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14311 Park Row

Houston, TX 77084

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Hello Pay-it-Forward Network,

You are invited to attend this free training seminar. "Pay-it-Forward Training" program is created to help and encourage the in-transition community. Highly qualified members and guests have volunteered to share their expertise so that we may continue to learn and stay engaged through our own career transition.

PLEASE FORWARD and SHARE THIS EVENT on other social media so that others may find and benefit from attending this PiF session, everyone is welcome. All events are on

The “Pay-it-Forward Training” attracts working and non-working professionals alike to foster an environment of continuous learning where working and non-working professionals commingle in the hopes that talents find openings.

All “Pay-it-Forward Programs” are run 100% by volunteers and zero overhead with the sole purpose of helping and encouraging the in-transition community through opportunities to train, learn and network. Active participation by members prepares them to be the sharpest candidate in the market.


Program Introduction - Pay-it-Forward Network Team

9:15 - 12:30

Speaker’s name: Selim Hannan, Ph.D | P.Eng | MBA

Speaker's title: Reservoir Engineering advisor

Speaker’s Title: Speaker's Bio: A diversified professional engineer with 20+ years experience in petroleum industry working on heavy, conventional, and unconventional oil (oil shale, shale oil, tight oil bearing sandstones, oil sands), and gas (shale gas, tight gas) projects. Expertise is in reservoir management, engineering simulation, project management, scientific and technical auditing, reservoir/petroleum engineering, oil field development, reservoir stimulation, environmental science, reservoir geology and geophysics.

Presentation Title: "IOR/EOR technologies for conventional and unconventional resources"

The objective of this training is to acquaint attendees briefly with the extensive topic of IOR/EOR processes that exist and in growth for the development of conventional and unconventional resources. The training will cover the following aspects:

- Definition of IOR and EOR

- Reservoir life cycle and fundamentals of fluid displacement in reservoir

- Miscible EOR

- Thermal EOR

- Chemical EOR

- Microbial EOR (MEOR)

- Mobility control as a complement to other EOR processes

- Global EOR projects


You must reserve your ticket to attend. And because space is limited, you must unregister by logging into if cannot attend so that others on the waiting list may take your seat.

We encourage you to forward this invitation to your friends so that they may also have the opportunity to learn and stay engaged.

Thank you,

Kenia Salazar

"Reservoir Engineer - Specialist in Statistics"


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Date and Time



14311 Park Row

Houston, TX 77084

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