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Petra Gut Contemporary is pleased to announce the new exclusive representation in Switzerland of Buenos Aires-based artist Jasmine Rossi.

By Galerie Petra Gut Contemporary

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Thursday, June 1 · 5:30 - 7pm CEST


Petra Gut Contemporary Nüschelerstrasse 31 8001 Zürich Switzerland

About this event

NOWHERE IS A PLACE is her first solo exhibition in Zurich. It presents a comprehensive retrospective ranging over her entire career.

Born in Switzerland, Jasmine Rossi was raised in Spain, Italy and Germany and holds a master’s degree in economics from the LSE. She never expected to become a nature photographer, until an expedition into the wilderness of the vast South American continent changed her life. Following the explorations of Humboldt and Darwin Jasmine rode across the Andes, rafted down wild rivers, trekked through empty deserts, until she finally reached Patagonia, known as the “uttermost part of the earth”. Here she lived for two years in a national park to create her first photo book.“Nowhere is a Place” is a collection of images from almost 30 years of photography in some of the world’s most wild and remote places, - places that have always sparked our imagination and curiosity.Uncover the fascinating contrasts of our planet‘s surface through her artwork. From the high Andean plateau to the ancient glaciers of Patagonia - to the undulating dunes of the world’s driest desert - the Atacama - to the world’s oldest desert - the Namib, - each collection is carefully crafted during challenging expeditions under extreme conditions. Perceive how earth‘s elements generate exquisitely beautiful terrains across perennial ice caps and never-ending deserts. Join her on her voyage toward finding nature‘s most marvelous wonders!

Sign up and discover her works on 01 June 2023 from 5.30 to 7 pm: Nüschelerstrasse 31, Zurich! The artist is present.

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