Ireesh Lal/Zenigma/Malik Moore/AnA Saldana/Colleen Lovejoy
Ireesh Lal/Zenigma/Malik Moore/AnA Saldana/Colleen Lovejoy

Ireesh Lal/Zenigma/Malik Moore/AnA Saldana/Colleen Lovejoy

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The Townhouse

52 Windward Ave.

Venice, CA 90210

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ACTIVIST: iLIANA CARTER will begin the evening with a depiction of her journey to Standing Rock and will become a voice for those who stand for soverenginty and clean water for all.

Colleen Lovejoy: 9.30- 9.45PM

AnA Saldana: 10- 10.25

Malik Moore: 10.30-10.50

Planet 9 Collective - psychedelic rock channeled to you from Planet 9
Ireesh Lal - original electronic music featuring live sitar, tabla, and trumpet

To end the night Activist:
Scotty Wells Along with DJ's: Mr. Numberonderful & Bu$R1D3R

Mr. Numberonderful aka ...
LC has been passionately spinning vinyl since 82’. Specializing in remixes, mash ups and covers. But what creates LC’s sound is how the music is mixed together to create this DJ’s acoustic signature. A sound that has made him a vital piece of the musical group Bitter:Sweet, as featured on 89.9fm KCRW. LC spreads his vibe and sound around to various events around LA
Personal Information
Co-owner of THINKSPACE GALLERY / Culver City

To start our festivities: Bu$R1D3R & Mr. Numberonderful will get you feeling the mood..
Venice Beach resident Bu$R1D3R has been dealin' dubplates in LA since 98'. He is a DJ that always travels with a wide range of styles in his record bag and could be heard mixing everything from latin, jungle, jazz, funk, Rock or hip-hop. Bu$R1D3R's mixes, always bring audiences to their feet by giving them select tunes that encompass a large range of stlyes giving a little something for everyone. He enjoys the Clubs but has also been a fixture on the LA art culture scene playing at openings and special events through out the city. Bu$R1D3R has played & hosted events at numerous LA venues including the Boathouse, Cannibal Flower, Buddha Garden,The Port, Old Towne Pub, Canal Club, the Yard, Club Good Hurt, Air Conditioned Lounge, Sky Bark, The Trip, San Francisco Saloon, James Beach, the Fonda Theatre, The Central Space and Social Club, the Belasco Theatre, HIVE, the Vortex, Cush, Momai, the Townhouse -Del Monte Speak Easy. Bu$R1D3R currently holds residencies at ROAM, Venice Beats at James' Beach, as well as C.A.V.E. Gallery.


Kristin Michelle Brady of Cirque du Soleil
KTG Wearable Art: Kristin Michelle Brady
KTG Fashion House is a Contemporary High-End lifestyle brand beginning in 2007, for women and men selling collections both domestic and internationally.
KTG remains consistent by refusing to incorporate zippers, buttons, hook and eye nor any other western fastening methods. Encouraging a timeless, comforting fit for many body types. In particular addressing the daily challenges women face with body comfort. These methods are employed with the use of fabric knowledge, mathematics and architectural precision.

After completing 2 successful tours with Cirque Du Soleil; drawing inspiration, knowlege and growth from these unique experiences, KTG is deeply focused on growing an internationally successful business.
Enjoy, interpret, imagine...


Planet 9� Collective

Fused with the electro jazz Indian influenced groove of Space Captain Ireesh Lal.

Ajna Nirvana bio:
Ajna Nirvana is a nomadic artist. She is spent her 20s mostly in the jungles of Maui. First came out as an artist channeling music for meditation and yoga albums. She uses her love of electronic music to fuse together a spiritual and enigmatic message to the listeners. For a few years, she was a harpist street performer who wore angel wings playing on the streets of the Hawaiian islands. Then, she was noticed by Mick Fleetwood on the street and played on BBC America, Olelo Studios, and Akaku channel in Hawaii. After training to become a master hypnotist, she opened business and began to take her music career more seriously. This included meditating long periods of time and then recording vocal tracks for yoga and meditation albums. Having developed her own unique style, her message and her passion lies in awakening the consciousness of humanity and taking people who listen to her music to a deeper level within themselves.

Influences: David Bowie, The Doors, Bjork, Dead Can Dance, Shpongle, Velvet Underground, Grimes, La Femme

Psychedelia EDM
Ethereal Wave
New Wave
Art Rock


Malik Moore:
Home / BIO
Malik the Freq is one of the shining stars of THE LIONS (members of Breakestra, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Poetics and Macy Gray) and songwriter for THE BULLETS (w/Aggrolite Organist Roger Rivas), both true staples of the Los Angeles Reggae scene. But for years Malik has quietly been writing and performing genre exploring songs.

As both bands adopt the songs, their full versions can be heard in all their glory, but the songs themselves are so sweet and personal that to hear them from Malik solo is a bit of a revelation.

Hearing songs like “Bird on a Wire” or “Sun Drenched Witch” performed solo gives us all a chance to catch the bitter-sweet optimistically haunting vibe of the the Freq. When accompanied by a full band Malik’s detailed and nuanced songwriting and arrangement is on full display and that’s not even to mention his stellar voice! He’s what music has been missing!

Ana Saldaña is a Los Angeles Mexica native. She is a singer/songwriter, producer, and activist for immigrant rights and Mother Earth. Ana believes music is our soul’s revolution and hopes to keep her culture and roots alive through song. Ana's Mexican regional influences have inspired and shaped her sound today. She has affectionately coined Neo Soul Ranchera.


Colleen Lovejoy:

Colleen picked up playing the guitar at the age of 17, initially to impress a boy she met in the desert at an illegal music festival, uncovering a hidden talent for writing lyrics that wouldn’t go away.

She went to college in Russia (just for the adventure of it) becoming fluent in the language, only to ditch class and work at MTV Russia, join a band and tour regionally.

When her visa expired she moved back to her home state of California settling in Los Angeles. As a solo artist in LA, she has collaborated with some of the best musicians and producers on the scene, making a multi-genre catalogue consisting of folk, rock, reggae and pop electronica.

Colleen’s most recent project goes back to the basics with simple folk guitar accompanied by a ‘haunting’ voice that sings of personal heartache, hope and a desire for change in the world. Last year she launched a personal campaign #LyricalProtest to share her music that addresses social injustice and to feature other artists that are speaking out similarly.

She grew up in small towns throughout California moving every few years. When people would ask why they lived in weird places and moved so much she didn’t know how to answer. Now she does… they were hippies.


Illiana Carter -- a voice for Standing Rock: Iliana Carter was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is known for her work on Cry Now (2014), Walkout (2006) and Primo (2008).


Scotty Wells of Digital Gorillas- Spoken Word
Scotty Wells aka Scotty One Love is an artist committed to spreading awareness through all available avenues. As a spoken word poet he has performed across the country with the Peoples Movement on the Occupy Caravan & at such venues as The House of Blues, Hollywood. As an actor he has most recently appeared in the film "The Cage" distributed by Gaiam TV's Spiritual Cinema Circle. He is also a Cinematographer having filmed “Been There” & “Mass Ascension.” As Scotty One Love he spoke regularly during Sunday Ceremonies at the Source Spiritual Center which he helped launch at the Rose Temple in Venice Beach California. Scotty’s fundamental focus is the creation of conscious content to contribute to the expansion of the collective consciousness as we create a more unified and harmonious world.

Our Residant Live Painter: Michael Pukac weaving his provocative tapestry on the canvas

Painting is a very mercurial thing. It’s a relatively simple act that has maintained relevancy throughout time and across most, if not all, cultures. For me, painting is like a collision of concepts as much as it is a combination of skill and material. It is where the creatively abstract and intellectually complex concepts of translation, illusion, allusion, and transformation find a nexus. I crossbreed different genres, eras, and conventions of painting into phantasmagorical anti-epics. I see my work as a kind of cultural aesthetic gumbo poured into its own reality, which is dedicated to honor the creative process. As multifaceted as painting is, it can be reduced to two parts: the “what” and the “how”.

In conclusion the “what” and the “how” lead us to the “why”. As an artist, I use painting like a lens to view the world. I find analogous principles and far reaching connections from our world to the world of paint. I believe a painter should try to paint as nature creates. So much so, that I’ve divided my work into the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. These categories are not established on subject but, on the over all feel of the painting. This includes the way the paint operates, the character of the brush strokes, the push and pull of space and how the subjects in the paintings are interacting in their environments. The more I explore, the more connections I find. In the end, what keeps me painting is the idea that so much of a legacy and so many opportunities can exist in the tiny space between a brush tip loaded with paint and the surface with which it is meant to connect.

Michael Pukac, Alabama born and Los Angeles based artist has quickly established himself as one of the more prolific live painters as well as made a name for himself by exhibiting constantly and relentlessly throughout the LA art community. His unique blend of seductive, classical imagery is cross pollinated with a witty, contemporary edge of subtle satire – all doused in reflective paint


Stay Tuned for more Details >>>�



ROAM >>> #WanderWithAPurpose

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Date and Time


The Townhouse

52 Windward Ave.

Venice, CA 90210

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