Intuition Retreat in Mallorca, Spain

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La Serrania

apartado 211

07460 pollensa


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A deeply transformative and healing retreat on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Sisterhood circles, daily yoga, readings, workshops, the sea!

About this Event

Dear Sister,

Do you desire more ease, joy, and clarity in your life?

Are you longing for more connection and friendship with other women in community?

Have you heard the inner calling to deepen your relationship with your intuition, and follow the path of your heart?

If you feel a YES to any of those questions...

We warmly invite you to join us on our magical and one of a kind Intuition Retreat!

The experience will be July 11-18 at a stunning retreat center, nestled in the foothills of Mallorca's Sierra de Tramontana mountains.

Here's what to expect on the retreat:

- Daily Yoga with Lucia Grace

- 3 Personalized Readings with one of our 5 Amazing Healers

- 3 Transformative Group Workshops to activate your Intuition

- Sister circles and meditation practice

- Excursions to local sacred sites honoring Mother Mary, the beach, the mountains, etc

- Lots of spacious time for you to just relax

- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, mediterranean style!

- Evening time to connect, dance, sing, and explore


Morning Yoga and Movement

Each morning, Lucia will guide us in a gentle, heart opening, and embodied movement practice to charge our energy up for the day! The practice is an integration of yoga, somatic movement, energizing Chakra practices, and guided meditation.

Personalized Readings

During the week you will sign up for 3 readings (Past Life Regression, Akashic records, Tarot, Intuitive Guidance, Dream Alchemy, Energy Clearing) from one of our five amazing healers. If you desire a more in depth session to take your process further, you'll have option to schedule additional readings with our healers.


We are thrilled to offer three workshops that will be deep dives into your Intuition!

-Akashic Immersion Workshop : Calling in The Energy of Mary, with Jen Duchene

-Toltec Rejuvenation : The Cosmic Cross Workshop with Melusina Gomez

-Waking Dream Alchemy + Group EFT Tapping Session With Jean Kathryn Carlson

Our Team of Healers

Lili Shuster:

Lili is the visionary & creator of the eleventh house, and she will be our ritual-space holder for the event. She will facilitate sacred circles, guiding participants in meditations and self-healing to set the energy for our time together.

Lucia Grace:

Will guide us daily with...Morning Movement: Each morning of our retreat, we will wake up our bodies, hearts and spirits with an inspiring movement practice lead by Lucia Grace. The practice will include gentle yoga, conscious breathing or pranayama, somatic authentic movements, and daily activations for each of the seven Chakras. You'll step off your mat feeling deeply connected to your body, your heart's desires, and your highest self!

Afternoon Yin Sadhana: On the afternoon of our visit with Mother Mary, at Lluc, Lucia will guide us in a deeply somatic practice that includes Yin Yoga, pranayama, and guided meditation. The focus of this practice will be to find peace, stillness, and a sense of anchoring into a space of feeling, and being receptive to our inner guidance and the energy of unconditional love.

Night Time Dancing: At night you'll have the opportunity to shake it out, open your heart and dance with your sisters! Lucia Grace will curate sound journeys for us to move together, express ourselves, and feel embodied and connected. This will be a free-form movement space, with an energy of togetherness and celebration!

Jen Duchene:

In your Akashic Reading session, with Jen Duchene, we dismantle the energy of resistance, stories, and programming created this and many lifetimes ago that are keeping you stuck. With this healing comes the freedom and clarity to shape your life more clearly and lovingly.

Breakthroughs happen! You are held in a safe, loving container, where you can openly explore concerns, ask questions, and receive supportive healing guidance. Bring to the session questions about whatever areas of life you choose - love, relationships, money, purpose - that are keeping you in the dark. You’ll emerge feeling “lighter,” calmer, clearer, feeling free -- because you ARE free -- to make empowered changes in your life right away.

Melusina Gomez:

The Limpia: A powerful personal ritual from the Curanderismo tradition, in the limpia, you are cleansed with fresh aromatic healing herbs, copal smoke, an unbroken egg, and loving support, while being guided to release heavy emotions, the energies absorbed from others, and the stress of overwhelm, and call home the wounded or lost parts of your soul.

Ancestral Healing Session: This Nahualismo healing in 4 movements utilizes potent techniques from Ancient Mexico to extract problems related to health, relationships, behavioral and or emotional patterns and major blocks in life from all levels of our being, conscious and unconscious. We spend much of our lives in the invisible prison of our ancestors and birth parents, unconsciously replaying their unresolved traumas and limitations. Using obsidian tools, active breathing techniques, and the dreaming/delta-awake state, we will remove a destructive pattern from all levels, making room for new possibilities.

Nahualismo Dream Consulation, Cancelling, and Planting: Our dreams create much of what we meet in life. If we let our unconscious create without intention, we are allowing our issues and self destructive compulsions to thrive. However, with knowledge of dreaming language and techniques, we can cancel that which we do not choose to live out, and plant alternatives for healing and manifesting our highest destinies and wishes. Being away from home and free from the usual routine is the perfect opportunity to set up your conscious dreaming practice.

Victoria Von Gorski:

I tap into your Superconciousness and ask permission to bring forth information that you are ready for in the now. The reading can consist of a Tarot Reading, which I like to refer to as a road map that is being laid out for you to consider following to move forward on your journey. While exploring this map I may receive guidance from Ancestors, Loved ones both here on the earth plane or those that have crossed over or guides. Your guides can be any number of ascended masters, Angels or other beings. For those looking for a very specific energy to be cleared or clarity on a deeper level of purpose, I offer a hands on energy session. This work will often require a readiness for you to journey deep into your soul and look at trauma known and unknown, cut cords that are attached to you or a journey to meet and accept a gift from your guides and Superconciousness to assist you as you open and surrender to your divine beingness.

Angelina Frost:

After creating a safe and grounded space for clear spirit-to-spirit communication, Angelina will read the past lives that are currently lighting up in your field to give you deeper insight into present-time challenges. With that insight, if you wish, your guides and angels will be asked to bring whatever karma is surfacing into present time, utilizing the frequency of forgiveness. Angelina's readings help you clear a pathway to your next best version of your ever-emerging Self.

Jean Kathryn Carlson:

Dreams arise out of the depths of the unconscious to offer key insights to your most pressing issues. In your session we will explore your remembered dream to unlock these messages delivered in the language of images and metaphor. There is no shelf life for dreams so you can bring a dream that visited in your childhood or last night. As a dream alchemist I allow the dream to guide us to include whatever strategies will support the revelation of meaning. Dreams often lead us to EFT/tapping so that the felt sense of stuck patterns arising in the dream can easily be released from the body. You say you don’t remember any dreams at all? No problem. Pulling oracle cards is very much like having a waking dream with a guidebook and they will take you exactly where you need to go. I will guide you every step of the way. Expect to have fun and leave with fresh insights about you and your journey.

Energy Investment and Room Options:

~Sister Special

Come with a friend and share a European double bed for a discounted rate of $1777 each Early Bird. (Pay in Full by May 11, after May 11, $2111)

~Divine Double

Have a single bed in a room with another sister for $2222 Early Bird (Pay in Full by May 11, after May 11, $2777)

How do I sign up?!

To reserve your spot, you'll make a deposit of $500 ($250 is non refundable), which will go toward your full investment whichever bedroom option you choose.

The above investment includes lodging, meals, workshops, readings and the Mother Mary excursion.

We are open to doing a payment plan with you. Please ask if this option would feel good for you.

If you have more questions, we are available to connect with you anytime.

If feel a YES and you want to secure your space on the retreat, call Lili, our mama goddess and retreat co-leader, to make your deposit :



The Sisters of The Eleventh House

photo of the beach: Natalya Walker

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Date and Time


La Serrania

apartado 211

07460 pollensa


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