KLCC Convention Centre

Exhibition Hall 5

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The ITX Conference is an innovation platform for enterprises and business owners to apprise innovations critical to their businesses. Featuring a congregation of speakers and panellists from across APAC, the conference shares topics that allow delegates to make informed decisions in response to fast-paced technological trends and monetise business opportunities.

The conference adopts the four themes shared in the exhibition, namely:

1)      Internet of Things (IoT)

2)      Cloud Computing

3)      Online Payment

4)      Cyber Security

Constitution of these 4 will allow our delegates to secure a distinct picture of the APAC market in 2017. Information collected also allows for an insight on how both consumer and providers alike will behave to shape the market trend.

Projected Agenda

Preparing Businesses for Higher IoT Utilisation to Adopt Innovative Business Structures and Opportunities

-          Outlook on how far IoT in ASEAN has progressed in SME / Enterprise adoption

-          What is the latest emerging trends for IoT

-          Path of IoT development in the immediate 5 years (Changes it will bring to industries)

-          How should interested parties prepare to adopt IoT (What needs to be in place)


Connecting to Arrival of ‘Smart’ Industries and Current Growth Trajectory of IoT Utility Across Industries

-          Most utilised ‘Smart’ applications industry and the business potential it holds

-          How is the industry being regulated and growing as of 2016? Are there any standardisation efforts across industries?

-          What are the other upcoming potentials? how is customer value developed?

-          What will be the predicted market response? how will it affect the current infrastructure of business?


Exploring the Latest Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing for Enterprise-Use: A Comparison of Practicality between SMEs and MNCs

-          The role/purpose of adopting cloud computing. How is it fulfilled?

-          How to address the common worries of cloud computing? What is truth and what is myth

-          How it will benefit your business? Comparing immediate and long-term benefits

-          What are the projected roles of cloud computing in the next 5 years?


Establishing Malaysia as The Most Cloud-Friendly Country in Asia Pacific: The Benefit and Roles for Business Innovation

-          Cloud Readiness Index: What and where does Malaysia stand?

-          Which industry require a cloud-friendly environment the most?

-          What are the latest innovations in the market brought by cloud?

-          What should businesses do to accelerate the index?


Shaping the eCommerce Industry to Increased User-Friendly and Maximising Business Output

-          How to build a successful ecommerce business model?

-          How to acquire customers and optimise your e-commerce site for sales?

-          How to build an efficient and effective delivery network?

-          How to use data to improve site and sales performance?


Optimising an Existing eCommerce Structure to Drive Business Expansion and Brand Loyalty

-          Seeking the right partnership and aggregators: Who should come into my business?

-          Which loyalty programme is suitable for my customer retention?

-          What kind of mobile-money technological innovation I should be exploring?

-          How can my business explore the Beacon technology?


Adapting your business’ ICT budget allocation to sustain a competitive operation and investment

-          Identifying ICT components that is being replaced by advanced technology

-          Investing in sustainable ICT requirements by introducing usage of new technology in a business

-          Shifting from obsolete technology towards innovation: How to keep operating a business while moving from one technology reliance to another

-          Selecting the right investment for a business to optimise early technological adoption


Panel Discussion 1

Looking into Business Cycles of New Technological Breakthroughs to Understand how a New Product Changes Market Behaviour

-          Examining how the introduction of a new product have rendered older technology obsolete and removing a product from the market permanently.

-          Comparing how does consumer trends move from one technology to another; Do all new definitely technologies outcast their predecessors?

-          What should an investor or business owner observe in technological trends?

-          What are some of the innovations that are expected to change the technology market? E.g. IoT, eCommerce, cyber security, cloud computing, etc


Panel Discussion 2

Updating Enterprises on Latest Technological Updates to Avoid Failed Investments on Technological Purchase

-          Knowing the biggest annual investment by enterprises on technologies and how much they affect business operations E.g. Computer OS systems, security systems, online payment, cloud computing etc.

-          Revising the definition of smart expenditure for today: How department annual budgets should adapt to the changing speed of today’s technology

-          Identifying efficiency rate of technology for enterprises: Are old systems necessarily obsolete and require immediate updates?


Panel Discussion 3

Building upon the Relation Between Innovation and Business Today: Are all Technological Innovations a Viable Commercial Investment and How It can be Determined

-          The consumer trend of technologies: Can innovations or new products create a new group of consumers to sustain its commercial viability?

-          Listing the factors that ensures a new technology to be commercially sustainable: How to construct a business structure for your product and what is the maturity duration?

-          What should investors look for in a new innovation market?

Comparing how markets differ across regions and their impact on a single technological adaptability E.g. Cloud Computing for SMEs across APAC, IoT for enterprises, etc.

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Date and Time

KLCC Convention Centre

Exhibition Hall 5

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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